Liverpool tunnel 10k and family tragedy.

So after what I worked out was the first Saturday night off the ale for a few months, coincidently the eve of my last run the Liverpool half marathon it was the eve of the Liverpool tunnel 10k. This was the first race I had done for years last year and this time around on the plus side I had done a few more 10k’s in practice but on the negative side I had consumed a few more Desperado’s and sausage rolls so was carrying a bit more weight. So I got the train into Liverpool armed with a breakfast of Lucozade Sport and not the usual sausage barm. I dumped my trackie top on the bus and done some light stretches in readiness for the 9:30am start. So there I was with 2,852 other people. Last years time was 1 hour 4 mins 05 seconds and 1920th position. I started off at the back to avoid any congestion and so that when I eventually went over the start line I was already jogging. The only issue in the race is coming back up the tunnel onto the Wirral. This year I went a bit quicker on the down hill section and was then ready to face what must be over a mile in length hill. As ever the echo of plodding feet could be heard in the tunnel and the cries of “Ogi ogi ogi” and the runners were in good spirit. True to life I am a miserable runner and was in my own zone listening to tunes on my iPhone. Half way reached and I was feeling good. Hard work coming up that hill but the training had paid off. A quick drink and some water over my head and it was then just a case of navigating the river front along to the finish line. The sun was out and I had a decent sweat on but avoided the second drink stop at 8k as I was feeling fine. Coming up to the last kilometre and I knew I was gonna be close to getting under an hour. I turned on the burners and finished very fast but clocked a time of 1 hour and 17 seconds. Must wear a watch next time as I still had some in the bank and could have ducked under the hour. That time got me 1987th position. There was a bit of chaos at the end of the race collecting things but I had my medal and to my shock there were no XL’s left in commemorative T-shirts. Wow I thought I had done good for a near 18stone docker to finish in that time. Surely all the other pie arses had not finished above me ? Still a bit of work to be done to reach the 31 mins that the winner completed the race in and still a few years until the Brazil olympics in 2016 and I am not sure darts has been accepted as an event yet.

BTR Liverpool tunnel 10k medal

So on coming home and being mobbed by the family after a memorable 1987th place it was then they hit me with the news of another death in the family. That’s the reason my race review was not posted on Sunday as there quite rightly had to be a grieving period. I am sad to announce that Poppy the goldfish has sadly gone to the great goldfish bowl in the sky. If only this had happened before the race I could have had a T-shirt made up with Poppy on and ran in his/her memory. All joking apart I know all of those T-shirts are in great causes and make interesting reading when jogging actually taking my mind of the fact I am jogging. Not quite sure of the one with a picture of a baby scan on but each to their own and who am I to judge in times of sadness. The good news is that we have just bought a heater and will now put some tropical fish in out Biorb. Every cloud and that eh. Sunday afternoon was spent replacing the 1100 calories I had burned off in the race with a bbq and a few Desperado’s. Safe to say the 1100 calories did not last too long.

Today I got my new Iphone 5. In days gone past I would have been in the queue early on release day but the change in iphones aint what it used to be and every Tom, Dick and Harry has them now. Indeed I wasn’t even that arsed today when the postman came. It’s a bit like having your 5th shag. It’ still a pleasant enough experience but nowhere near as exciting as your first time. Although it is quite nice to have it working as Mrs Fay is still waiting for her SIM swap to be activated ha ha.


Fay x x x x


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