@Liverpoolweath 15 mins of fame.

So heading to bed last night I knew Liverpool had dodged any severe weather problems and that down south was gonna get hit by a storm but not with the same strength as anything like the 1987 storm but enough to cause some damage and sadly as it has turned out claim some lives. I had been tracking this potential storm on the weather forum I am on U.K Weatherworld  Much more informed bods on there but I was passing that knowledge on via my Twitter weather account @Liverpoolweath I was already getting a bit bored of some of the OTT coverage on Sky News who I fully understand have to fill their channel 24 hours a day. Catching a bit of news before I started work and as expected the South had been hit by a storm but nothing that out of the ordinary though Sky News can make it seem like a fallen tree is the end of the world. Nothing compares to the Daily Express and their weather headlines though. So it was mid morning and somebody from the Radio City news room contacted me via Twitter on my @Liverpoolweath account to see if I would do a quick interview re the storm or lack of it in Liverpool. I explained I only do the Twitter feed as a hobby but would be prepared to be interviewed. So I duly got the call back and spent five mins on the phone and that was that. So nothing on the first couple of Radio City news reports on the hour and it was then it dawned on me maybe I might be on City Talk so the news headlines came on and there I was just after David Cameron commenting on events (come on I should be before him) my 15 mins of fame, or should that be two mins (Full clip below) Later on in the afternoon two of my mates phoned me asking what the hell is going on with me being the weather expert on the radio and I also got a few tweets on the subject. I answered the calls by saying I was too busy at the moment but if you would like to contact me through my agent I am sure I can get back to you (delusions of  grandeur) I can only imagine the stick I will get off my mates re Fred The Weatherman. Think I would like to think of myself as more John Kettley. So the interview is posted below. First up I hate footy players and managers who say “errr” all the time. I notice a few “errs” in my interview so I will let them off from now on as the “errr” just gives you that extra nano second to think of what you are going to say. Even now as I type this Mrs Fay is getting messages on Facebook about my new-found fame as a weatherman and if they didn’t know about my nerdy hobby they did now although I did go into my daughters school the other week to do a talk on the weather and my weather station BLOG HERE

I had to pick my daughter up from after school club and had to leave by the back door such were the amount of weather groupies and paparazzi outside the front door. Up next will be the expose in the Sunday newspapers though thankfully The News Of The World is no longer about to report on my youthful shenanigans of the 1990’s. So with my 15 mins of fame I am available to open supermarkets, go on celebrity big brother and anything else that offers good cash. Might as well strike whilst the iron is hot though in reality the iron will most probably be cool by the 8 o’clock news if not sooner and my 2 mins as a weatherman will just be radio signals heading out into space. So here is me as Fred the weatherman. Might as well put it up myself before my mates get around to doing it. I think it’s called damage limitation in the showbiz world I am now in !! The scary thing is there isn’t much difference between me and Fred aghhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

Fay/Fred the weatherman


Fay x x x x x


The hell that is Ikea, Windstorm “Christian” & my Lou Reed moment.

So just a mere 15 years since I last visited Ikea I headed up the M62 to give it another go as I needed a computer chair and chair for my “Wingate Arms” room. I braved Ikea as you can actually sit on the chairs etc rather than buy something from looking at it only from Argos and then getting it home to realise it is complete shite. So I eventually decided on the two chairs I was going to purchase and my first gripe about Ikea is that despite having a trolly you can’t put what you want to buy direct into the trolly, oh no you have to note the number down etc and get it later. So 15 mins later it was time for a game of The Crystal Maze and try to locate the chairs that I wanted to buy. Richard O’Brien was in my ear informing me that this was a 2 minute game with an automatic lock in. 45 seconds and the first chair was located (much easier having it where you first seen it) the clock was ticking. I was getting a little flustered now with the automatic lock in looming. 1 mins 30 and the second chair was located. So where would the crystal pop up. Oh hang on a fucking minute chair two is boxed in separate parts (as you do, much easier having it where you first see it) 1 mins 54 and I locate the second part of chair two (much easier having it where you first see the chair) crystal pops up and I am out safely and onto the crystal dome AKA hot dogs on the way out.  What a palaver. Check out next and Mrs Fay annoyed me by using the self service check out. I like to use a human and keep people in jobs. So onto the only thing that kept me going and the lure of a hot dog and a drink. Except they didn’t have any drinks on !! Luckily normal service was resumed and they actually served me my hot dog when I ordered it and did not send me back to the start for another round of The Crystal Maze looking for aisle 34 number 237. Have I mentioned its easier having things where you see them ? Another 15 years before I encounter the hell that is Ikea. Mrs Fay remarked on my grumpiness on her Facebook “Remind me never to ever take Neil Fay ever again, he has moaned the entire time, took the fun out of buying a candle! ” and here was me thinking we had gone for Fork Handles, boom !!


So Britain braces itself for a storm or should I day down South does. Even at this late stage of the day there is still some uncertainty about what will happen but a quick look on Sky News and they are in full mode. So in readiness for the event which in Liverpool will be a bit of heavy rain and a breeze I have stocked up on Desperado’s so have enough to let me and also got some emergency rations which came in the form of a Twix. It will be interesting to see what happens overnight as a weather nerd. The storm goes by the name windstorm Christian or the St Jude storm. Just doesn’t have the same gravitas as say Hurricane Katrina. Damage already being reported here in Liverpool as this picture from earlier on shows. I wonder if Sky News will use it if I tweet them ?

Storm Damage

So as I type this the breaking news comes in that Lou Reed has died and so in time-honoured tradition when an artist dies I rush onto Spotify and play their best of. My own particular Lou Reed moment comes from 1996. It was around March and the film Trainspotting was doing the business. It was the normal Saturday night in Cream when as the night was in full flow the lights came on full brightness in the main room and the masses of sweaty and wide-eyed folk could be seen. The DJ whose name I can’t remember a bit like large chunks of the mid 90’s I have lost dropped “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed and as I hugged and linked complete strangers the whole club were in one singing along having this moment.


Fay x x x x x

My night photography course.

So Wednesday evening and instead of turning bright red for a few hours after playing indoor footy I was going on a night photography course which Mrs Fay had bought me as part of my 40th birthday present. The course was to be taken be a fella called Jon Hall of John Hall photography LINK TO WEBSITE HERE  So meeting at 7 outside the Beatles museum at Liverpool’s Albert Dock it was a case of spot the tripod as to who else was going on the course and luckily for us all only 4 out of the 7 turned up meaning more time could be spent with each of us. I will be honest and the first moments of the night was spent in “photography” talk. Here was I struggling to even to remember what bloody camera I had in by bag (I will now never forget it’s a Sony A57) I have only ever pointed my camera and used the setting provided having never dared to enter manual mode. After a quick talk about some basic photography rules it was off to our first location was the Salthouse Dock in front of the Albert dock buildings. Here my new tripod made it’s debut and I was taught how to venture into the world of manual settings and exposure and aperture. Straight away the camera seemed to of been given a whole new level of options which I never knew were there with my virtually non existent knowledge of photography apart from a built in knowledge of what makes a decent picture. So below is the best shot of my first foray into the world of manual photography and a picture of the Salthouse Dock looking towards the Liver Buildings. (Note click on all pics for a larger version)

Albert Dock & Salthouse Dock

So room for lots of improvement on the shot above but it was about my 5th picture using the new taught method. Next it was a quick walk around the corner and a visit to the Liverpool Wheel were the long exposure shot would show the magic of the wheel and it was all about finding out what length of exposure and level of light you liked on your shots. Below is the best of my shots by the wheel.

Liverpool wheel at night

Next up was a walk around to the three graces and we were given a few more tips and a challenge to get a good shot of The Port Of Liverpool building and not to be scared to get down to low levels to try alternate shots. It was whilst here I could not resist the temptation to try and get a shot of the three graces. Only 90 mins into the course and I half already learned so much. That much that with some beginners luck I managed to nail a cracking shot (even if I say so myself) of the three graces at night.

Liverpool three graces at night

The next part of the course was about light painting techniques something I had never heard of. It involves a longer exposure and a person pointing and waving a light at the camera. In this case a torch. This is a technique that you can play around with a lot using different and numerous light sources. The trick is the camera picks up the light source and as long as you keep moving only the light is picked up. Amazing the things you can do and you can even create a multiple image of you if you time and light it correct if you want. Below is some light arches I created in the distance.

Light painting

So onto the final bit of the course and more exposure techniques and one you would have seen before of the lights of cars trailing in pictures. So all sat by the side of the road by some traffic lights I managed to grab the shot below and expect to see me hanging around various junctions of Liverpool in the dark over the coming months !!

Liverpool Strand at night

So the there hours was over and I had learned so much. It was an excellent course and Jon was a throughly nice fella. I would well recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in photography. The geek talk of earlier on was soon replaced with the basics for me which was great but should you need to talk “photography” of course Jon was happy to indulge I am just not at that level yet. So the course has opened up a whole new world for my camera and luckily enough the dark nights are around the corner.


Fay x x x x x

I am gonna run a marathon !!!

So Friday night and as on many occasions despite what is now nearly 3 weeks of intermittent man flu it’s the usual Desperado and some of M&S’s finest crisps for munchies. Also a regular temptation on these nights is to spend some money online which is what I have just done. So as mentioned in previous blogs now I am 40 I wanted to challenge myself to do a marathon. Bear with me if you have heard this story before.  It was February 1985 and my dad was just on 20 stone and just turned 40 years of age. He proclaimed to us that in September he would be running what was the then Mersey Marathon. On his first run he managed from Sevvy Park swings to the iron bridge which must be about 300m before he had to stop. Come September he was down to 13 stone and completed The Mersey Marathon in just under 4 hours 30. I was just a sweet and innocent 13 year old boy and my dad threw down the challenge that when I was 40 I needed to match his great achievement. At the time he was talking in a foreign fantasy language. I thought why that could be 2014. So far away it was unimaginable. Just imagine cars would be able to fly. We would have robots as servants and hopefully I would have got past first base with a girl by then. These were the thoughts of a 13 year old Fay. Well fuck me I am already 40 and 2014 is upon us. Just a quick check and my car cant fly. I don’t have a robot as a servant but I have got past first base with a girl (At least three times as my three daughters show) and sadly my dad is no longer here. It was mentioned at his funeral that I would be attempting to recreate phoenix from the flames style John Fay’s 40th year marathon attempt and so tonight the plan was set in place. £30 ish pounds spent on The BTR Liverpool half marathon on Sunday March 23rd. Another nearly £50 was spent following up the half marathon with the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon on Sunday 25th May. This would then be finished off with my third running of the Liverpool Tunnel 10k on Sunday 8th June 2014. Then I intend on getting just a little bit pissed at Glastonbury 2014 !!!

So training starts tomorrow  once these Desperado’s and munchies are finished off and the aim will be to get up to 10k by chrimbo. I have a slight advantage on my dad from a starting point as I do regular exercise and also am only 18 stone and not 20 !! I have done a half marathon before and two tunnel 10k’s. When I have a race to prepare for I go out and run whatever the weather as I know I have to. Looking at a training plan I will have to knock footy on the head so as not to pick up a daft injury and most probably after the half marathon is done and the kick onto the big event I will have to give up the grogg as well. The more I am typing this the more I am thinking why. But then we get back to the main inspiration and the challenge thrown down all those years ago. It’s gonna be a long old slog to achieve what I have set out to do but hopefully I can get there and should I reach the line on May 25th I have a feeling it will be rather emotional to.

Back in the day my dad raised quite a few bob for charity from his marathon as people sponsored him thinking this fella cant jog the bar never mind over 26 miles. So I will aim to raise a few bob as well and be one of those pain in the arses asking for sponsorship. So expect a just giving page or the likes to be set up. Just need to pick a charity but having lost both parents to cancer I have a feeling it will be cancer research or the likes.

Liverpool Rock 'n' roll marathon

So there we have it the next 7 months mapped out in front of me. Hopefully work commitments wont be too bad next year so I can have a proper attempt at training. To quote the golfer Sam Torrance on his weight loss then gain his top diet tip was “Always keep your fat clothes”


Fay x x x x x

The screaming eagle of soul Mr Charles Bradley

So off to the heartland of Manchester student land and a gig at the academy 3. The only other time I had been to the academy in Manchester was over 10 years ago to see the legend that was Mr Solomon Burke. This time although nowhere near the legend status of Solomon Burke the voice was gonna be just as good as were to see “The screaming eagle of soul” Mr Charles Bradley. Bradley is now 65 and only released his first album “No time for dreaming” at the tender age of 62 which beats the mid 50’s release of a first solo album by Henry Priestman which was the previous record in my musical knowledge for oldest age of release of a first solo album.  This tour coincided with the release of his second album “Victim Of Love” So the life and path to the first album release of Charles Bradley can be seen on the documentary “Soul Of America” which pops up on BBC and Iplayer now and again and well worth watching. Bradley has had a tough time in parts of his life and at one point earned a living as a James Brown impersonator in local clubs which you can see influences his current performance. But he comes across as a nice super loving christian in the documentary. I can go with the love bit not buying the christianity bit. But a gig review is no time for that and after a couple of pints before we headed into the venue. So the academy 3 was a cosy little venue for a couple of hundred, just the right size for me and things were heating up literally before the gig as it was roasting in there and you had to throw a six to get served at the bar. But that did not put us off and just after 9pm the band came on and we were away.

So three musical numbers to start and the band (The  Extraordinaire’s) were great and the music somewhat reminding me of The Blues Brothers band. Then the keyboard player came to the mic and introduced the one and only “Screaming eagle of soul” Mr Charles Bradley and on he came. The crowd roared and with that I knew this was gonna be a great gig performance wise and also that the crowd were bang up for it being there for the music rather than the booze and night out after. With a few musical interludes for costumes changes (Most probably to give the 65-year-old Bradley a well-earned little breather) the stand out tracks for me were “The World (Is Going Up in Flames)”, “No Time for Dreaming”, “Strictly Reserved For You”  and live song of the night was a great version of “Confusion” which at one point involved a musical instrument which had an aerial which changed in sound as you went near it (don’t know the name of said instrument) but Charles Bradley was interacting with this “thing” to create some noise and crank up the version of the song which made it come across ten times better live than on the album. So Charles Bradley was as soul and funktastic as we expected and even had us swaying to the more smoochier songs as we were feeling the love and sometimes preaching of Charles. At one point in the gig I thought the preaching had reached epic proportions as my mate Moses (Nice true biblical name for the story) turned to me and said he had been healed. After a quick gulp from me the healing was actually heeling as a girl had stood on his toe !!! So with one encore the gig was over. A belter gig. What Charles Bradley does is nothing new or groundbreaking but it is fantastic and something people of my age and below have not seen live and this was represented by the age group of the crowd. Nice to see da yoof listening to great music and not being brainwashed by the x-faxctor and general shite that populates the charts (sounding like a dad here) One gripe was that the encore was a bit flat but other than that “the screaming eagle of soul” had soared into the Manchester crowd.

Charles Bradley live

Just time for a quick pint afterwards and as we walked down the stairs past the academy 2 venue we noticed that The Orb were playing. A quick glance at each other and we soon realised that those days were well past us. Days which would have involved a night like The Orb going well on into Sunday and onwards. No more mad nights/weekends out for us. Been there, done that, got the tshirt and suffered the comedown. A few quiet pints and some raucous soul and funk for us these days !!

So the morning after and only having 4 pints I was fresh as a daisy as I come out of retirement for a game of 11-a-side football against a police select XI. It was my first game as a veteran now I have reached 40 and we worked out that our centre half combination reached 82 years of age. I managed to last the full 90 mins thanks mainly to us having no subs. In a thrilling “open” match we lost 7-2. With us missing a pen and giving two own goals away !! Cant really expect much more when we roll up every 6 months and try and play a proper game of footy. A more realistic score would have been 6-5 given the chances we missed but we were not good enough on the day. It’s a marathon not a sprint and we are taking each game as it comes and thanks to the fans for their wonderful support.


Fay x x x x x

My weather lecture at Sudley school.

So Thursday morning and the eldest daughter Elizabeth mentioned something about it being science week in school and would I talk to the class about my weather station. By the time I picked her up from school it was sorted for me to go into school at 2.30 the next day to do my talk. So that was the signal for some hastily arranged homework for that night. So onto the laptop it was to whip up a quick slideshow and construct a talk about the weather and my weather station. Once I had sorted that out it was time for a timed practice run. It had been a fair few years since I last had to do a presentation going back about 15 years from when I was a manager at Ladbrokes and made the regional final for presenting some kind of business plan. Even though it was only a presentation to my daughters school class I approached it from the same angle that had served me well all those years ago. If your gonna do something you might as well do it properly even if I only had one evening to prepare something. So by bedtime I had the talk ready and the slideshow in place and it was all eyes to tomorrow.

With a nice short day in work I had time for one more practice run and we were all set. I headed down to Sudley junior school the same school some 30 years earlier I had gone to. I never imagined I would be back there to give a lecture on weather. OK so it’s not a lecture but it sounds grander than a talk doesn’t it ! I must admit as I walked past the school gates a few little nerves were kicking in which I think is a good sign. Some of the nerves were more due to the fact that it was my daughters class and I didn’t want her to get any stick if I was a complete idiot ! So the first relief was when my dongle was in the school computer and the powerpoint presentation was working. Always better to have a visual to look at and change rather than listen to me droning on. So I started with how I got into the weather mentioning the great storm of October 1987 and then going on a bit about hurricanes. Then the first surprise of the day and some kids had their hands up. So with the authority of Dimbleby I fielded the questions. Soon more and more hands become raised. At one point we even strayed off topic onto earthquakes but luckily my general interest and knowledge of earth sciences got me through. I was amazed at how many questions were being raised by the young inquisitive minds. I however took control and said there would be more time for questions at the end and got back on track with the slide show. Next up was the bit about my weather station including putting up the live weather site Click here to see  which seemed to interest the kids. Time for my weather quiz. Always good to have a bit of interaction and the kids got all 9 answers. Finally I gave the kids some weather records to look at and finished up with a summary. Then the hands were up again and it must have gone quite well as it went over the 30 mins I was expecting. With a nice thank you and applause from the kids I then presented my old weather station (see below) which was gathering dust in my office to the school to use and the teacher seemed pleased to have such a gadget. When I was at Sudley there was a small max/min old style mercury thermometer and here I was 30 year later presenting the school a weather station. Perhaps it will be added onto and be known as The Neil Fay weather station as years go by and people wonder who the hell was Neil Fay. It was nice to give something back the the school that gave me a good education and is/will give my kids the same great education.

So on the way out I had a nice chat with the head and then the lady on the reception. I went for a nice stroll down the prom and was thinking how much I had actually enjoyed that little session and my eyes being opened to how much kids that age actually want to learn and take things in. OK so it might be a bit different teaching algebra ? I was originally going to be a teacher after my degree but never got around to doing the extra year PGCE. Was this new found spark of seeing education in place going to kick start me at the tender age of 40. Dreams would say yes but the reality would be any new fired ambition from today will sadly soon subside back into normality as I process housing benefit once again. It was nice to be give a challenge and something to deliver even if it was just a hastily arranged little presentation.  The kids and teacher seemed to enjoy it and I certainly did enjoy it. I hope the kids get some use out of the weather station and that next year I will be asked back to give the annual Neil Fay lecture on weather and that the Neil Fay weather station has grown in size a bit. Hey if kids can have dreams why cant I ?

oregon scientific baa928u weather station


Fay x x x x x

A cultural review of Edinburgh.

So the end of what developed into a 40th birthday month. The final leg of the extravaganza was a trip to Edinburgh with the lads I go away with in February (See other cultural reviews here RIGA WROCLAW TALLINN and KRAKOW ) It was a lovely early autumn afternoon so we decided to walk to The Albert on Lark Lane via The Fullwood Arms and bang on 4:15 the minibus arrived and the 12 of us set off armed with some hastily bought bevvies from the offy to head up to Edinburgh where I had been earlier on in the year with the missus ( blog here ) So with 12 men on the ale we done well just to have two stops off only twice for a piss stop with the first time being a handy M&S food store in the Lancaster services and the second a boozer called The Cross Keys in a place called Biggar which is certainly what my waist line has got with all these birthday celebrations. We arrived in Edinburgh around 10pm and checked into the Travelodge which we had gone three men to a room which was a double bed and a pull out couch. Cozy indeed. A quick pint in the hotel bar and we headed off out. First pub was just about 20 meters from the hotel called The Waverley Arms. A bohemian type boozer it was not expected to be raided by 12 drunken scouters and despite all our best efforts Ian the owner who must have been 70 plus would not let us have a stay behind so we had to move next door to The Worlds End were one of the lads was questioned about his state but we managed to get him a bevy but it was my nephew who had a little snooze in this bar. What happend to the Fay drinking genes ? A much needed scran was next and a burger and chips was £5.50 fookin capital city prices eh !! Ended up in some metal music type student gaff next called Opium. It was freshers (nearly spelt that Threshers then booze on the mind eh !! ) so it was a busy night. Weaving through what was quite mild weather wise Edinburgh streets I made it home on the first night about 1am. Just a quiet session on the first night of about 12 drinks in readiness for the big all dayer on Saturday.

Saturday morning 7:30am and I was bloody awake. Must be the built-in clock expecting one to three of my kids to wake me up. No chance of getting back asleep so I sneaked out without waking the other two lads who looked cosy together in their double beds, a scene that must have been replayed in the other three rooms we had. So it was a lovely morning in Edinburgh and I had about an hours walk around the city before getting back for a quick freshen up and we all headed down to The Snax cafe who must have been rubbing their hands at the 11 large breakfasts and sausage barm ordered. It was still quite early so being culture vultures we decided to all go on an open top bus trip around Edinburgh. So there we all were on the top deck taking in an hours tour of Edinburgh. Lots to see and do in Edinburgh and a special mention for the tour bus guide who was excellent, Giving good info and having a laugh with us and indeed he was learning stuff about Edinburgh from us to which he excellently summed us up as “A bunch of intellectual’s in the guise of scousers” which not only has us laughing our heads off but the rest of the bus as well. Now we have been on many trips now and been in many states but never have we been described as that. So the bus went full circle and we were back in the new town and the boozers were open. First up The Guildford Arms and then onto Rose Street were whilst sampling the delights of the pavement cafe culture all be it with 12 pints a local busker made a few bob of us with a rendition of “That’s entertainment” by The Jam followed by “I Fought The Law” by The Clash. Needless to say the streets of Edinburgh echoed to our splendid harmonies to both songs. So we headed back up to the old town and our tour bus was there and with our hop on hop off tickets we jumped on and got a lift to the scene of Greyfriars Bobby’s statue. We had passed this on our initial intellectual bus tour earlier on in the day. The short version of the story is Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh for supposedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died himself on 14 January 1872. The story continues to be well known as active oral history in Edinburgh, through several books and films, and because a prominent commemorative statue and nearby graves act as a tourist attraction. Now one of the lads is a Greyfriars Bobby denier. OK it’s not as bad as being a holocaust denier but in Scotland you cant piss on their legends. So we had a look at the statue of the dog and also a look at his grave which was covered in sticks and a few toys for the old dog. I poignantly places a leaf on Bobby’s grave as I had heard he liked to chase leaves back in the day which was met with a look of disgust from the Greyfriars Bobby denier. As if by magic ther was a pub called The Greyfriars Bobby so we had a pint in there and then a quick munch in the Pizza Parlour next door and blagged some free cans of Coke for being fellow Liverpool fans of the owner.

Still light we headed into the depths of Dropkick Murphy’s which was showing what was the equivalent of the F.A. Cup final replay of hurling officially called The 2013 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final  We decided (obviously) to support the red team Cork who we were cheering on with a song of “Come on you mighty reds” which we were told to stop by the bar manager as he wouldn’t allow footy songs slightly missing the point of us cheering Cork. Anyway Clare won so the reds were not so mighty after all. In here I was presented with my birthday card and present from the lads. The card was a Greyfriars Bobby post card signed by everyone and my blonde hair came in for a bit of stick on some of the messages left. The present was only a DVD of the film of Greyfriars Bobby which I will review in a future blog. So we came out of Dropkick Murphy’s were one of the lads had let his guard down and encountered a special infatuation which he would receive further stick for. By now it was dark and we headed to The Grassmarket area of Edinburgh were we were not welcome as we were over a gang of six !! We did find two boozers just off there who let us have a bevy. We decided to bail out of The Grassmarket and go somewhere were we would be let in and stupidly spotted a student union bar. Sadly only one of us had a NUS card who could sign two other people in and despite efforts to get other students to sign us in we went to the main pub next door called the Three Sisters were there was a hugging incident and later on a dance off.  So we headed off back of to The Waverley bar the scene of Friday nights failed stay behind attempt. Needless to say we failed again and were told not to sing along to the jukebox and generally anything that came under the banner of fun was frowned upon by the bar owner who when we left pointedly slammed the door behind us no doubt to count all the cash we had put over the bar !! So all this time in Edinburgh and no scotch this was put right in the hotel bar and then I called it a night and headed up stairs with a can of Irn Bru to scoff my M&S crisps and it was just like a Saturday night in my house.

So Sunday and again I was up early and went for a walk and grabbed a breakfast on my own before freshening up and the three hour journey to Sunderland as we had got tickets for the Liverpool game. As we were not on the ale this time we only had one stop planned but after this we had to have an emergency stop for one of the lads. Lets just say does a bear shit in the woods ? So onto Sunderland’s Stadium Of Light and a quick pint before the match and a great 3-1 win for Liverpool which rounded the weekend off in great style. May I thank everybody for coming on this birthday soiree and for the first time teachers were outnumbered but the names of the schools involved are once again withheld to protect the guilty. See you all in Feb 2014 for a cultural review of Warsaw and thanks for my card and prezzie, though I never did get a fucking cake !!

Green Dino

P.S the hair is back to a skinhead now.


Fay x x x x x

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