My antiques roadshow heirloom.

So despite being in our new house over 6 months we have still to fully clear out the old house, which we are finally getting around to. The biggest job was saved to last and the clearing out of the loft. The loft is traditionally a space where you put stuff that you really should throw out but don’t. When moving house or clearing the loft you then again decide to keep the stuff that should be thrown out and in the loft it goes again.  So to cut a long story short your loft is littered with shite. No exception in our old house and some of the shite found in ours were a collection of 7 and 12 inch singles from 1985 onwards, over 300 cassettes, my collection of Liverpool football club programmes, my 1986 all merseyside F.A.Cup final scarf. All the football trophies I won as a child, a full Star Wars Tazo collection. Hang on a minute this isn’t shite its my life story. None of this can go, no way. Just one problem the loft is converted in our new house and storage space is at a premium. Then inside my “The Christians” scrapbook (do kids do scrap books these days ? ) the piece of history I was looking for. What surely what is the Fay family heirloom. The item the kids will queue up for hours at St George’s hall when the BBC antiques roadshow is in town and then act all shocked when the true value is revealed and say “Oh we will never sell it” whilst the brain is engaged on deciding what holiday location is to be picked once we have flogged my old mans bit of shite in the loft. So without keeping you in suspense any longer I will reveal the item.

Liverpool South Parkway opening commemorative certificate

This is a genuine first day certificate commemorating the opening of Liverpool South Parkway on June 11th 2006. It certifies that I was one of the first passengers to use the new station on 12th June 2006. This fine document in pristine condition is a near 7 year old piece of scouse history. I mean who genuinely could be arsed keeping this in grade A1 condition for future generations. Maybe I should be contacting the museum of Liverpool life and getting them to have this on display next to the historic overhead railway carriage. At minimum I need to get this framed and kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and make sure no flash photography is used to keep this amazing artefact in the great condition it is.

Now mention Merseytravel and I think straight away of great failure that was the merseytram. I was in Edinburgh last week and they are in the process of installing a tram system and I found it funny that we had trams and got rid of them only to decide that many places are returning to them. Liverpool’s had an extensive tram network in the early 20th century, which was one of the most advanced in the UK. The network included large sections of reserved track in the centre reservations and side reservations of the dual carriageway system that was developed by Liverpool City Engineer, John Brodie. Brodie understood that ordinary railway sleeper track was less expensive than road tram track and thereby justified the increased width of the new roads. The reservations also allowed trams to by-pass road congestion. After World War II, trams fell out of favour and Liverpool City Council voted to scrap the system in 1957. The controversial decision was made by the casting vote of the mayor – a protocol requirement in the event of a hung vote. Anyway the new plans for Merseytram collapsed and the estimated bill for the development of noting was put at around £70 million. So if by the last census 466,415 people lived in Liverpool that £150 each we could have had !! Or even better instead of handing out a certificate to the people who used South Liverpool Parkway on the first day (generous estimate 2000 people) £35,000 each !

For the record I think Liverpool South Parkway is a good idea but a bit grand in its final presentation. Originally costing £16 million but rising to £32 million still after  nearly 7 years of being open it doesn’t have ticket machines and its sods law when your running late for work you are behind the person who wants to know the time of every connection to the outer Hebrides and what cost it is and then produce a rail card for another price up. I am also a sucker for retro and think the Merseytravel logo is poo compared to this retro gem on the bus below.

Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive (MPTE) Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive (MPTE) logo

So with £70 million on a tram that wasn’t and £32 million on a station thats far too big coupled with the decision to jib the original tram and well as the act of vandalism to knock the overhead railway down I come to the same conclusion as ever, backhanders (allegedly)


Fay x x x x


You know your old when…………….

So a Wednesday and indeed a school night it was a cheeky bevvy with a best mate I hadn’t been in contact with for a few weeks mainly due to a self imposed lockdown of which I wont bore you with on here. So we picked our teenage pub The Kingsman, not so much a pub now but I can still proudly boast that part of the Phil & Fay duo of the early 90’s I was indeed an ex karaoke champion of The Kings. Only  a few swift pints (4 if your asking Mrs Fay) and a quick catch up and more planning of our 40th birthday bash which is a week apart in date in September of this year. We decided that Berlin was a no goer and an Easy Jet cheap gig in Spain was of the order  taking in late Aug or early Sept to get a bit better weather. So the group email has been sent out and lets see what comes back. Having gone out early for a pint (6:30) I decided to skip tea so on leaving the boozer at 9 I headed over to the Ko Sing chippy opposite. As usual I was met with a nice welcome from Grace and Bob who own the chippy. I often wonder if Grace and Bob are their real names or just Englishished ones ! Soon got chatting as I was awaiting my chip barm and got talking about what job I do now which lead onto the state of the economy as both I and Grace and Bob are self employed and I stated how I was glad I am nearly 40 and not 20 now with the state of things job and house wise for young people. Bob then reminded me of how as 18 year olds we used to sing the “curry and rice” song outside and indeed inside the chippy. Fuck me I had been going that chippy with the same owners for over 20 years. The song was a skit to a friend Joey who once said when asked “what do you want” he replied “Usual please Grace” like a seasoned chippy aficionado (like I am now) but he was pissed and only 17 !

The lyrics are

K – O – S – I – N – G

Ko-Sing chippy is the one for me.

With a curry and chips and a can of Pepsi

Usual please coz i’m Joey.

Ahh the care free witty days of the early 90’s eh. So I bid Grace and Bob farewell and still hold the secret that in one of those drunken nights in the early 90’s I had the salt and vinegar pots off from there and that sat proudly in my mum and dads kitchen until last year. I even commented and how mature we are now but still not being able to tell a 20 year old plus chippy friendship about my dark salt and vinegar secret. Hope they don’t read this ! Come to think of it I now remember an Amoy soy sauce sign being had off as well and proudly being on my living room wall when I lived with my nan. The same room I am now sitting in typing this but now a knocked through into a kitchen diner. Jesus they are the things I can remember being robbed. I wonder what Ko Sing paraphernalia I had stolen when I was so drunk I couldn’t remember ! To think 20 years later I would be having a conversation about the world economy and the takings of the Ko Sing chippy with the owners when 20 years earlier I would be looking for a window to collect a momento of a south Liverpool chippy whilst Grace and Bob weren’t looking.

Amoy soy sauce


Fay x x x x

Och aye Edinburgh

So Friday lunch and me and Mrs Fay head into town to catch a train to Wigan and then onto Edinburgh for a weekend away with no sprogs in tow. Now I know what you are thinking dirty weekend away, rest assured more of an orgy of sleep. Two nights of uninterrupted sleep and the choice to wake up when we want. A quick look up to the sky and a rare March snowfall event had us thinking would we even make it to Edinburgh. I assured Mrs Fay that if we didn’t we would get to a city somewhere and have our sleepathon there. So armed with 4 cans of M&S cider and munchies we begun our journey. Despite the weather everything went to plan on the trains and even had a nice chat to an elderly Scottish couple on the train. Before we knew it we had got to our hotel (Apex city Edinburgh) and on the way discovered Edinburgh is one hilly place and soon we were enjoying a nice drink in the hotel bar as our iphones recharged such is the shite battery life in them that on just one 6 hour journey to Edinburgh had zapped them to nil in Mrs Fays case and nearly dead in mine. Once the phone were charged we headed towards the new town but as you would expect stopping off for a pint on the way. It was in our first pub Deacons Brodie’s that after a little visit to Twitter I had been given some decent pubs to go in. Soon I had been given five boozers to try and quickly I sussed out were they were on google maps and headed off to the first one The Cambridge. For one moment I felt like Anneka Rice on treasure hunt with the people of Twitter being my Kenneth Kendall. All that was missing was Wincey Willis oh and of course a brightly coloured jump suit and a nice bum to fit in it neither of which I had. After 15 min walk it was time to tell Kenneth Kendall to “stop the clock” as we had found the boozer and whilst awaiting another clue from Wincey I has a nice pint of Williams beer. Onto the second pub of the treasure hunt and The Thistle Street bar were we met a 75-year-old scott who was finishing his whisky as we was off for a jive to check out the local widows, lovely fella he was. I was already liking the vibe of Edinburgh with lots of boozers and what seemed like friendly people. Next pub and The Cafe Royal a pub not a million miles away from The Philharmonic in Liverpool except our bogs are much better. Pub four and just around the corner was The Guildford Arms another great pub and a cracking pint of Estrella. Just one more pub on the treasure hunt and via another boozer for a stop we found The Waverley Arms, much different to the pubs we had been in and seemed a lot more mellow chilled place for a pub. So to cut a long story short we visited a few more pubs and another one recommend to us, this time by a work mate The Whisky bar, were no we didnt have  a whisky but a lager. In here we met an American Malaysian who was over on business and being took around by a Scott who’s job it was to take businessmen on the piss around Edinburgh, what a job eh !! So soon it was time to head back to the hotel and here it was I had my first pining for things left behind in Liverpool. Nah not the kids, the Lobster Pot chippy.

Edinburgh kilt man

So day two and nothing more rock and roll than being in a hotel bed watching an old episode of the crystal maze, for the record they cracked the crystal maze. So onto breakfast at the recommended the City Cafe. An American diner style it served me a cracking sausage barm or translated into Scottish a pork link sausage roll. Mrs Fay enjoyed her scran as well so we thoroughly recommend it should you be in Edinburgh. So day two and with Mrs Fay feeling a touch delicate after an 11 boozer pub crawl we decided to do something touristy so armed with my new super duper camera we walked around the main sites stopping off at a pub or two on the way. the main tourist event was Edinburgh castle (Nearly £30 for two tickets) we should have taken the advice of the old man we met on the train “Once you have seen one castle you have seen them all” It was bitterly cold up in the castle grounds and it was interesting (a bit) and I did get to see the famous stone of scone with the crown jewels of Scotland but as they were in a special room you couldn’t take photographs of them grrrrr. Luckily the cafe at the castle sold ale and I cracked open a nice bottle of Aspall’s cider. So the second night on the ale wasn’t quite the frantic pace of the first and was sadly lacking the fun of the Twitter treasure hunt. Had a lovely burger in The Cambridge bar and we visited some new pubs as well as some faves from the first night. We swayed back to the hotel were we though it only apt to round the night off with a final drink and of course it had to be a whisky. So a nice 15-year-old Glenfiddich it was. My best picture from the trip was funny enough of two old style red phone boxes with a red only filter on. I like it that much I am tempted to get it on a canvas and hang it in our red kitchen.

Red phone boxes Edinburgh castle

So Sunday morning and breakfast in the City Cafe again and the train journey home which always seems twice as long and a lot less more exciting than when heading up here. Back to the nuclear explosion of having three daughters and work on Monday. Edinburgh exceeded my expectations and reminded me of Dublin a bit. So many pubs there that I didn’t go into and despite best efforts I reckon I made it to about 18 different boozers. Many of which without the Twitter treasure hunt on Friday I would have deffo not have found. Twas nice for me and the missus get away and recall what pre kids life was like. Sadly I was up at 8.30 both mornings and have seemed to have lost the power I had in my late teens and twenties to lie in to some late morning hour or even afternoon. So no longer would I be saying och aye and doing a poor impression of Richard Herring doing a poor impression of a Scott’s accent. “Och aye Edinburgh you are a great place to visit”


Fay x x x x

Liverpool half marathon review

So it was back in January with the old pants just a tad snug after the booze and food of chrimbo that I decided I needed to get jogging again. Having given up my rather expensive David Lloyd gym membership up after 10 years and coming out the same weight as I joined, though swings of a stone and a half either way occurred during them 10 years I had managed to get to 10 miles last August before moving house and the death of my old man sent me into a lazy bastard spiral and lots of weekend drinking. As ever with new year resolutions it took me to the 8th of Jan to start and a gentle 2.89 miles (thanks nike running app) and we were on our way. The original aim of jogging was to lose a few pounds and generally pick me up after a few shitty months. It was pointed out to me that there was a half marathon in March. Jesus I thought that would take a special effort and dedicated training with my beer belly to nail one of them. I am a greek centaur when it comes to my body, instead of half horse and half man. I am lower half athlete and upper part beer bellied sausage roll monster. So on with the training I went out in the cold but the snow came and I lost a few days. Mainly sledging down Mossley Hill and Otterspool prom. Indeed the best sledging since the 051 in 1994. That was followed by a bout of prolonged manflu and we all know how serious that can be. I dragged myself of my sick-bed to go on the ale for two days in Krakow and before we knew it I hadn’t managed a run for just over two weeks and after reaching 7 miles before the break there was only one thing to do. Yep I dragged myself around south Liverpool for 8 miles and the countdown was on for race day. Everything went to plan from then in bar a few blisters and bleeding nipples. 10 miles was next up then a week before the race I ran a slow mock half marathon. Admittedly with a lot more hills than the actual race and my Nike iPhone app cutting corners that meant  I might of actually run nearer 14 miles than 13, well it felt that way. So at least I knew I could complete the half marathon if not in the time I might have expected having lost two weeks training in Feb. So the last week to race day and a casual 4 miles midweek it came to Friday night and a decision to make. Having had a drink most Fridays during my well crafted training schedule should I carry this on or focus 100% on race day which was not far away. Firstly not wanting to change my habits in case it threw my delicate training schedule out of the window and secondly being a semi drunkard I decided a bottle of rose wouldn’t kill anybody and I was assuming that if I felt like what I did after the practice half marathon then Sunday night was a write off and early to bed. The thought of going a weekend without any booze was too much. So there we have it in my own strange and wonderful way via Pizza Park, Steves chippy and Bargain Booze I had made it to race day in one piece. Such was my attention to detail in training I had arranged for the baby to not be in the house Saturday night so I could grab a rare full night sleep. With my habit of picking up football injuries I had not played since I decided to enter the half marathon thus denying my mates my sublime impression of Jan Molby on the Astro’s and five a side gyms of Liverpool. Dosing up on pasta (Heinz spaghetti hoops on toast) a few Jaffa cakes and a Lucozade Sport it was Sunday morning and off to the start I headed.

Liverpool half marathon prep

So with kit prepped on Saturday night it was Sunday morning. Eldest and the baby were at the in-laws so the chance of a rare lie in. Oh no the alarm set for 7.20 as it was race day. A pre race breakfast of Frosties and pure orange and the train into town we arrived at the start line. I had decided as it was chilly and all my training had been done with a hooded top on I wouldn’t change on race day. I did however swap my wooly hat for my jogging cap. So lined up in front of the famous Liverbirds I settled in with the time marker for 2 hours 30. I was getting a bit nervous on the start line. Don’t know why as I knew I could do the distance and it wasn’t like I had a load of sponsorship money riding on finishing. 9am and we were off, well it took my over 5 mins to get to the starting line and I started my nike running app as I crossed the start line. The iPod was on shuffle and away I went. A bit of a cheeky first two miles with an uphill stretch up Park Lane and then the hill got bigger as it was Upper Parliament Street. I was taking it nice and easy with people going fast past me I decided I was gonna run my own race and not get sucked into a fast early pace. So along Princess Avenue and down towards Ullet Road and into the Sefton Park area. Things were going fine but I hate jogging around Sefton Park, it just bores me and was glad to head into Aigburth Vale were the family were there to cheer me on and pass me a bottle of Desperado Lucozade Sport. Down through Otterspool and then the last slog along the prom to the Pier Head. At 11 miles I was feeling amazingly fresh and upped the pace a bit knowing there was still something in the tank and by now was passing people who had stopped or slowed down on a regular basis. The same people who had steamed past me in the first few miles. A classic case of tortoise and hare. One mile to go and I upped the pace even further and managed to overtake a leprechaun on the home straight and I must have looked a right tit running very fast with a Seb Coe style “kick” at the end in front of the people watching but I had run the perfect race and finished with a time of 02:15:52 and 5321 out of over 8000. I might have beaten the leprechaun but was beaten by a whole cricket team and two lads dressed 100% in lycra including over their faces !! So as the mile splits show below I did indeed have plenty in the tank and funny enough my slowest pace was in the Sefton Park section.

01 10:04 02 10:10 03 09:50 04 09:57 05 10:23 06 10:15 07 10:43 08 10:22 09 10:38 10 10:28 11 10:31 12 10:13 13 09:51

So there I was with my medal. Not bad going for a 17stone plus beer bellied monster. The challenge as set down my late dad is to do a full marathon. In a story many have heard but some of you might not have my dad  had turned 40 in February and 20 stone. He said to us all that he was going to do the Mersey marathon in the September. After picking ourselves up of the floor we said yeah OK. He had to stop after 200m of his first jog around Sefton Park but he got down to 12 stone and completed the marathon. I remember so vividly as I was about 13 him throwing down a challenge for me to do a marathon when I was 40. This seemed so far away and alien that  you might have well said that aliens would land on the planet next week. Time passes so quick and I am 40 this September and its challenge time !! My old man is no longer here to see my run today but he would have been chuffed with what I done and I will admit to getting just a little bit emotional just after the finish knowing he wouldn’t see me showing off my medal.  So if work commitments let me I will try to do a marathon. I need the time to do proper training and juggle life and family commitments and I do hope I will be able to do it. If I go for a marathon I will this time be stinging you all for sponsorship but that’s all for 2014. Time for a well deserved Desperado after a Mcdonalds tea. According to my Nike iphone running app I have 2300 calories to get to zero and I intend on consuming them on Desperado’s and munchies tonight.

Liverpool half marathon medal.


Fay x x x x

Pope Franny the Argie.

So a slow news day I see and the chance to bang a blog out there to my one billion plus followers from around the world. Having been awake in the night with baby troubles once again after work with the rest of the family out I decided to have a snooze and catch up on some ZZZ’s. As if by divine intervention when I turned over mid snooze Sky News was still on the iPad and I could see some white smoke coming out of a certain chimney in Rome. A new pope, now I am a sucker for breaking news and moments of importance (you can argue amongst yourself on the importance of this news) so there I was glued to the ipad awaiting who the new pope would be and what his new name was. Sky news were by now in waffle mode. I have fond memories of visiting the Vatican on my honeymoon (holiday snap below) ahh the days when I were younger (not young enough for the Vatican) and no school run or babies waking up for an hour at 3am in the morning. Now here was the same place full of pomp and ceremony with thousands congregating to see the new Pope and have a chance to wave like a tit to the world when we see ourselves on the Vatican giant screen. Now there is not one religious bone in my body and being a betting man I would actually put my last fiver on what David Icke says being true rather than their being a god. Now with betting tactics like that its fair to say the first two days of the Cheltenham festival have not been kind to me. So as mentioned in a previous blog I still feel very hard done by that the old pope didn’t die. I mean its sort of like changing the rules. Who would do that ? I mean what kind of country would let a coalition change parliament to a five-year fixed term and plan to change the amount of votes needed to call a vote of no confidence in a government to a higher amount ? So the white smoke stopped, presumably the new pope had burned all his dodgy porn collection and there was a fair wait until we found out who the new pope was. I was thinking imagine if he had keeled over in the excitement  of being voted new pope and we had to do it all over again. A whole new conclave. What goes on in the conclave stays in the conclave, a rule adopted by men who go on lads holidays translated to “what goes on, on tour stays on tour”


So next up a load of guards playing some choons. These guards must have been sitting off for two days eagerly looking at the chimney like the rest of the world and panic set in for once the white smoke appeared it was time to get our daft hats on and go and play to the crowd that was growing by the minute. Evil thoughts then entered my mind as I thought imagine when the new pope comes out the crowd just boo’d and the revolution started there and then. Soon we had the announcement that the new pope was indeed Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Cue tabloid headlines of an Argie pope, surely nobody would stoop so low to grab a cheap headline or blog title ? Even before the pope had came out his papal name had been revealed as Pope Francis I that got me thinking what papal name I would have. I have opted for my middle name and would therefore be known as Pope George I. Just checking on wikipedia and you would also have to add me to the list of sexually active popes ??? Link Here Although it is fair to say these days not as often as when I was in Rome on my honeymoon !!!!!! So the red curtains were drawn and tonight Mathew I am going to be Pope Francis I and the curtains were open and there he was. First impressions were he looked like a Pope and he was also knocking on a bit and he didn’t seem to happy about being pope. maybe he is saving all his better material for later gigs ? I couldn’t speck if he had the red papal shoes on, a tradition which pope Benedict restored after pope John Paul II decided he was to cool to wear them.  Soon he was into the old prayer routine and having had a snooze after work I was now hungry and prayed along with the new pope. I was praying that Tesco Metro on Holmefield Road still had some sausage rolls left.

Pope Francis I

So this is the fifth pope of my lifetime and pope John Paul II is still my favourite pope. Benedict let me down big time not allowing me to chase him along Aigburth road on a BMX a tradition started by Pope John Paul II. I am hoping Franny pops over here sometime and like the reintroduction of the red papal shoes I can chase him down the same stretch of Aigburth road on a BMX. I dont own a BMX at present but I will worry about that once Franny is over here and at 76 the chances of re-enacting the BMX chase like a phenoix from the flames is slim.

In true papal style I leave you with a short speech in Latin

“Meo imitatores frui blog. Ego sum off ut consumat aliqui sancti farciminis rotulis pro parte vestra”

“To my followers enjoy the blog. I am off to consume some holy sausage rolls on your behalf”


Fay x x x x

Local history, local weather, local footy, local bore ?

So a bonus day off Friday as work systems were off to box off the end of year jobs that need to be done. So what would I do with a day off. Well the morning started with me ending up solving a conundrum that has puzzled me for years. By ours there is North Sudley Road and South Sudley Road. I have always wanted to know was there a Sudley Road that was split ? As you see I was living life to the max researching some local Liverpool history on my day off. Anyway I came across an old map of the township of Garston and alas North Sudley Road was once called Sudley Road and a separate South Sudley road created later and thus Sudley Road was renamed. Is this the most interesting blog you have ever read ? Not content with that I then came across the discovery that North Mossley Hill, Mossley Hill and South Mossley Hill road were once one giant Mossley Hill Road. See map below. Running high on the vapours of life after my local history discoveries the second half of the morning was spent updating my weather statistics as it was the end of the month and also season (Winter) For the record February ended with 14 dry days on the run and so far it’s day 16 with no rain on the run today. Ave Feb temp 4.19c. Last year 5.50c. Coldest Feb since 2010 3.11c and finally 2012/13 Winter Ave (Dec/Jan/Feb) 4.62c. Last winter 6.33c. Average from winter 91/92 to 11/12 5.63c Coldest winter 09/10 3.05c all tweeted on my @liverpoolweath Twitter account. It was at that point I thought Jesus Christ what a boring bastard I have become. Here I am on an unexpected day off and spent the morning checking out local history and compiling weather stats. I promised myself that the afternoon would be spent on the dark side consuming large amounts of class a drugs and lazing around with seedy hookers to being balance for the extremely boring morning and make me average overall. In truth it was spent at Speke Retail and me going to HMV to be like a vulture picking on the caucus of the closing shop but it was 40% of shite which is possibly why it’s knackered anyway and anything decent to sell has been sent to their shop in town.

Plan of the township of Garston.

Saturday afternoon brought a stroll with the baby and after watching the last bit of a mate playing football I walked around to Jericho Lane to see a match being played with barriers around the pitch. That made me think it must be a decent level so I went over and to my surprise I ended up watching South Liverpool FC. I am just old enough to remember South Liverpool playing at Holly Park which is now South Liverpool Parkway (oh uh boring local history lesson ahead) I remember that South Liverpool would occasionally play Liverpool reserves and we wold get the chance to possibly see a first team player on the way back from injury. Anyways I got talking to an old fella also watching South Liverpool and he told me how he watched South Liverpool playing Nigeria once in the 60’s. We take it for granted we see Nigeria play on TV on a regular basis. It must have been very mystical and exotic to see them play back in the day. When we went to see South Liverpool as kids we would take a small radio to keep a check on Liverpool’s score and any other scores from the days games. The old fella I was talking to asked me did I know any scores ? Seems I had forgotten my transistor radio but never fear I was soon updating him with all scores and scorers in seconds from my iPhone, how times changed. I actually got to play at South Liverpool’s ground as a kid in a cup final. It was like playing at Wembley for us local kids and still recall struggling to get to sleep the night before such was the excitement for the match. As it goes I had splinters on my arse as I was on the bench and came on in the second half for Aigburth People’s Hall in a 2-1 defeat to Bowden who were from Garston. I did help set the goal up for us though. I might go and watch South Liverpool again as it was proper football and I find it increasingly hard being arsed cheering on people on major dollar together with the cheating, diving and all the other shite that goes with the modern game. South Liverpool won 4-1 and I walked home with no queues to get out the ground, no match traffic and no fellow fans moaning about player x despite winning 4-1. Here is their website with latest details and some good historical stuff on Link Here The picture below is of the ground being demolished. The wall at the back remains to the right as you walk up to Liverpool South Parkway and you could still see the South Liverpool FC when the station opened but then some bright spark decided to paint over it !! I will hav to dig out the picture of me standing in front of it in some dodgy 80’s fashion holding up some junior trophies I had won.

Holly Park, South Liverpool FC

Well cheeky beer time and half marathon training continues tomorrow with a planned 10 mile run. My body really is a tale of two halves with the bottom half being slim and toned like and athlete but venture up above and it’s a case of beer belly and moobs. Just off to check some more local history and see what the weather is doing or is it a Saturday night clubbing followed by some debauchery. I haven’t decided which yet.

A final bit for the blog and the sad news that a band a like The Destroyers have parted company with their lead singer Paul Murphy and so no more Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry. The Destroyers will carry on as a musical outfit and Paul will do some solo stuff. I will never forget the two gigs last year in Liverpool at The Kazimier and only a few weeks later at The Camp and Furnace. I was hoping to see them at Glasto this year but it’s not to be. Hopefully both the band and Paul will be playing in their new guises. Check them out below.


Fay x x x x

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