Glasto 2013 day 1(Wed)

So here we are after decent trip down the halcyon sign of junction 23 on the M5 appeared and Glasto was upon us. Spotting Glastonbury Tor and then the first sight of a tent that was it we were there. Just a 10 min walk from the car and I was in what would be the best place on earth for the next few days, well apart from the toilets. So camp was soon set up and the toughest bit of the set up was carrying my cool bag full of Magners up which was digging into my hands but alas I was soon sitting on my camp chair with a bevvy sucking up the Glasto experience.

So we headed out for a wander around the festival and what started out a quiet night ended up with me drinking a warm ginger beer and rum whilst sitting peddling on an exercise bike. More ginger shennanagins took place and we ended up merging Jane with healing hands whilst sitting in a parsnip. Market research of local people confirmed it was a parsnip. With a belter dub version of of Ghost Town by The Specials day 1 of Glasto was all it was meant to be including a spiritual moment watching the sun set over the whole site. I love this place


Fay x x x x



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