Tonight Mathew I am going to be an Evertonian.

So the day had come. Around at a mates house for a bbq and after having a bet with an Evertonian at the start of the season that whoever finished below the other person in the league they would have to don the other persons team footy top and post it on Facebook. Now this bet was a follow-up to a bet on the previous seasons F.A.Cup semi final. Stripping away my red allegiance I did not fancy the bet as I honestly thought Everton would finish above Liverpool this (last) season. But in the interest of sporting integrity I decided to take the bet on and in hindsight should have had £50 on Everton finishing above Liverpool to cushion the blow. So after a few Desperado’s for Dutch courage I duly obliged and put the Everton top on and went the whole hog and sported a Fellani wig as well. Lots of smiles from the blue’s and smirks from the reds. So the picture was put on facebook and the bet paid. I didn’t miss too much of the bbq after racing into my mates shower to cleanse myself after the event and had a stiff caramel vodka to finally put and end to my shaking. I will be able to look back in years to come at the picture and say look at me in that Everton top with the classic badge, opposed to the new dodgy one just released. So below in full technicolor is the picture. My dad thankfully is no longer alive to see the heinous crime committed. A man who when I was young would ask me “who is that” pointing to a Bill Shankly picture on my bedroom wall. “Bill Shankly” I would reply, “No son Mr Shankly” Joking apart though my old man would have wanted me to put the top on as a bet is indeed a bet and some sound advice always pay your gambling and drug debts off !!!

Neil Fay Evertonian

So after coming home from the bbq last night with a bit of a sunburnt fod I ended up watching todays playoff final being lazy on the couch with the bloody fire on ! A long day yesterday as I was up with the bambino in the morning and spent this quality time letting her dance to the new Daft Punk album. It was my turn to get up with the baby as the night before Mrs Fay was having her book club. You know a night when loads of women make a lot of noise after drinking a lot of wine all in the name of literature. A very cultured night indeed. This got me thinking that maybe I could set up a male version. Straight away I thought of the last Friday in every month could be the start of vintage magazine night. As it was my idea I would get the ball rolling and host the first night (Mrs Fay could get up with the baby the following morning) Me and my mates could sit in the living room with a glass of wine and some nibbles and I would stand up and introduce the first vintage magazine. “Good evening gentlemen of the South Liverpool vintage magazine society, welcome to our first meeting which will be held on the final Friday of every month. Let me start by introducing my vintage magazine. This copy was from July 1989 and I was just 15 when I acquired this copy. Luckily this copy is in pristine condition due to it first being kept inside of my Deacon Blue twelve inch singles and latterly mistakenly put into my loft thus allowing it to survive to this day and not be discarded into next doors bin. I present to you my July 1989 copy of The Razzle” I am sure my mates could then introduce similar vintage magazines over the next few months like Escort, Club and Mayfair. We could look back at the retro almost romantic vintage magazine era instead of the instant on demand in your pocket on the iphone era. Anyway this blog stops abruptly here as to shame myself in an Everton top and reveal I am a perv as well is far too much for one blog.


Fay x x x x

P.S if anybody has the readers wives christmas 1985 edition I am prepared to pay top dollar for it ;0)


Rude boy Specials at the Olympia.

A delayed review of The Specials gig on 18th May. So Saturday afternoon and a pre Specials ska party at The Head Of Steam. It was only about 5pm but the pub was chokka and bouncing to ska choons and tracks from the era. We decided to swerve it after one pint as getting served was murder so we headed to Ma Edgerton’s where we were served by the barmaid. I didn’t know who this was at the time and she served my Amstel in a Kronenburg glass and asked me if this was OK. I joked “was there any chance of a discount” to which she replied “I can put a Flake in it” Beers served, take your own and seat acquired. It was then I realised that the bar maid was non other than Margi Clarke. In a previous job of mine I had to issue a letter to Ms Clarke. I decided to delete my name from the bottom as I didn’t want her at the bottom of the office building screaming “Who’s this Neil Fay I wanna have a word” Next up was a trip up London Road to take in a few pubs. Well what a disappointment there were hardly any pubs and the ones that were open were dead. I’m sure London Road had a cracking drinking culture at some point. I think I am 30 years too late. Found a half decent pub just opposite The Royal Hospital were we met the other people coming the gig with us. It was then a walk up to The Liverpool Olympia via an old education building which was best known for being the renovated Department for Employment building in Boys From The Blackstuff were Snowy Malone falls to his death doing a runner from the social.

So with Desperado being sold all be it in plazzy glasses there was no support act and it was straight into The Specials. Now admittedly I was only 5 or 6 when The Specials hit the scene. It must have been music filtered down from my older sister. I also like Madness and The Jam but draw the line at Michael Jackson’s “One day in your life” which I remember my sister asking me to listen to then proclaiming it was the best song ever.  Also the iconic “Ghost Town” fitted the time perfectly in 1981 and in my case the place as well living not too far from The Toxteth Riots of 1981. So with shouts of “Rude boys” from the crowd Mr Hall and band came on and played a belter and lively set. Lots of men in their 50’s reliving their youth and some mad dancing though the ravages of time were taking their effect on the now middle-aged and middle-aged spread male fans. Funny enough the iconic “Ghost Town” does not translate anywhere near as good as their other tracks live but was still a special moment. We estimated there was not long left so it was time to bail down the very front and join in with the “mad” dancing. I had become a (near) middle-aged and middle-aged spread, sweating and feeling the pace. The 61 year old father in law made it to the very front adding this to his front of the pit “moshing” when The Justice Band including Mick Jones from The Clash played “Should I Stay Or Should I go” Just one encore and a final song of “Your wondering now” with the apt lyrics “Your wondering now, what to do, know you know this is the end” and it was indeed the end. Another great gig and a rude boy performance and I would deffo see The Specials again.

The Specials

So a musical June on the cards with The Pet Shop Boys followed by The Africa Oye festival on Sefton Park and then the holy grail. Glastonbury 2013 where I will be blogging every day and giving you live toilet updates. Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think.


Fay x x x x

You tuck them in Grandad and some Pink Martini.

So over the weekend I decided to order myself some new Adidas trabs (Translation trabs = trainers) Well I plumped for some Adidas men’s campus 2 shoes as proudly posted on Instagram as below. So with posting on Instagram it was also posted to my Facebook and Twitter massive. Soon I received a reply ” I bet you’ll wear them with the laces tied” Now was this a trick question how cool I was ? I only had one answer I could “That’s what laces are for ?” This was met with an “oh dear” Oh christ I had been rumbled for a 39-year-old possibly starting a midlife crisis by purchasing Adidas trabs to match my Adidas trackie top. I met the reply of “Oh dear” with “I’m nearly 40 and have tied laces for 40 years. Can’t afford to be tripping over untied laces at my age. Velcro straps await” and then the dagger straight to my heart “You tuck them in, grandad”  Grandad oh christ I am showing my age and not being down with da yoof by actually tying my shoelaces. I have never been one for fads, apart from dying my hair bleach blonde in the 90’s back when I had some. I am determined to grow old disgracefully and tie them shoe laces. I mean come on look at Kris Kross poor and old Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly who has just bit the dust recently (Just say no kids) that poor sod spent the formative years of his life with his clothes on back to front as to not be a grandad (Ok he was about 12) Maybe that’s what forced him into hard drugs that when he looked into the mirror he thought “No shit man, my clothes look like they are on back to front I need some more smack and coke to sort my head out” Imagine if I come in pissed and look at my laces and say “No shit man my laces look like they are untied and stuffed into my shoes” and I hit a bottle of Jack Daniels and I end up in the big benefits office in the sky.  No I aint getting fooled by no fad, I aint putting myself through clothing confusion and falling into despair and throwing my life away. Laces are to be tied for life and not just put in your shoes for Christmas.

Adidas mens campus 2 shoes


So what better way to celebrate sliding into my grandadhood than a visit to the Liverpool Philharmonic and some Pink Martini. Pink Martini are a musical group that was formed in 1994 by pianist Thomas Lauderdale in Portland, Oregon. Describing itself as a “little orchestra,” its music crosses genres such as classical, latin, jazz and classic pop.  The lead vocalist and principal songwriter for Pink Martini is China Forbes. How high brow for me eh. Having been to see them twice before and noticing the more middle class clientele that go to their concerts (not gigs) I decided I would actually not grow old disgracefully and debut my new trabs but played it safe with some shoes (Shithouse I hear you chant) This time it was Pink Martini with a twist and the backing of The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra which added to the performance and every member got name checked (A lot of people) by Thomas Lauderdale. So with the perfect tinkling of the ivories by Lauderdale and also the excellent voice of China Forbes and Timothy Nishimoto along with the rest of the band it was musically an excellent evening. Highlight of the night for me was the Croatian “Un plavu Zoru” which has a haunting violin solo at the start and built up into a musical crescendo (See video below for album version) Me and the missus had taken the in-laws for a bit of culture, well you know them being into Motown and sausage and chips (The mother in law will kill me now) and they enjoyed it, so much that the father in law vanished doing the now traditional conga to “Brazil” which snaked in and out of the Philharmonic. Do go and see them, a highly talented bunch of musicians. 


Fay x x x x

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