Glastonbury Day 4 (Saturday)

So day four and the sun was cracking the flags. We went on another adventure around the site which ended up with us marching around the Latin area with a Cuban salsa band. First up music wise was Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue with a great live performance of Ben Howard’s guitar mixed in with the lyrics of Real Gone Kid. A quick pit stop at the tent and then off to see Rodriguez playing at the park. Sadly you could tell he was 70 but he managed to pull off a couple of decent tracks but I left before the end of his slot and just listened from a far.

So the evening was upon us and the decision not to watch the Rolling Stones but go to The Bootleg Beatles. I did manage to get back for the Stones last song “Satisfaction” so I can say I’ve seen them. Post Stones it was Fat Boy Slim playing at Arcadia but it wasn’t very loud and I was flagging at this point having been on the ale for over 12 hours. So I headed off back the tent and was that tired I didn’t have the now traditional biscuit boost for supper. The red and white Polish Tyskie flag has been well received and even have an email address from a Polish Diplomat to send him a picture of him with us holding the flag.

Mud has gone, no need for wellies, bogs are ok things are good. One last push today and that is that.


Fay x x x x



Glastonbury Day 3 (Friday)

So where do I start just fucking wow. First up The Hives and one of the younger lads who had gone down the front was introduced to the crowd as Jack from Liverpool as we seen his face on the big screens. Keeping it Swedish and next up we stumbled across a band called Goat. Then the amazing Lumineers who ended up playing on stools in the middle of the other crowd. We had taken a red and white halved Tyskie flag which proved invaluable in keeping together and also good fun to wave and get spotted on the TV.

Had to head back to the tent next as I needed to apply my makeup for the evening. Yep out I headed to see Django Django with a pink wig on and a modern twist of Adam Ant’s makeup from back in the day. I remember my elder sister doing me up in Adam Ant makeup as a kid ! Sadly had to leave Django Django early to get in place for Chic which was fan fucking disco tastic. Nile Rogers is a hit machine. Highlights being Bowie’s “Lets dance” “La Freak” and after the gig Nile Rogers was conducting the crowd to sing his latest hit Daft Punk’s “Get lucky” The evening was ended sat up on the hill by the Glastonbury sign chilling out overlooking the who site with lights twinkling away and the odd giant flames from Arcadia. Time to stumble home and the previous two nights traditional supper of a Biscuit Boost was now replaced by a tray of good old chips. What a day. Two to go and the hammer of reality twats you on the head but lets. Not think of that now.


Fay x x x x


Glasto 2013 Day Two (Thursday)

So despite going to sleep at 3am I was awake for 7:30 most probably expecting a 14 month old baby to jump on my head. The sun was trying to come out but the first thing to do in the morning is my regular event. One which involves a portaloo. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but a reminder of the darker side of Glasto. We just ambled around the site and encountered some very real life acting gorillas. Ok they were men in fancy dress gorilla suits but they were funny. Walking around the site in glorious sunshine the cloud built up and soon enough the rain was here and it doesn’t take long for the mud to show his face. In our state we have changed the name of one of the lads to Ginger Grassendale don’t ask why.

So with the rain still on I went out in a rather fetching multicoloured poncho seeing as the knob head I am I left my coat in the car. I had to spend time charging my phone as despite iPhones being handy to blog on and bore people on social media with your Glasto yarns the battery life is piss poor. So the evening was spent in the dance village with. “Same man” going down a treat and armed with our new supper a biscuit boost each headed back the tent around 11:30 expecting the young people with us to still be out. Turns out they were all asleep by 9am so that makes the score Oldies 2 Youngsters 0 in the staying up late premiership.

So the festival starts in a few hours, so much gone on and so much drunk already. The rain has stopped but it will be a bit of a mudfest today but the forecast is ok from now on in. Let the music commence .


Fay x x x x


Glasto 2013 day 1(Wed)

So here we are after decent trip down the halcyon sign of junction 23 on the M5 appeared and Glasto was upon us. Spotting Glastonbury Tor and then the first sight of a tent that was it we were there. Just a 10 min walk from the car and I was in what would be the best place on earth for the next few days, well apart from the toilets. So camp was soon set up and the toughest bit of the set up was carrying my cool bag full of Magners up which was digging into my hands but alas I was soon sitting on my camp chair with a bevvy sucking up the Glasto experience.

So we headed out for a wander around the festival and what started out a quiet night ended up with me drinking a warm ginger beer and rum whilst sitting peddling on an exercise bike. More ginger shennanagins took place and we ended up merging Jane with healing hands whilst sitting in a parsnip. Market research of local people confirmed it was a parsnip. With a belter dub version of of Ghost Town by The Specials day 1 of Glasto was all it was meant to be including a spiritual moment watching the sun set over the whole site. I love this place


Fay x x x x


@petshopboys and @africaoye review

So first up last Thursday and a first visit to the Manchester Evening News arena or whatever it is called these days. I don’t like big venues and this is the biggest indoor venue I have been to. So it was The Pet Shop Boys live in concert. Now The Pet Shop Boys are my little musical vice. What once was a secret admiration for them I now dont give a fuck and am fully out of The Pet Shop Boys closet. As ever they did not disappoint and with an old album and new album due that had not toured there were a fair few songs that I had not heard live. The new album due out in July called “Electric” has much more of a dance music feel to it and there were some full on laser beams and big beats going down which thankfully sounded great in the MEN unlike when I seen them live at The Liverpool Echo arena which indeed had an echo to the big beats !! The old classics were played as well and It’s A Sin always sounds better live with a dance beat behind it other big hits like “Heart” and ” West End Girls” just makes me think where the hell have them years gone ? So with a few Desperado’s down the hatch at £5 a pop I was soon dancing along with the varied crowd though unlike other PSB concerts there was no smell of poppers wafting past me. So I was impressed with the MEN arena, I would only ever stand there so I could get nearish the front not into sitting with the gods. PSB didn’t let me down though I don’t think nothing will ever top the Glastonbury 2010 performance for atmosphere. Speaking of which I am heading down to Glastonbury tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be blogging on a daily basis so keep an eye out for them blog fans (Thats just the wife then) My Glasto wellies are complete but I am not sure how long my lettering will stay on. I think the superglue now have all over my fingers will stay on longer. If only I could borrow Chris Lowe from The PSB’s disco ball hat he was wearing now that would be fun.

Pet Shop Boys Live

Keeping up the musical theme last week and Saturday and Sunday seen the return of The Africa Oye festival on Sefton Park. Sadly rained off last year and forced indoors on a smaller scale this year the weather behaved a bit better and the festival went ahead. My @Liverpoolweath Twitter account became the unofficial Africa Oye weather eye and I went down first on The Saturday with the family. Catching some of the music but the kids were straight away mesmerised by bloody bouncy castles and then wanted hot dog and chips. Not a very African start. Some great shops around the edge of the festival and ended up spending a small fortune on the kids with the highlight being a boomerang (Again no Africa link) which so far hasn’t come back to us so is in fact a stick ;0) Sunday came and this time with no kids in tow it was time to throw myself into the musical side of the festival. Headed over early on but then had a drink or two up Lark Lane but then went back to the festival yes you guessed it armed with Desperado and the one artist I wanted so see. Dele Sosimi did not disappoint  having us in an Afro Beat trance or what that the Desperado’s. Indeed every so often you would get the whiff of African cigarettes. Them days are long gone plus I did not have any Jaffa Cakes on me. So in the end the wind beat us and we headed home just before the final act Mokoomba finished. It was a great little festival and free as well. Pity the weather was not a touch better but after last years washout it was just good to be at Sefton Park again.

Dele Sosimi

So wellies (check) loads of Magners (check) spare bills (check) ticket (check) Right I am off to a certain farm. Speak soon.


Fay x x x x

KLF baby

So as some of you will enjoy and others will become increasingly pissed off with this world Aigburth wide famous blog as it  has all eyes fully focused on the 2013 Glastonbury festival. Such is the anticipation for this years festival that I am heading down on the Wednesday this year so I can spoil you with an extra daily blog and the traditional update of the toilet situation. I have been busy ordering stuff of ebay including a great Mick Jones from The Clash t-shirt. Oh and even some glow stick glasses which will go down a treat with the curly wigs for Chic’s set on Friday night. Hopefully my specially designed wellington boots will be done in time, gonna be a close run thing if I will be proudly walking around the Glastonbury mud in my KLF/Daft Punk wellies. Speaking of Daft Punk my youngest Holly (14 months) loves the “Get lucky” track and indeed loves dancing. It’s obviously genetic and inherited from her old man busting moves first in the o-five-one in 1994 then quickly onto Garlands and Cream. There is no stopping her dance and today’s playlist included “Chic” and “Yazz and the plastic population” !! So I thought it was only right and to buy her some clubbing gear. So to go with my wellies and also a T-shirt I have bought I treated the youngest to a KLF baby grow as pictured below. So me and Holly are heading to bed for a disco nap about 8 tonight then it’s onto town. Trips to town on a Saturday for me now consist of a few pints, the Lobster Pot and the last train home as the bedraggled youth head into town on the last train to start their twisted evenings. So after our disco nap I might head into town with Holly in our dad and child KLF attire. I am assuming that Garlands is the only club about these days, the closest thing I get to a club at the age of 39 is the Legion on Rose Lane. Oh the days of coming out a club and it was light. Wont make any difference it being 4am to Holly as she is quite often awake anyway !! Maybe I will have a mad crazy clubbing relapse at Glastonbury and hit the after hours bit big time. Just a question if I could cope with the aftermath of such a crazy session? Oh yeah KLF fans rapper Ricardo Da Force popped his clogs earlier on in the year and has gone to the big Justified Ancient of Mu Mu in the sky.

Holly KLF baby grow

So I am blogging this being down with da yoof listening to some Disclosure on Spotify having a pre US Open golf Desperado, wondering if Desperado comes in plastic bottles to take to Glasto or I will opt for the normal cans of Magners which is a mighty sharp drink on the tastebuds to have first thing in the morning. It also gives you a bit of courage to play toilet roulette and get the Barry White for the day out of the way in the cleanest possible portaloo. So all eyes will be heading towards the weather forecast over the next 10 days to see if we are gonna get a mudfest or a repeat of 2010 which was glorious and the wellies were ditched.

It seems the duck bus has bitten the dust today with another one sinking in the Albert Dock. This time with 30 people on and thankfully everybody got off safely. The sinking even made breaking news on Sky News. It was quickly established that it was not a terrorist attack, this comes not long after  Merseyside Police confirmed a suspicious package destroyed in a controlled explosion by the bomb squad in South Liverpool was “an elaborate hoax.” Police, firefighters and ambulance crews were called to Aigburth Road  after the item was discovered near the Territorial Army barracks. That turned out to be a cardboard box with fluff in !!! I am not sure I can take to many more terror alerts on the streets of Liverpool. I mean it just backs up the decision to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and makes Tony Blair look like a (war) hero !!!! Would have been quite scary on the duck bus when it was going down and despite me in my last blog saying getting the new iphone 5 wasn’t as quite exciting as past phones I would have been a bit pissed off if only after a few days it ended up soaked with the water of The Albert Dock and then wading over the Apple shop soaked to the skin trying to explain “No mate it deffo hasn’t been dropped in any water kidda”


Fay x x x x

Liverpool tunnel 10k and family tragedy.

So after what I worked out was the first Saturday night off the ale for a few months, coincidently the eve of my last run the Liverpool half marathon it was the eve of the Liverpool tunnel 10k. This was the first race I had done for years last year and this time around on the plus side I had done a few more 10k’s in practice but on the negative side I had consumed a few more Desperado’s and sausage rolls so was carrying a bit more weight. So I got the train into Liverpool armed with a breakfast of Lucozade Sport and not the usual sausage barm. I dumped my trackie top on the bus and done some light stretches in readiness for the 9:30am start. So there I was with 2,852 other people. Last years time was 1 hour 4 mins 05 seconds and 1920th position. I started off at the back to avoid any congestion and so that when I eventually went over the start line I was already jogging. The only issue in the race is coming back up the tunnel onto the Wirral. This year I went a bit quicker on the down hill section and was then ready to face what must be over a mile in length hill. As ever the echo of plodding feet could be heard in the tunnel and the cries of “Ogi ogi ogi” and the runners were in good spirit. True to life I am a miserable runner and was in my own zone listening to tunes on my iPhone. Half way reached and I was feeling good. Hard work coming up that hill but the training had paid off. A quick drink and some water over my head and it was then just a case of navigating the river front along to the finish line. The sun was out and I had a decent sweat on but avoided the second drink stop at 8k as I was feeling fine. Coming up to the last kilometre and I knew I was gonna be close to getting under an hour. I turned on the burners and finished very fast but clocked a time of 1 hour and 17 seconds. Must wear a watch next time as I still had some in the bank and could have ducked under the hour. That time got me 1987th position. There was a bit of chaos at the end of the race collecting things but I had my medal and to my shock there were no XL’s left in commemorative T-shirts. Wow I thought I had done good for a near 18stone docker to finish in that time. Surely all the other pie arses had not finished above me ? Still a bit of work to be done to reach the 31 mins that the winner completed the race in and still a few years until the Brazil olympics in 2016 and I am not sure darts has been accepted as an event yet.

BTR Liverpool tunnel 10k medal

So on coming home and being mobbed by the family after a memorable 1987th place it was then they hit me with the news of another death in the family. That’s the reason my race review was not posted on Sunday as there quite rightly had to be a grieving period. I am sad to announce that Poppy the goldfish has sadly gone to the great goldfish bowl in the sky. If only this had happened before the race I could have had a T-shirt made up with Poppy on and ran in his/her memory. All joking apart I know all of those T-shirts are in great causes and make interesting reading when jogging actually taking my mind of the fact I am jogging. Not quite sure of the one with a picture of a baby scan on but each to their own and who am I to judge in times of sadness. The good news is that we have just bought a heater and will now put some tropical fish in out Biorb. Every cloud and that eh. Sunday afternoon was spent replacing the 1100 calories I had burned off in the race with a bbq and a few Desperado’s. Safe to say the 1100 calories did not last too long.

Today I got my new Iphone 5. In days gone past I would have been in the queue early on release day but the change in iphones aint what it used to be and every Tom, Dick and Harry has them now. Indeed I wasn’t even that arsed today when the postman came. It’s a bit like having your 5th shag. It’ still a pleasant enough experience but nowhere near as exciting as your first time. Although it is quite nice to have it working as Mrs Fay is still waiting for her SIM swap to be activated ha ha.


Fay x x x x

Eddie Stobart Trucking songs !!!

Brazil V Engerland last Sunday. Pointless end of season friendly but in need of a footy fix and any piss poor excuse for a drink I decided to put myself through the ITV football coverage which at best is shite and Adrian Chillies even worse than shite. Not content with shitty coverage ITV had the cheek to superimpose their own adverts around the pitch. Such dodgy graphics made the linesman look like he had been eating Ready Brek such was the fuzz around him. Do they still make Ready Brek ?  I never eat the stuff, who would want to go to school with a big orange glow around you looking like you had been hit by some nuclear fallout. Ahh the 80’s gotta love them. So I only had a few ciders watching the match when it finished I must have fell into a drunken daydream. Those three bottles of Magners must have been stronger than I thought as I was hallucinating there was an advert for Eddie Stobart and his trucking songs. I mean I had always wanted somebody to put a collection of trucking songs together. “Black Betty” “Since you’ve been gone” and “The ace of spades” hang on a minute I have heard all these before. Cue a flashback to the early 90’s and my body clock being ruined and me ending up being awake half the night watching night-time ITV. All these tracks had been on a collection by Time Life music. The only adverts that ITV could sell for its night slot in between America’s top 10 with Casey Kasem (What jumpers he had) and also a movie show whose name I can’t recall. But less of those magical nights of my younger days this was not a drunken visage it is an actual CD. Message to my kids please do not buy me the Eddie Stobart trucking songs CD for father’s day. I will have the now traditional Adidas track suit top and a box of Malteesers. So the Stobart advert was reality but I must tell you of a dream I had last week. It was regarding an F1 race and the biggest crash ever had occurred and there were fatalities. It then cut back to the studio were there was a somber Jake Humphrey (Yes I know he’s left) he asked Murray Walker (Yes I know he’s left) about the incident. Murray leaned back and fell of the chair he was sitting on and also brought down a glass table with drinks of water on which smashed. Humphrey jumped up to see if Murray was OK but his concerned face soon broke out into a smile as Murray Walker was just sitting there with wet cream pants on laughing his head off. Both were in fits of giggles despite the worst tragedy in Formula 1 history taking place. I really do need to lay off the grog with dreams like that. I should get that dream analysed by a specialist who would say “you need to stay off the grog son”.

Eddie Stobart Trucking Songs

So the little matter of The Liverpool Tunnel 10k on Sunday. I have managed to get a bit of training in but haven’t shifted any weight so I will indeed look like a real life stereotypical Eddie Stobart trucker jogging on Sunday morning. Wish me luck I might need it up that hill in the tunnel in this lovely weather. Speaking of which having Sefton Park so close I went for a walk the other evening around and through Sefton Park. It was full of young people having BBQ’s and a few beers full of the joys of life and here was me hurtling towards 40 with them care free days well and truly behind me. So what was planned to be a nice chilled stroll ended up with me coming back in on a downer ! Today though I returned to the park as having only had 4 hours sleep the night before I had decided to head to the park and just lie down in the sun and listen to some choons. So I plonked myself in the long grass overlooking the lake and had an hours chill out time in the sun after work a much better experience. The best things in life are free well apart from the £9.99 I paid on Itunes for Eddie Stobarts trucking songs that I was listening to…………………..only fucking joking.


Fay x x x x

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