Elbow, Molby and a lost diamond.

So here we are once again and the season of goodwill to all knob heads is upon us. Let us start with a gig I went back to way back last month when every morning wasnt brightened up by scoffing a daily cadburys chocolate from my advent calendar and also a gift from my Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Always nice to stand at a gig, not so nice if your behind me. But Elbow did not disappoint. Only seen Elbow once before and that was at Glasto 2011. Wasnt sure how they would carry a large crowd off with their more slow tempo music but they were great musically and a frontman at ease with crowd interaction. I love a singer who interacts with the crowd. Not just holding the mic out like Robbie Williams and not like Oasis who literally mumbled the song title and went into the track. Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue is also a great crowd player. You might say its all about the music mannnn but Guy Garvey was on top form.  So it was a different ambiance in the Echo Arena an arena which as you might know is not one of my faves and they have taken it a step too far when you can actually hear an echo from the back of the soulless concrete arena (Just get some drapes or something to cushion the sound) Musically Elbow are great highlight of the night for me was “Lippy Kids” which transported me back to Glasto and of course their anthem “One Day Like This” Nice trick of having a walkway from the stage so you felt closer to the action. Just the one post concert scoop to let the traffic go and that was that.

A few days later it was a sport mans dinner. Ran by school kids as part of coursework they are doing it was £35 with all your ale and scran thrown in. From the Everton side of things it was Joe Royle who was good and as ever with old players they have some great stories to tell. Cant imagine this generation of players will have such tales, more about what bling they have bought, threesomes they have been in (assuming no super injunctions) and telling tales of their greatest dives. On the Liverpool side of things it was Jan Molby. Now I don’t do hero’s and I am generally the shy and retiring type who would just think oh look there’s Sinbad from Brookside. However with it being Jan Molby things are different. He is my fave footy player ever. I model my style of play on him (or try to) and now in later life even have a replica Jan Molby beer gut. Molby was very funny and had some great tales. Many of which I cant remember ha ha (free ale for you) I do recall a certain frostiness to what Souness done at Liverpool and also Cruyff played with him. No not in a Savile sense of things. As of yet todays peado chrimbo advent calendar hasn’t revealed anybody.  The night was rounded off with a near the knuckle scouse comedian whose name also escapes me (I plead the free ale amendment again) So with my one chance to meet big Jan and lots of dutch courage down me (It was actually Budweiser) I met big Jan shook his hands and grabbed a photo. Obviously I am not going to post it on here but luckily enough dave Lee Travis was also at the dinner so I took a picture of Jan and Him.

Jan Molby and Neil Fay

So back to the present and tonight I came in after popping out on a message (that sounds like a very dad/gown up type of thing to say) I knocked at the door and Mrs Fay opened it in floods of tears. My heart sank and in the brief moment I thought fucking hell who has died now. Quickly I was thinking who was it and before I could work it out Mrs Fay blubbed she had lost the diamond from here engagement ring. Phewww I thought which was no comfort to Mrs Fay who was still in tears only a shitty diamond and not a death. So we soon worked out its 15 years next week when in the Kingsman pub I popped the question. I was trying to save it as a surprise for chrimbo day (no need for a prezzie as well) but I couldn’t keep it in a bit like the diamond in the ring I got from Argos sorry I mean Boodle & Dunthorne, we had a few drinks that famous night and I treated her to a chippy from The Ko Sing on the way home, I have always been a romantic bastard. So already getting the replacement hints and I have spotted the beauty below. “Simple and oh-so sparkling, this gorgeous Diamonique solitaire is bound to draw admiring glances your way! The sleek sterling silver ring is claw-set with a single, magnificent brilliant-cut simulated diamond. The stone is set in a high open gallery that allows light to flood through the facets of this beautiful stone. Equivalent diamond weight: 4 carats.” Sorted £20.25 and P&P £2.95. In fact she can have two if she wants x x x x.

Diamonique 4ct tw Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring Sterling Silver
Diamonique 4ct tw Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring Sterling Silver


Fay x x x x


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