A Desperado half marathon

So I have only gone and done it. With a bottle of Desperado in my hand (Yes I am back on them after a 25 day break) I have formally entered the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday March 17th. With sausage rolls for tea (bought by Mrs Fay) and a Desperado for supper the training doesn’t seem to be of the greatest nutritional value yet. But I have been for a few runs this year and am at the 6 mile level. The furthest I have ever ran is 10 miles which I completed last August and funny enough that was the lightest in weight (I use the term light loosely) I have been for a bit. It was all downhill after that when we moved house and then my old man popped his clogs sending me into a 3 month spiral of Desperado’s and munchies which I am only just climbing out of (a good excuse) So I have drawn up a plan of attack which starts with 7 miles tomorrow building up to around 13 a week before the big race and then a relaxed few easy runs before race day. I expect you all to be lining the route with Desperado’s and sausage rolls if I need them and if I don’t I sure as will need them at the finish line. The bigger picture is to do the Liverpool marathon which is in October. I want to do a marathon when I am 40 to match the challenge thrown down by my dad. With 40th birthday plans being arranged for September it will be a decision between celebrations or the Liverpool marathon. If I elect to go for celebrations (Berlin being touted at the moment) then I still have 11 months to nail a marathon. All this unfortunately will be governed by work commitments at the time but the aim is to do one.

So keeping on the theme of endurance athletics last Saturday was the 13th playing of what is now called “The Eileen Roper memorial trophy” also know as our lads darts world championship which was first played when I lived with my nan and the trophy was named after her for putting up with all of us in the early years of the tournament, knocking at the door all the time, being pissed, making a lot of noise and not putting her toilet seat down. To cut a long story short I reached the final against current holder Kevin Nagberi. Well best of five sets it went down to the last leg of the last set and from what I recall we were both on a double (The Desperado’s were kicking in by then) and alas Kevin nailed the double to retain the crown and become only the second ever player to retain the title after a certain Neil George Fay.

So this week has sen the announcement of a high-speed railway that will be completed by the time I am 60. No chance of a free high speed two rail pass as the retirement age will be about 75 by then !!! Need to lengthen this blog out so scouring todays news I came across this, not literally but men who donate sperm can apply to seek a role in the lives of their biological children, the High Court has ruled. The decision could have implications for families using donated sperm and donors, who have no legal role as parents of their biological child. Mr Justice Baker ruled that two men, whose sperm was used by lesbian couples they were friends with, could apply through the courts for contact. Now like most men I have donated a lot of sperm whilst watching Lesbianism. Oh christ that’s not what is says above does it ? On that bombshell that’s it for now. I am in the training zone time for another Desperado Lucozade.

Desperado beer


Fay x x x x


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