Glasto 2013 the final blog (honest)

OK final blog to do with Glasto. Where do I start ? I love this fucking place. It is an oasis from reality a place that for a few days I can truly forget about work and the kids. A big thanks to the in-laws who without them this would not be possible and they looked after our now extended tribe of three girls allowing me to head down Wednesday and the missus on Friday. First mention must go to the flag. It was a Polish beer called Tyskie (Tis-key) now I have never been a fan of flags but let me start by saying how bloody practical are for finding your mates in the crowd. Wednesday and Thursday we lost a few people just waling around the site but no such trouble from Friday as the flag done it’s job. Secondly was the amazing reaction to it. First up from hardcore drinkers who know it is a mighty fine beer and secondly from Polish people at the festival. Ranging from a lovely Polish couple we met at Chic, a Polish Diplomat from Warsaw who’s email address we got to send a photo which might come in handy as we are going to Warsaw in February 2014 (see previous cultural review blogs in Feb of previous years) and finally a Polish girl at Of Monsters and Men. There if of course the added bonus of like a knob head who does something behind a reporter on the news the joy of seeing your flag on the TV at a stage. Yes like a knobhead I have already spotted the flag and performances of Chic, The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. Hope the flag made it back ready for 2014. It seems I cant decipher the email address that the Polish fella gave me but I think I have nailed him down as being Jacek Zochowski. So if anybody has a proper Linkedin account then if you could message him for me I would love to send the picture we have for him. Wow this is turning into an episode of Cilla’s surprise surprise. Just need the tearful happy ending now.

Tyskie Flag at Glastonbury

So what were the moments of Glasto 2013 ? Well you cant beat walking up the hill to the stone circle and then looking around and as the sun has set seeing the whole site’s lights twinkling away. The Chic version of Bowie’s “Let’s dance” was a moment of elation, 99.9% of Chic was amazing. The next moment was Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue’s live version of “Real stoned kid” a mash up of “Real Gone Kid” and Benjamin Francis Leftwich – “Box Of Stones (instrumental)”

Wednesday night turned into a particularly drunken night. Must have been the excitement of being on site. Peddling on an exercise bike drinking warm ginger and rum from a mug. More ginger drinks and some Pimms. Then a little boogie and a belter dub version of “Ghost Town” by The Specials going off. Then a sit off in what we deemed a parsnip which was most probably nearer an iceberg. I went out and done some market research into what it was actually we were sitting in. I managed to convince a few people it was a parsnip, one went for iceberg (correct answer) and another said it was an ice cube !! Had he been on the ginger bevvies as well ?


Thursday was a much more civilised affair and another walk around the site and we just got in as the rain started so we ended up having a few drinks in the tent before venturing out in the mud and ending up in what was a very busy dance area now names Silver Hayes. We were going to see the 2 bears DJ but it was far too busy and a relatively early night was called at 11:30. Must not for forget the game of giant Twister we had. The quite moment of refection at Strummerville and adding my name onto the blackboard of names.


Friday and the music started and the missus had arrived on site to take up 75% of my tent space. How can we not mention Chic again. What an amazing set. I think it is the first gig I have been to that I just have not been bothered where my next bevvy was coming from I was having such fun. I watched the set back on Friday night having one of those boring “This time last week moments” and enjoyed the set just as much and spotted the Tyskie Flag loads and with that my bright pink wig bopping around. It was after that we headed up to The Crows Nest and stumbled across an amazing afro dance band which we have not got a glue of the name of but they were boss and I will need to get looking on a forum and see who they were. Find of the day a band called “Goat” who played on West Holts.

Chic At Glastonbury

Saturday and it was time to ditch the wellies as the sun was out and we had fun exploring the site once again and another highlight was in the Latin area with all of us up dancing with our Cuban Rum’s in one hand and a Cuban band in the other. Only at Glasto in the middle of the afternoon would I make a cunt of myself by doing such things. A daytime stroll around the Shangri-La area (Might make it up there past midnight one time) and then more entertainment from street acrobats and other various bizarre bands on the march etc. Just one Rolling Stones song for me, does that mean I can say I have seen them ? A tinge of sadness as I watched a fella called “Rodriguez” perform now 70 he managed a couple of good songs but was struggling overall. Nice to say I have seen him but it could have been so much better.

Glastonbury Midget MILF's

And so the final day and one last effort and as ever The Destroyers did not let me down and even had a bizarre chat to them on their Facebook page as they wanted to know what a sausage barm was which I had mentioned on my blog I had posted there. Well I think a barm is a scouse/Lancashire term for gap, cob or bun. It all got very complicated over what is essentially a bread roll !! Still blown away by the fabulous Charles Bradley

So that is that Glastonbury 2013 I promise not to try and mention it again and all I have now is my Glastonbury 2013 Spotify playlist and the memories and it went like this.

Beady Eye

The Hives


The Lumineers

Django Django


Mystery band at The Crows Nest

Ricky Ross


The Bootleg Beatles

The Rolling Stones ( 1 song !! )

The Destroyers

The Villagers

Kenny Rogers

Of Monsters And Men

Mumford And Sons

Charles Bradley

And a whole whole lot more Glastonbury experiences.


Fay x x x x x

Me at Glasto


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