The Thatcher effect (on my 1 year old)

So the dust is settling and as predicted Mrs Thatcher is either the saviour of Great Britain or the witch of Great Britain. Per previous blog “Margaret Hilda Thatcher a celebration (of sorts) “ I have nailed my colours to the mast. Also mentioned in that blog was the Spitting Image type puppet my dad had in his toilet as below.

Thatcher Spitting Image puppet.

I saved this puppet from when clearing my old mans house out as I knew how much he enjoyed having relegated her to his toilet. My eldest two children then 7 & 4 had to be accompanied to the toilet as they were scared of the puppet. Ha ha “The Thatcher effect” To settle the kids down I gave them some milk oh the irony. There has been lots of debate and more to come around Thatcher though I did notice Sky news quickly got bored with running with Thatcher and yesterday were heavily running a story on the killing of rhino’s and today on the new generation of entrepreneurs building app’s for phones etc. I suspect this is the calm before the storm of next weeks funeral. So without going off on an anti Thatcher rant though the BBC now deciding not to play the full song of “Ding dong the witch is dead” on the chart rundown which is on the same level as North Korea and China, deep breath, no ranting. The main purpose of this blog was to get this video (see below) of “The Thatcher effect” and the effect the above puppet had on my one year old daughter. Now apart from every night since her birth reading her the lead article in the socialist worker and recent nights playing my 79p download of “Ding dong the witch is dead”  I don’t know were she gets her intense fear of Thatcher from.

*****No babies were hurt during the filming of the above clip, just major parts of Britain during the 80’s. Soz just cant help myself.


Fay x x x x


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