My antiques roadshow heirloom.

So despite being in our new house over 6 months we have still to fully clear out the old house, which we are finally getting around to. The biggest job was saved to last and the clearing out of the loft. The loft is traditionally a space where you put stuff that you really should […]

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Och aye Edinburgh

So Friday lunch and me and Mrs Fay head into town to catch a train to Wigan and then onto Edinburgh for a weekend away with no sprogs in tow. Now I know what you are thinking dirty weekend away, rest assured more of an orgy of sleep. Two nights of uninterrupted sleep and the […]

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Liverpool half marathon review

So it was back in January with the old pants just a tad snug after the booze and food of chrimbo that I decided I needed to get jogging again. Having given up my rather expensive David Lloyd gym membership up after 10 years and coming out the same weight as I joined, though swings […]

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Pope Franny the Argie.

So a slow news day I see and the chance to bang a blog out there to my one billion plus followers from around the world. Having been awake in the night with baby troubles once again after work with the rest of the family out I decided to have a snooze and catch up […]

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