Glastonbury Day 3 (Friday)

So where do I start just fucking wow. First up The Hives and one of the younger lads who had gone down the front was introduced to the crowd as Jack from Liverpool as we seen his face on the big screens. Keeping it Swedish and next up we stumbled across a band called Goat. Then the amazing Lumineers who ended up playing on stools in the middle of the other crowd. We had taken a red and white halved Tyskie flag which proved invaluable in keeping together and also good fun to wave and get spotted on the TV.

Had to head back to the tent next as I needed to apply my makeup for the evening. Yep out I headed to see Django Django with a pink wig on and a modern twist of Adam Ant’s makeup from back in the day. I remember my elder sister doing me up in Adam Ant makeup as a kid ! Sadly had to leave Django Django early to get in place for Chic which was fan fucking disco tastic. Nile Rogers is a hit machine. Highlights being Bowie’s “Lets dance” “La Freak” and after the gig Nile Rogers was conducting the crowd to sing his latest hit Daft Punk’s “Get lucky” The evening was ended sat up on the hill by the Glastonbury sign chilling out overlooking the who site with lights twinkling away and the odd giant flames from Arcadia. Time to stumble home and the previous two nights traditional supper of a Biscuit Boost was now replaced by a tray of good old chips. What a day. Two to go and the hammer of reality twats you on the head but lets. Not think of that now.


Fay x x x x



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