Glasto 2013 Day Two (Thursday)

So despite going to sleep at 3am I was awake for 7:30 most probably expecting a 14 month old baby to jump on my head. The sun was trying to come out but the first thing to do in the morning is my regular event. One which involves a portaloo. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but a reminder of the darker side of Glasto. We just ambled around the site and encountered some very real life acting gorillas. Ok they were men in fancy dress gorilla suits but they were funny. Walking around the site in glorious sunshine the cloud built up and soon enough the rain was here and it doesn’t take long for the mud to show his face. In our state we have changed the name of one of the lads to Ginger Grassendale don’t ask why.

So with the rain still on I went out in a rather fetching multicoloured poncho seeing as the knob head I am I left my coat in the car. I had to spend time charging my phone as despite iPhones being handy to blog on and bore people on social media with your Glasto yarns the battery life is piss poor. So the evening was spent in the dance village with. “Same man” going down a treat and armed with our new supper a biscuit boost each headed back the tent around 11:30 expecting the young people with us to still be out. Turns out they were all asleep by 9am so that makes the score Oldies 2 Youngsters 0 in the staying up late premiership.

So the festival starts in a few hours, so much gone on and so much drunk already. The rain has stopped but it will be a bit of a mudfest today but the forecast is ok from now on in. Let the music commence .


Fay x x x x



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