Glastonbury Day 4 (Saturday)

So day four and the sun was cracking the flags. We went on another adventure around the site which ended up with us marching around the Latin area with a Cuban salsa band. First up music wise was Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue with a great live performance of Ben Howard’s guitar mixed in with the lyrics of Real Gone Kid. A quick pit stop at the tent and then off to see Rodriguez playing at the park. Sadly you could tell he was 70 but he managed to pull off a couple of decent tracks but I left before the end of his slot and just listened from a far.

So the evening was upon us and the decision not to watch the Rolling Stones but go to The Bootleg Beatles. I did manage to get back for the Stones last song “Satisfaction” so I can say I’ve seen them. Post Stones it was Fat Boy Slim playing at Arcadia but it wasn’t very loud and I was flagging at this point having been on the ale for over 12 hours. So I headed off back the tent and was that tired I didn’t have the now traditional biscuit boost for supper. The red and white Polish Tyskie flag has been well received and even have an email address from a Polish Diplomat to send him a picture of him with us holding the flag.

Mud has gone, no need for wellies, bogs are ok things are good. One last push today and that is that.


Fay x x x x



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