Glastonbury day 5 (Sunday)

So the final push and the old feet were feeling the pace, I had bits of sunburn, killer hay fever and been living on a diet of a sausage barm for breakfast and a biscuit boost for supper but it’s Glastonbury and nothing was gonna get in the way of the final day of Glastonbury. First up was a hike up to The Avalon Stage to see The Destroyers. By the time we got up there the cider was wall earned and we managed to put the flag in a safe place as it was only a smallish tent and we did not want to get in peoples way with it. I was flagging but The Destroyers soon had me “dancing” I use the phrase dancing and I don’t think I have quite nailed the megafolk mentalism dance quite yet. This was the first time we had seen The Destroyers without their lead singer who had left and if truth be told we were wondering if they could pull it off minus their frontman. We had brought along a few Destroyers virgins who confirmed they do indeed have what it takes. The tent was busy towards the end. I wonder how many Bruce Forsyth fans had came early and stumbled over the megafolk mentalism. Never thought I would se the day The Destroyers warmed up for Sir Bruce. Here is their website if you want more mentalism information

The Destroyers live @ Glastonbury

So next up more walking and the only way to get energy was more cider. Down to the John Peel tent next for The Villagers. First time I had seem them and I had managed to bring a few people to see them. Christ these bands seem to be getting younger and younger. Once again a very impressive performance and a band I would like to see live again. So the sun is out and the cider is flowing. Only one thing more you could possibly ask for and Kenny Rogers on the Pyramid stage.  I have such vivid memories of playing the Lucille as a young child as my mum had it in her vinyl collection and must admit had a little Glasto moment thinking of her and I might even of been able to pass a small tear off as the chronic hay fever assaulting me. So Kenny eventually got the crowd going and thought fuck it and played two songs again as they were crowd favourites. A quick mooch around to the Other Stage for Of Monsters Of Men and it was time for one last pitstop at the tent to put my makeup on for the night (Gold and silver slitter tonight) and head out for the final evening.

So a very late call and the planned visit to see Bobby Womack was jibbed for Mumford and Sons (yes they do all sound the same) but I wanted to feel some pyramid stage love after not going to see The Rolling Stones (Well apart from the last song) So with a position bang in the middle the “Tyskie” flag was going to get some serious coverage. Such was the interaction we had with people over the flag it could most probably get it’s own blog. That might be pushing the Glasto overload just a bit too far. Makes a change from slagging of the government though. The Flag actually came in handy as I had a major trough in the middle of the set and the flag was indeed the only thing keeping me up at one point. But I and the flag were soon back in action for a rousing encore of “With a little help from my friends” with a selection of other bands that are too cool and new for me to know. The bird on top of the stage awoke and started spewing out flames and that was it the headliner for the last night over and Glasto was at an end.

Mumford & Sons pyramid stage

Well it wasn’t and not only that it was the act I wanted to see most my own headliner. A certain Charles Bradley performing at La Pussy Parlure Nouveau. Now this small tent was situated in the dance village and I feared it might be full up of people off their heads who did not know the first thing about Charles Bradley. Sods law and we got the the very front of the queue and it was stopped as security done a number count, surely not and as I watched them work out how many people were in the tent a few more were allowed in. Wow I had summoned up the very last of my energy reserves and was on water at this point. After two tracks by his mighty find band the one and only Mr Charles Bradley was on stage. Now in his mid 60’s and having only released his debut album in 2011 Charles Bradley is as soul and funk as you could ever want it. You can tell he used to be a James Brown impersonator. Him and his band were excellent and managed to get around a break in mid set blamed on a broken bass string. This was a final blast of The Glastonbury love and with it nearing 2am that was that and the joy of four hours sleep before the trip home to planet reality. A Glasto once again full of love and cider. I will finish the Glasto marathon with a final blog on midweek with bits I missed or couldn’t blog from my iphone with limited battery on site.


Fay x x x x


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