Liverpool International Music Festival Sunday

So day three of my Sefton Park extravaganza. (Day 1 & 2 blog here) and I decided to head over to the main stage with amazingly no beers. The main stage today was The World Music stage. First up for me was Stony Browder Jnr and what a fantastic performance and funktastic choons. I was thinking I will have to check out some of their music. I cant find one thing about them on the internet ? No Facebook, Twitter. The only thing I could find was a Stony Browder Jnr that had something to do with Kid Creole back in the day. The lead singer wasn’t that old !! So I have asked the festival via Twitter if they have any more info. I will report back. After kidding myself about not bringing any booze I soon headed to the bar and was hit for £4 for a cider. Next up was Kof who was from Liverpool and as soon as he started you could recognise what a great voice he had and as the sun came out during his set it was perfect weather for his music. Stand out song for me was “Child of the ghetto” Kof gave away some CD’s at the end and I managed to grab one having an advantage being 6 ft 3. I will bang it on my ipod and give the CD to my daughter to get into. It could be the first step from JLS onto KOF and then boom listen to this Clash album or your grounded ha ha. Next up Panjabi Hit Squad not my scene and with a cider being £4 I made a quick dart to Lark Lane and got 4 cans of Bud for a fiver. Dont even get me started on it being a fiver for sausage and chips. When in festivals etc you begrudgingly accept being had off but at Sevvy Park with shops and Chippy’s not far away it just aint happening. So I met a couple of lads and we headed over to the it’s Liverpool tomorrow stage where there was a late showing from the very strange Bonnacons Of Doom complete with druid like robes. Next up were Ghostchant who were decent. After a longer than expected second visit to the offy as Lark Lane was chokka. We made it back to the main stage for the end of Portico Quartet. We were waiting for The Marley’s to come on last and all that seemed to be on the stage was a DJ and somebody shouting loud getting the crowd at the front going. I reckon I could have pulled that off with a few “Make some noize Liverpool” and “Hands in the air Liverpool” Another DJ came on and in the end we spewed it as there was no sign of Damian Marley. Considering it was a world music stage the last couple of hours was not the world music I was expecting. I was hoping to find a gem of a band from Ghana or Argentina that I had never heard off. It was much busier than Saturday but I think the estimate of 50,000 in total and 29,000 at one time might just be putting a bit of spin on it. I have an idea why not sell Sefton Park meadow and put a stage in the park and do more things like this. I jest of course whilst its great having these things I wouldn’t want too many of them as it does ruin the parks ambience for a chilled out walk or jog around. Secondly I could still hear the music when I got back to my house past Aigburth Vale and wouldnt want that on a regular basis. Lastly whilst the meadows is not massively used it’s a belter bit of green land and if the council want to save some dollar I suggest looking at the Liverpool Direct contract. Whooooshhhhhhh went of on one there. So to sum it up Sunday was a good day but not as good as Friday or Saturday.

The small matter of Soul II Soul and The Christians today. The sun is cracking the flags and the ale is on chill in my fridge. Mrs Fay and the kids home today and I am not off to clean everything away and lash foor days worth of dishes into the dishwasher, put the top back on the toothpaste and generally tidy the house up after a weekend of living like a single male slob. A quick picture of Stoney Browder Jnr and see you down there today.

Stoney Browder Jnr


Fay x x x x x


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  1. You’re investigative work re Stony Browder Jr very nearly came up trumps mate. Stony Browder Jr are indeed named after Stony Browder Jr, founder member of Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band who hailed from New York in the 70s. Stony was also brother to Thomas Browder aka. August Darnell aka. Kid Creole who was in the Savannah Band with him before he formed Kid Creole and The Coconuts. Two members of the band (Dario the singer and Lorne Ashley the guitarist) are actually two of August’s children – hence the style, charisma and moves! Sadly their uncle Stony died in 2001 and Stony Browder Jr is their homage to him. ‘Ash’ and ‘Daz’ are talented lads. When they are not in Stony Browder Jr they are also in Picture Book – you may have heard of them as they lived in Liverpool for a couple of years and played a lot of gigs around the city. Infact, if you were back at Sefton Park this afternoon they were on at 2.20pm doing their ‘New Mersey Beat’ thing. You can see some of their ‘alter ego’ here: and here: and here: (sorry – can never resist an opportunity to plug them!) Hope you find all this of interest. I’m sure it won’t be too long before everyone has heard of Stony Browder Jr – even ff they never bother with Facebook or Twitter! All the best…

  2. Cheers for that Ian. Just grabbed the remix of Natalie McCool. Keep us posted of Stony Browder Jr developments as I will be sure to mention them on here.

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