A Connie Lush chrimbo

So a tale of two chrimbo nights out. First up Thursday and I gegged in for a few beers with a group of teachers I know (including the father in law) only managed one pub (several bevvies though) which was The Rose & Crown and then it was onto a concert at the Cavern with Connie Lush 7 the Blues Shouters. This time we made the support unlike the last gig which was The Christians and I missed the great Ali Ingle (who I am listening to typing this) Sadly I cant remember the support acts name but it was a finely voiced scouse girl. I have seen Connie Lush a few times at the Mathew Street festival but at a little venue like the Cavern I knew I was in for a treat and I was. What a belter voice Connie has. I remember her singing on an old dance music track from about 1990 called “Givin Way” I did have it on vinyl but have sadly lost it and its such a rare track I haven’t managed to find it again on you tube etc. But back to the present and its full on blues this time around. Backed by a tremendous band The blues shouters which at times was just like watching the original blues brothers band I couldn’t really ask for much more, chrimbo beers and spot on blues. Well I was in for another treat and a chrimbo song, not in the sense it’s about chrimbo but was out around chrimbo many years ago. Brian Nash (Nasher from Frankie Goes To Hollywood) came out to play guitar as Connie Lush belted out “The Power Of Love” great stuff. I had seen them perform this at the Liverpool number one gig a few years back but I was miles away from the stage. This was an intimate gig and a special musical moment. I was a big Frankie fan back in the day and being only 11 when Frankie burst onto the scene I think my dad was having kittens with my pictures of the band from Smash Hits and Number 1 magazine on my wall, too much leather and muzzies ! Funny enough in the weeks before I had been listening to Nasher’s album “A Lo Minimo” again good stuff with a surprise voice at the end of the album (I wont spoil it)  So the evening was rounded off with a crowd sing a long of “Stand by me” and a belter gig was over. Just got my fingers crossed the Connie Lush is on at Glasto next year and I must see Nasher should he gig oh and get his book on my kindle “Nasher says relax” Could only get a shite picture of Connie and Nasher but hey ho.

Connie Lush & Nasher

So chrimbo night out number two (not bad really as I hate chrimbo !! ) and it was beers with the lads which involved a nice Liverpool win for a change and we started off at The Baa Baa in student land then weaving our way into town via The Phil onto the new Bierkeller. Expensive in there (£9 for a two pint stein of DAB) but all of a sudden the big screens lifted and a German Band came on and had the house rocking. Open encouraged to climb on the rows of seats set out in rows Bierkeller style. I am assuming this is a franchise and must be raking it in as I reckon there were 300 plus people in the gaff !! From one slice of Bavarian cheese onto some 70″s cheese and a trip to Flares and cue comedy wigs and glasses. This is where we encountered our first person who actually had his own real comedy hair and we grabbed a pic with him as you do ??? Exit Flares (only so much you can take of that gaff) and a walk up to O’Neill’s via a quick picture with The Moores brothers (see below) and here we encountered person number two with a real life comedy wig and again a picture opportunity. Just how many people in Liverpool have comedy curly hair. I am starting to think the stereotypical scousers look is making a comeback ! So with sambuka’s on the go (Why ??) it was time to head home and the next day I was feeling only a bit delicate but enough to admit to a rare hangover. Pre chrimbo rounded off with the great news the Hillsborough single had made number one (still unsure of the popstars with links to The Sun) So now the kids are packed in bed and middle kid Charlotte (5) is crying as she doesn’t want santa to go in her room. Christ I hope she hasn’t been reading the Jimmy Savile conspiracy theory forum I am addicted to !!

Not a chrimbo fan but not a big as a humbug for wishing you a merry chrimbo to you and your families. Grab every moment you can with them as sadly as I have found out this year they aint around forever. Mrs Fay doing the hosting on our first chrimbo dinner this year so fingers crossed. Wont bother me as I am having a burger and fries to go (gods honest truth)

Fay and the Littlewoods Moores brothers


Fay x x x x


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