I am a snowmantic

So Friday morning 06:40 and up early  for work I dived out of bed to look out of the window and no snow. No fear there wasn’t any really forecast until later on in the morning. A quick update of my Twitter account for @Liverpoolweath and most people were waiting for the snow. With this current snow spell I have added about 300 followers this week and now stand at 4192. Quite an amount for just a jarg weatherman who in real life assesses housing and council tax benefit, oh christ the secret is out. Might need to start an @Liverpoolbenefits account. Tonight Matthew I am going to be Michael Fish, or Fred the weatherman as people call me though in light of recent going ons it like calling me Stuart Hall or Freddie Starr. So early morning comes as does the snow and the big kid in me and part-time weatherman cant help but get excited by a bit of snow. Luckily enough it was just a cheeky half day in work so having just got my shiny new Sony A57 camera for chrimbo it was time to head out for some snow snaps. I headed down to Sefton Park and bumped into an old friend of my dads. Funny how things like that just get you when you’re not expecting it. Been four months since my old man passed away and mostly you can deal with it and have to having a wife and family of your own to look after but its the random unexpected moments that get you. But I digress. Got some nice snaps of the park and there where a few other photographers as sad as me taking snow pictures. I met a few friends coming out of Sefton Park. I say friends I mean pigeons, very friendly they were as well (see below)  A quick walk down Otterspool prom for more snaps and then back to ours. I have posted a couple of snaps below but more here on my Flickr account 

Snow pics DSC00086 DSC00107 DSC00203

So I got home and Elizabeth had been sent home from school. Lucky really as I am not sure how everybody managed to get home with the inch of snow that had fallen. Is it health and safety madness ? Are the teachers just like me and want to go sledging ? It’s crazy to shut a school with the amount of snow that had fallen. I reckon more “snow” has been done in the cubicles of the Newz bar than what was on the ground today ! Next stop on the snow tour was Holts field in Mossley Hill. This is the sledging mecca for people from around here, some prefer Camp Hill but that means a drive. The slopes of Holts field were busy but sadly the piste was not on top form with a lot of the snow blowing into drifts but we managed a few runs but it didn’t get near to the mid 80’s when we pulled some corrugated iron from a nearby building and about 10 of us where hurtling down Holts Field having to jump off before the end otherwise risking losing a limb or being decapitated. No Apres ski on Holts Field either like the late 80’s but to be honest my days of drinking Thunderbirds and listening to Black Box are over.  Jibbed that Black Box music shite, Thunderbirds all the way now.

So with a bit more tea time snow it was time to pull the kids around the pavements of Aigburth and the final mission of the day was to navigate down to the off license to get some grog. The pavements and roads were very icy so god knows what they will be like tomorrow. Thankfully I managed to get back to base camp armed with Budweiser and a biscuit boost. The weatherman me was a bit disappointed with the amount of snow that fell. Here was me wanting snowmageddon but with things closing as it was I really don’t think the infrastructure would handle the amount of snow I wanted. So lets see what the next few days weather brings. Often when we are due snow we don’t get as much as promised then a sneaky one comes around. The snowmantic in me is waiting for that over the next few days.

Oh well back down to Sefton Park now with a large Thunderbirds to meet my pigeon mates and listen to some Elbow (See how I have matured) on my cassette ghetto blaster which runs on six giant ever ready batteries that cost a fookin fortune.


Fay x x x x


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  1. I do so envy u “all that snow ” we are sweltering in over 30 degree heat with 11 local bush fires burning out of control …some deliberately lit by morons with no sense…I love and miss the snow but I don’t miss the cold and icy pavements!. So I am sitting indoors with the aircon on set to 21 degrees… That’s the coldest I want to be!!! Miss you all. Jean x

    1. Couldn’t have a larger contrast than today Jean. I think I would much rather be having a Castlemaine XXXX and a BBQ with you than sledging as much as I like the snow.

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