Local history, local weather, local footy, local bore ?

So a bonus day off Friday as work systems were off to box off the end of year jobs that need to be done. So what would I do with a day off. Well the morning started with me ending up solving a conundrum that has puzzled me for years. By ours there is North Sudley Road and South Sudley Road. I have always wanted to know was there a Sudley Road that was split ? As you see I was living life to the max researching some local Liverpool history on my day off. Anyway I came across an old map of the township of Garston and alas North Sudley Road was once called Sudley Road and a separate South Sudley road created later and thus Sudley Road was renamed. Is this the most interesting blog you have ever read ? Not content with that I then came across the discovery that North Mossley Hill, Mossley Hill and South Mossley Hill road were once one giant Mossley Hill Road. See map below. Running high on the vapours of life after my local history discoveries the second half of the morning was spent updating my weather statistics as it was the end of the month and also season (Winter) For the record February ended with 14 dry days on the run and so far it’s day 16 with no rain on the run today. Ave Feb temp 4.19c. Last year 5.50c. Coldest Feb since 2010 3.11c and finally 2012/13 Winter Ave (Dec/Jan/Feb) 4.62c. Last winter 6.33c. Average from winter 91/92 to 11/12 5.63c Coldest winter 09/10 3.05c all tweeted on my @liverpoolweath Twitter account. It was at that point I thought Jesus Christ what a boring bastard I have become. Here I am on an unexpected day off and spent the morning checking out local history and compiling weather stats. I promised myself that the afternoon would be spent on the dark side consuming large amounts of class a drugs and lazing around with seedy hookers to being balance for the extremely boring morning and make me average overall. In truth it was spent at Speke Retail and me going to HMV to be like a vulture picking on the caucus of the closing shop but it was 40% of shite which is possibly why it’s knackered anyway and anything decent to sell has been sent to their shop in town.

Plan of the township of Garston.

Saturday afternoon brought a stroll with the baby and after watching the last bit of a mate playing football I walked around to Jericho Lane to see a match being played with barriers around the pitch. That made me think it must be a decent level so I went over and to my surprise I ended up watching South Liverpool FC. I am just old enough to remember South Liverpool playing at Holly Park which is now South Liverpool Parkway (oh uh boring local history lesson ahead) I remember that South Liverpool would occasionally play Liverpool reserves and we wold get the chance to possibly see a first team player on the way back from injury. Anyways I got talking to an old fella also watching South Liverpool and he told me how he watched South Liverpool playing Nigeria once in the 60’s. We take it for granted we see Nigeria play on TV on a regular basis. It must have been very mystical and exotic to see them play back in the day. When we went to see South Liverpool as kids we would take a small radio to keep a check on Liverpool’s score and any other scores from the days games. The old fella I was talking to asked me did I know any scores ? Seems I had forgotten my transistor radio but never fear I was soon updating him with all scores and scorers in seconds from my iPhone, how times changed. I actually got to play at South Liverpool’s ground as a kid in a cup final. It was like playing at Wembley for us local kids and still recall struggling to get to sleep the night before such was the excitement for the match. As it goes I had splinters on my arse as I was on the bench and came on in the second half for Aigburth People’s Hall in a 2-1 defeat to Bowden who were from Garston. I did help set the goal up for us though. I might go and watch South Liverpool again as it was proper football and I find it increasingly hard being arsed cheering on people on major dollar together with the cheating, diving and all the other shite that goes with the modern game. South Liverpool won 4-1 and I walked home with no queues to get out the ground, no match traffic and no fellow fans moaning about player x despite winning 4-1. Here is their website with latest details and some good historical stuff on Link Here The picture below is of the ground being demolished. The wall at the back remains to the right as you walk up to Liverpool South Parkway and you could still see the South Liverpool FC when the station opened but then some bright spark decided to paint over it !! I will hav to dig out the picture of me standing in front of it in some dodgy 80’s fashion holding up some junior trophies I had won.

Holly Park, South Liverpool FC

Well cheeky beer time and half marathon training continues tomorrow with a planned 10 mile run. My body really is a tale of two halves with the bottom half being slim and toned like and athlete but venture up above and it’s a case of beer belly and moobs. Just off to check some more local history and see what the weather is doing or is it a Saturday night clubbing followed by some debauchery. I haven’t decided which yet.

A final bit for the blog and the sad news that a band a like The Destroyers have parted company with their lead singer Paul Murphy and so no more Turbo-folk-mega-Balkan-punk-polka-poetry. The Destroyers will carry on as a musical outfit and Paul will do some solo stuff. I will never forget the two gigs last year in Liverpool at The Kazimier and only a few weeks later at The Camp and Furnace. I was hoping to see them at Glasto this year but it’s not to be. Hopefully both the band and Paul will be playing in their new guises. Check them out below.


Fay x x x x


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