Liverpool International Music Festival Fri/Sat.

So Friday lunch time and Mrs Fay and my three daughters are leaving the house on a long weekend to London. A chance to relapse into single man slob mode. Leave things out where I want, dishes piled high and peace and quite from the demands of my girls (nearly 9, nearly 6 and 19 months) So what was I gonna do all weekend ? Well as if my magic there was only a four day music festival a short walk from ours. It would be rude not to go. So Friday tea time I head down to Sefton Park for the first night of The Liverpool International Music Festival. First up were The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with chief conductor Vasily Petrenko and support from Sense of Sound. So kicking it all off were Sense Of Sound  who are a bunch of vocalists who sing A cappella. Highlight of their set was a great cover of “You are my world” By The Communards. By now I had found a space on the grass. I was however surrounded by people in chairs, mostly older than me who were getting stuck into their hampers and cracking open bottles of red wine. It all seemed very middle class to me and I had a quick check and I had rolled up in my Adidas trackie top and a four pack of Budwieser in my hamper case which was more commonly known as a Bargain Booze plazzy bag. So time for the main event and conductor Petrenko had the orchestra away and playing. Now not really being a classical musical expert I soon realised that this was going to be a more dumbed down classical musical event which was great as I knew most of the stuff that was played. Come the interval my four cans had been had and I decided to have a walk around the site and grab some pictures as I had come armed with my camera. I will post some below and at the Royal Phil continued in fine form I moved away from the front of the stage to head back as I knew there were going to be some fireworks and we all love a good fireworks photo. As if by chance two bizzies were watching the spectacular firework finale to the show so I crouched down unbeknown to them and sneaked a few pictures of them from behind watching the finale. It was only when I was walking home through the park that I looked at the pics and thought wow that shot doesnt look too bad. When I got home and banged the pics on my mac one shot stood out, possibly the best picture I have taken so far on my camera I got for chrimbo. I quickly posted it on my Twitter account and my alter ego dodgy weatherman @Liverpoolweath and started getting a few retweets. I then decided to tell @LIMFestival and @Classicfm who retweeted it and my picture got a decent reception. So below is my prized shot along with others from the night and a great start to The Liverpool International Music Festival. Click on picture for a better version.

Liverpool International Music Festival Day 1 finaleVasily Petrenko

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic OrchestraFirework final at summer classics in the park

So onto Saturday and day two. This time sadly the camera would be left at home as I was having a few bevvies and heading to Lark Lane for the match after and didnt fancy leaving my kit in a boozer when I was sozzled. So first up we headed to the It’s Liverpool now stage to see Natalie Mccool open things. Sadly only a handful of people there to see the start of things and Natalie kept her spirits up and performed well. A quick move over to the main stage and The Beatles years. The couple of bands we seen were tight enough but if you have seen one Beatles tribute act you have seen them all so it was back to the It’s Liverpool now stage via The Bandstand (pic below) We were very impressed with Clang Boom Steam who have made it onto my Spotify to listen to in work next week and last up were local band The Tea Street Band. By now there was a decent crowd and the first time I have seen The Tea Street band and I was very impressed and even though late to getting onto them the handled they last on spot very well and had the crowd moving about and played their know becoming more well known track “Disco Lights” Sadly now with my 40th year approaching I have long since ditched the disco lights of Creamfields and have moved into the classical music arena !!  I spotted Liverpool music legend Henry Priestman earlier on at the It’s Liverpool now stage nice to see him supporting new artists. So with the music finishing at five which I thought was far too early but I assume the logic behind that is to stop everybody falling out of sevvy park later on worse for wear and as it happened fitted in perfectly with the match but we were still hungry for more music.  So a few Desperado’s later and it was time to head home via Steves chippy and an early night in the end which has paid dividends as I feel fresh this morning and day three of the festival and heading down there on my own today (Billy no mates) Then there is the small matter of Monday with two of my fave bands ever The Christians and Soul II Soul playing 15 mins walk from my house for free !! I have never seen Soul II Soul live so cant wait for them.

Liverpool International Music Festival bandstand


Fay x x x x x


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