A history of the music charts.

So I was clearing the loft of my old house out on Saturday which included three large boxes of CD’s, two boxes of cassettes which was about 300. many of them tapes I had made and individually numbered (you can see where this blog is going) a box of seven inch singles and a load of twelve inch singles and albums. It’s safe to say my interest in music started early. First memories would be buying ex jukebox singles from the local newsagents. Some of them are still in my seven inch single box and come in the form of Boney M. I must have been about 7 when I bought these. The first proper single I can recall buying was “Wings of a dove” by Madness which was 1983 so I was 9. One of the first albums I remember buying was “Welcome to the pleasure dome” by Frankie goes To Hollywood. One of the first twelve inches I got was also by Frankie. I was in HMV on Lord Street and looking at an american import of “Relax” on twelve inch. As it was an import it was dearer than a normal twelve inch and my pocket money could not afford it. There was a record rep in the shop who had specked me looking at this record and then said to my amazement that I could have it for free. Funny how these things stick in your mind. I remember it so much that despite getting that around £5 record for free I am still down from bastard HMV as I got a £10 gift card for chrimbo that is now worth nowt. Moving onto CD’s I was late to the CD party but the first CD I bought was a CD single “Play that funky music” by Vanilla Ice in 1990. Finally we moved onto downloads and my first download was “Weekend” by Michael Gray in 2004. Coming up to modern-day and I buy very little music now as I subscribe to Spotify premium. So as you can see I have a major interest in music and can remember quite a lot. But luckily enough for me in the loft there were several school exercise books (11 in total) that contained my own version of the charts.


So on 4th June 1989 I proudly revealed the first Faymondo top ten singles and the first number one was “Heylom Halib” by Cappella. An early indication perhaps as to the lost years  that would come in the 90’s when I was into the dance scene.

Even more sadder and amazing is that the final chart published was on 19th September 1997 (Age 24 and 1 day !!!!! )and after 8 glorious years with “Sunchyme” by Dario G at the top spot that was that. I wonder why I stopped. Did I get a life ? Did I realise I had issues ? It really is nerd central to do a thing like that but now these lost transcripts have been found it gives a peek back into my life. I did also keep a diary from around 89 to the early 90’s but I have since destroyed these to keep the names of the guilty secret and who was knobbing who, getting pissed and taking what can never be published. So below I will go back in time and reveal who was number one in the Faymondo singles charts on 20th January in years gone by.


“Words” by The Christians was number on (6th week on the run) as you can already see my fave bands singles went straight in at number one. Single of shame would be “Hangin tough” by New Kids On The Block at number 8. No I cant think of an excuse. Christ this is going to be quite revealing if it already isn’t. I should stop here.


A new entry in at number one and “3 am eternal? by The KLF. Single of shame would be “The Grease Megamix” just making it at number 10.


It was a second week at number one for The Prodigy with “Everybody’s in the place” Single of shame goes to Genesis with ‘I can’t dance” up one place to number three.


And up from number two to number one were Snap with “Exterminate” Single of shame still in the chart at number 9 after 8 weeks in the top ten is “Megamix” by Boney M. How sweet, where it all started in the late 70’s with ex jukebox singles.


As I thought the dance music scene kicking in and “Alex Party” by Alex Party was number one for its third week. Single of shame “Twist and Shout” by Chaka Demus & Pliers.


An 051 classic at number one here with “Coming back for more” by Royal T which funny enough I banged on my iphone only last week. Single of shame would be “Them Girls” by Zig & Zag which isnt currently on my iTunes let alone iPhone. I liked Zig and Zag though (as you can see)


The much lesser known hits from The Bucketheads was number one “Got myself together” Single of shame would be “Inside out” by Culture Beat. I couldnt even tell you know how it went !!


You can tell what time of life I was at as “Estelle” by a Man Called Adam from the Cafe Del Mar album was numero uno. Single of shame was most probably “Step by step” by Whitney Houston. That’s not too bad is it ?

So there you have it my shame fully laid out. No mention of 2unlimited, Technotronic, Jimmy Nail, Jive Bunny, Color me bad, Londonbeat, East 17, Whigfield, Simply Red or The Spice Girls. as if they would ever be in there, cough cough.

Might not be a blog for some time now as I head underground to hide my shame. To prove the point that once a nerd always a nerd my current number on according to Spotify is “Tornado” by Ali Ingle. Hang on a min Spotify collates your top ten tracks. Does this mean a chart comeback, published at 7pm every sunday night ? Stay tuned pop pickers.

Singles charts


Fay x x x x


I am a snowmantic

So Friday morning 06:40 and up early  for work I dived out of bed to look out of the window and no snow. No fear there wasn’t any really forecast until later on in the morning. A quick update of my Twitter account for @Liverpoolweath and most people were waiting for the snow. With this current snow spell I have added about 300 followers this week and now stand at 4192. Quite an amount for just a jarg weatherman who in real life assesses housing and council tax benefit, oh christ the secret is out. Might need to start an @Liverpoolbenefits account. Tonight Matthew I am going to be Michael Fish, or Fred the weatherman as people call me though in light of recent going ons it like calling me Stuart Hall or Freddie Starr. So early morning comes as does the snow and the big kid in me and part-time weatherman cant help but get excited by a bit of snow. Luckily enough it was just a cheeky half day in work so having just got my shiny new Sony A57 camera for chrimbo it was time to head out for some snow snaps. I headed down to Sefton Park and bumped into an old friend of my dads. Funny how things like that just get you when you’re not expecting it. Been four months since my old man passed away and mostly you can deal with it and have to having a wife and family of your own to look after but its the random unexpected moments that get you. But I digress. Got some nice snaps of the park and there where a few other photographers as sad as me taking snow pictures. I met a few friends coming out of Sefton Park. I say friends I mean pigeons, very friendly they were as well (see below)  A quick walk down Otterspool prom for more snaps and then back to ours. I have posted a couple of snaps below but more here on my Flickr account 

Snow pics DSC00086 DSC00107 DSC00203

So I got home and Elizabeth had been sent home from school. Lucky really as I am not sure how everybody managed to get home with the inch of snow that had fallen. Is it health and safety madness ? Are the teachers just like me and want to go sledging ? It’s crazy to shut a school with the amount of snow that had fallen. I reckon more “snow” has been done in the cubicles of the Newz bar than what was on the ground today ! Next stop on the snow tour was Holts field in Mossley Hill. This is the sledging mecca for people from around here, some prefer Camp Hill but that means a drive. The slopes of Holts field were busy but sadly the piste was not on top form with a lot of the snow blowing into drifts but we managed a few runs but it didn’t get near to the mid 80’s when we pulled some corrugated iron from a nearby building and about 10 of us where hurtling down Holts Field having to jump off before the end otherwise risking losing a limb or being decapitated. No Apres ski on Holts Field either like the late 80’s but to be honest my days of drinking Thunderbirds and listening to Black Box are over.  Jibbed that Black Box music shite, Thunderbirds all the way now.

So with a bit more tea time snow it was time to pull the kids around the pavements of Aigburth and the final mission of the day was to navigate down to the off license to get some grog. The pavements and roads were very icy so god knows what they will be like tomorrow. Thankfully I managed to get back to base camp armed with Budweiser and a biscuit boost. The weatherman me was a bit disappointed with the amount of snow that fell. Here was me wanting snowmageddon but with things closing as it was I really don’t think the infrastructure would handle the amount of snow I wanted. So lets see what the next few days weather brings. Often when we are due snow we don’t get as much as promised then a sneaky one comes around. The snowmantic in me is waiting for that over the next few days.

Oh well back down to Sefton Park now with a large Thunderbirds to meet my pigeon mates and listen to some Elbow (See how I have matured) on my cassette ghetto blaster which runs on six giant ever ready batteries that cost a fookin fortune.


Fay x x x x

The Wii fit strikes back

So the kids having inherited yet another gadget of mine the Nintendo Wii (As I have the all new shiny Wii U) have been playing on the Wii fit game. So after playing a few of the fitness games on the Wii fit including jogging where the kids were actually puffing at the end of it (No pain no gain eh) they wanted to do the Wii Fit test. So First up Elizabeth (8) who ended up with a Wii fit age of 30 and the scales of justice had her as obese. This led to roars of laughter from me and Charlotte and Elizabeth stormed downstairs ensuring more laughter. Once fatty had come back I explained that her height would need to be adjusted from about 3 years ago and once this was done she was the ideal weight. Next up Charlotte (5) who just tipped into the possibly overweight zone. No need to worry about turning into an American sized jumbo kid just yet she also came in at 30 years of age on the test. Then the kids insisted I had a go. Oh dear I thought. So in the spirit of things I jumped on and had gained 13 pounds since I last went on it and was now in the obese section. Ughhhhhhhh. The kids got pay back time and were in fits of laughter calling me fatty and to top of that my Wii Fit age was 44 (I am 39) I explained that it was just puppy fat and that I must have heavy bones. I also told them that by having kids this forces parents into having beer and wine at the weekends, followed by Marks & Spencers crisps and topped off with some chocolate. Thankfully the kids didn’t say  “its a weekend every night in this house !” Wouldn’t mind but I had been out on a four mile jog on my lunch !! I joked as I put them to bed that I was wobbling out of the room and put on a funny walk to more fits of laughter (So much for the “your not fat daddy” line) The punchline “Weebles wobble but they dont fall down” would have been wasted on the kids.  So I suppose this humiliation on the scales mean that I should really think about doing the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday 17th March. I have also said I would attempt the full marathon later on in the year should work commitments let me. With work commitments OK until the end of March I herby declare that I will enter the Liverpool half marathon.  I did get to 10 miles last August so I reckon I can nail this half marathon. Not too sure about what time I will do but with such short notice the main thing will be to get around without stopping.

Right I am off to plan a training regime whilst eating a king size Twix and I might as well have a glass of wine eh to relax me into things and compose a proper schedule. It will have to be my last games of footy on Weds/Thurs as I then throw myself into half marathon mode. Who would have thought a cheeky game on the Wii would end up with such decisions being made. It really was a case of The Wii Fit strikes back !!!

Wii fit


Fay x x x x

No blue plaque for me then.

So 2013 and Suarez is still cheating ;0) I am still drinking, well I lasted all of 4 days off the ale but the other resolutions (I hate resolutions) of no sliced bread, no crisps and no Desperado’s are all going OK. It was having to watch a Gary Barlow new year special that tipped me back into the depths of booze and I cracked open a bottle of wine about 8.45 last night and am now having a cheeky cider. Life is indeed that grim without booze that on Friday instead of staying up and having a booze free night I was in bed and asleep just after 8pm. Every cloud and that as I was that awake the next morning I got up with the baby which scored some brownie points with the missus. So 2013 eh and now edging even closer is Glastonbury 2013. Once again I will be blogging every day from there and no doubt you will be bored with me going on about Glasto so I will try to keep pre Glasto mentions to a minimum. I am ditching the old union jack wellies this year so will be on the lookout for some new ones. Also a big year in numbers as I reach the big 40 in September and at the moment a trip to Berlin is on the cards but first up is my annual February away day and this years Faymondo capital of culture is Krakow so expect one of my in-depth cultural reviews on just how pissed I was in Krakow. Deffo having a holiday or maybe two this year as our last one was Lanzarote in 2010. I am deffo going to have more time off this year as one week a year and time off for chrimbo is not enough and the target this year is work to live and not live to work. So to go away to all these foreign destinations requires a passport. “Check” and no live passport. So the joy of spending £82 on getting a new one. I paid extra at the postie to get it checked and on around a two-week promise as I will need it for Krakow. Add to that £6 for mugshots that you wouldn’t want to throw a dart at and its an expensive job wanting to declare you are British. I have always believed that passports should cost a nominal fee but hey which government isn’t going to pass up a chance to tax you on the sly? so My last two passports would have been when I was 19 and 29 and its safe to say I can spot a trend with the pictures. Fatter and balder. God help me when I have to take a picture of the 49-year-old me eeeek !!!

English Heritage says it is to stop its blue plaque scheme because government funding cuts had made it impossible for it to continue. The organisation, due to celebrate 150 years of commemorative plaques in London in 2016, has had its funding cut by 34%. So that means we can blame the Tories then. Who will in turn blame Labour who will in turn blame the bankers who will in turn get away with it. A spokeswoman said it costs an average £965 per plaque. Just under a grand for a blue plaque. Now I must admit I like blue plaques (nerd alert) I always find them informative and there a few in Liverpool. So here for educational purposes are the Merseyside ones.

JOHN BRODIE  (City engineer) 28 Ullet Road, BESSIE BRADDOCK (Labour politician and campaigner) 2 Zig Zag Road, CAPTAIN NOEL CHAVASSE (Army hero) 19 Abercrombie Square. PETER ELLIS (Architect) 40 Falkner Square, FRANK HORNBY (Toy manufacturer) The Hollies 32 Station Road, THOMAS HENRY ISMAY (Founder of White Star shipping) 13 Beach Lawn, JOHN LENNON (airport name) 251 Menlove Avenue, JOSEPH MAYER (Antique collector) Pennant House, WILFRED OWEN (war poet) 7 Elm Grove, WILLIAM RATHBONE and daughter ELEANOR RATHBONE (Social reformers) Greenbank House, SIR RONALD ROSS (malaria discovery) Johnston Building, SIR HENRY TATE (Sugar magnate and Tate galleries) 42 Hamilton Square, SIR PATRICK ABERCROMBIE (Town planner) 18 Village Road, SIR CHARLES REILLY (Architect) 171 Chatham Street and NEIL GEORGE FAY BSC (Blogger and jarg weatherman) 29 Briarwood Road.

Rathbone blue plaque in Liverpool

So who says this blog is all about trips abroad, drinking , gigs and Jimmy Savile eh !! Hopefully by the time I pop my clogs funding will be back in place for these plaques. Anyway I need to last nearly 10 more years to get full value from my new passport !! I also look forward to seeing a plaque for services to football for Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz.


Fay x x x x

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