Holly is 1, Beating Berlusconi!

So Friday morning and up with the baby and family to what was Holly’s first birthday. My god how did that happen? She was just an ickle thing coming home from hozzi and now she is one years old and our final baby isn’t much of a baby anymore. That last twelve months has got to be the fastest year of my life. Know I know this is physically impossible but starting with the birth of Holly last April then spending the summer renovating our new house before moving into the new house and then the death of my old man followed by chrimbo its all been a bit of a blur. As such Holly went from new-born to walking and being one in what seemed like a blink of the eye. Quite scary really as I need they years to start slowing down not speeding up as I hurtled towards the ripe of age of 40 in September. Speaking of which the winning bid for mine and mate (Joel) 40th birthday bash has been decided. The envelope was being opened as the teams from the bidding cities held their breath, each city having organised an outdoor party with thousands of people packed into the squares crossing their fingers looking up at giant screens. Anyway the winning bid goes to the city of Benidorm. Ok not technically a city but then again there wasn’t a real fucking bidding process ! I am sure there will be a few blogs to come out of that little visit come September. So with friends and family and a posse of kids in the house making lots of noise and party food finding its way to the four corners of our house I was thinking I might be spending another summer decorating again.

Holly Fay 1 year old

So only one thing to do with a load a screaming kids in the house and that is to bail out for a pint and also this time a play. Now I can count the number of plays I have been to on one hand but tonight I was off to The Epstein Theatre (Formally The Neptune) for a performance of Beating Berlusconi! It’s the story of a Liverpool fan and ends up at that famous night in Istanbul. Link to Epstein Theatre HERE It is only on until Sunday and any Liverpool fan will enjoy it. A stunning solo performance from Paul Duckworth made even more great after finding out he is an Everton fan. The play has you laughing out loud but then has moments of complete hush in the audience as it visits the disasters of Heysel and Hillsborough. During the interval I met Keith Salmon who was promoting his book “We had dreams and songs to sing” which was the first book I bought for my kindle. Again well worth a read for any Liverpool fan. The last play I attended at the what was then The Neptune Theatre was the long the short and the tall to help my GCSE english language. Must be 1990 that and for information I only got a D in English Language which in itself was a miracle as I don’t think I read any of the books in full due to my discovery of Merrydown cider. So after the play had finished it was time to head of to a friends daughters 18th birthday party. The lure of party food after a few pints was too much to resist. Whilst reflecting at how it only seemed like yesterday I was 18 it dawned on the that this was the first 18th birthday party I had attended what I was indeed nearer 60 than 18. Jesus that was a depressing and sobering thought. I then glanced at my father in law who also took the wise option to bail from the crescendo of noise that was Holly’s party and had been the play with me. With some cracking Carol Vorderman speed mathematic calculation I worked out that he was nearer 100 then 18 which cheered me up and I had another Desperado to celebrate this. So on what was a rather longer than estimated walk home coupled with it being quite cold and the usual my house is only 5 mins away now so my bladder must insist it needs emptying syndrome kicking in I made it home after some olympic style walking for the last 500 meters. The party was over, there were a few balloons left those helium type silver ones with you are one on. You know the sort that no matter where you are in the house the bastard things always find their way to your side. I opened the kitchen and their it was a blinding light emanating from the kitchen table. Jesus I thought easter was last weekend. The light subsided and I was travelling along a tunnel, heading towards utopia a box appeared and there it was, leftover sausage rolls. A perfect end to a perfect day. Happy first birthday Holly Grace Eileen Fay. Original birth blog HERE

Beating Berlusconi


Fay x x x x


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