Farewell Menorca, Hello cricket.

So he we are still mid holiday and enjoying everyday of the Menorcan sun. I managed to spoil myself on Thursday and went to watch the first session of the third Ashes test match at Old Trafford. The bar man at The Blarney Stone pub in the resort of Cala Blanca sorted me a TV of my own with the sound up and I had a few Desperado’s watching the cricket on my own. Previously we had been to the water park. The one we went to was the Aquacenter located in Ciutadella de Menorca. It was €20 for adults and €10 for kids over three. It had four water slides and a few other zones including kids zone and a nice swimming pool. The two more daring slides (Black Hole and Kamikaze) were exciting the first time for adults and fun to go down with the kids. Overall the slides will keep the kids entertained but if you were looking for adult thrills then this park might not be for you. That said we had 5 kids from ages 1 to 8 so got our value for money. There ends my tribute to the late Alan Whicker and a review of a world destination. OK a Menorcan aqua park is not quite the streets of Rio but it’s all you’re getting. By the last night of the holiday I was ready to come home. In truth there is only so much sun, beer and burgers I can take and with Cala Blanca only being a small resort the nights were becoming a bit repetitive. On the plus side you actually felt you were abroad rather than in a bit of Spain that has turned into a bit of Britain with the Brits abroad mentality. With everything going to plan on the way home including the baby being great on the plane before I knew it I was picking up some sausage rolls from Tesco’s and back in my own bed for a snooze. I had survived a week with the in-laws and they in turn had survived a week with me !!! No more lovely Menorcan sunsets.

Sunset at Cala Blanca in Menorca Spain.
Sunset at Cala Blanca in Menorca Spain.

Friday night and a trip to Bargain Booze and the streets of Aigburth once again were alive with the clinking of bottles as I walked back up to the house a sound not heard for a full seven days. I managed a few Desperado’s and was all set for a day at the cricket on Saturday. We arrived at Old Trafford around 10:15 and after a quick breakfast it was time for pint number one and settle down in our seats to watch day three of the Ashes test match at Old Trafford. Sadly this year I could only get four tickets (in the past I have taken a mini bus load to test matches) Time flew past and we were soon at the end of the day 8 pints plus better off. Highlight of the day were Kevin Pietersen getting 100 on a pretty uninspiring days cricket and fancy dress of the day went to the Cookie Monster suit. So post cricket before our cab came we had our traditional post cricket game of jingles and Neil Carlson regained his crown. We then braved the boozer opposite called “The Trafford” which was covered in Man United memorabilia. I put my best Wigan accent on and ordered the round. Ha ha nah I did not really but we did think asking if they had the Steven Gerrard testimonial on might be stretching it a bit. Would not dare go in there on a match day and on the way home my sisters fella who picked us up was telling us of tales of battles in the 70’s and 80’s outside that boozer. Quite predictably for anybody who knows me post cricket we ended up at The Kingsman pub and grabbed a chip barm from the Ko Sing chippy as I swayed home along Aigburth Road.

Day three of the third Ashes test at Old Trafford
Day three of the third Ashes test at Old Trafford

So Sunday morning and not feeling too bad after at least 12 drinks I decided to score some brownie points and take all three kids out for a lovely walk down Otterspool Park and Prom onto my sisters and then a walk through Sudley field en route home thus ensuring I could watch some cricket in the afternoon and I watched as the weather kicked in and the game heads towards a draw. The dream of actually being there when England won the ashes on Saturday had been dashed. So Sunday evening and with some grog already in the fridge I just needed to grab some chocolate (and score more brownie points from the missus) and I headed to the shop in Aigburth Vale where there was a man outside dressed in a green army shirt with a German badge sewn on and some kind of neck garment that was not a swastika but more of a cross which on a bit of research I think is the Mantuan cross or Iron cross which Hitler sported ! If that wasn’t unnerving enough the fella had one eye ! I quickly scooted past him with my biscuit boost stashed in my pocket. Not wanting to make eye contact I did however keep a sneaky one eye on him just in case. I mean one eye each was a fair battle eh ? Ouch mocking a disability is a new low for this blog but if you’re gonna walk the streets of Aigburth in German war gear with possible Nazi/Fascist overtones I think your fair game for a bit of stick. If however you are that man and read this blog your attire was top notch and I did not notice anything else about you (please don’t kill my kids)


Fay x x x x x


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