A history of the music charts.

So I was clearing the loft of my old house out on Saturday which included three large boxes of CD’s, two boxes of cassettes which was about 300. many of them tapes I had made and individually numbered (you can see where this blog is going) a box of seven inch singles and a load […]

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I am a snowmantic

So Friday morning 06:40 and up early  for work I dived out of bed to look out of the window and no snow. No fear there wasn’t any really forecast until later on in the morning. A quick update of my Twitter account for @Liverpoolweath and most people were waiting for the snow. With this […]

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The Wii fit strikes back

So the kids having inherited yet another gadget of mine the Nintendo Wii (As I have the all new shiny Wii U) have been playing on the Wii fit game. So after playing a few of the fitness games on the Wii fit including jogging where the kids were actually puffing at the end of it […]

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No blue plaque for me then.

So 2013 and Suarez is still cheating ;0) I am still drinking, well I lasted all of 4 days off the ale but the other resolutions (I hate resolutions) of no sliced bread, no crisps and no Desperado’s are all going OK. It was having to watch a Gary Barlow new year special that tipped […]

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