I am gonna run a marathon !!!

So Friday night and as on many occasions despite what is now nearly 3 weeks of intermittent man flu it’s the usual Desperado and some of M&S’s finest crisps for munchies. Also a regular temptation on these nights is to spend some money online which is what I have just done. So as mentioned in previous blogs now I am 40 I wanted to challenge myself to do a marathon. Bear with me if you have heard this story before.  It was February 1985 and my dad was just on 20 stone and just turned 40 years of age. He proclaimed to us that in September he would be running what was the then Mersey Marathon. On his first run he managed from Sevvy Park swings to the iron bridge which must be about 300m before he had to stop. Come September he was down to 13 stone and completed The Mersey Marathon in just under 4 hours 30. I was just a sweet and innocent 13 year old boy and my dad threw down the challenge that when I was 40 I needed to match his great achievement. At the time he was talking in a foreign fantasy language. I thought why that could be 2014. So far away it was unimaginable. Just imagine cars would be able to fly. We would have robots as servants and hopefully I would have got past first base with a girl by then. These were the thoughts of a 13 year old Fay. Well fuck me I am already 40 and 2014 is upon us. Just a quick check and my car cant fly. I don’t have a robot as a servant but I have got past first base with a girl (At least three times as my three daughters show) and sadly my dad is no longer here. It was mentioned at his funeral that I would be attempting to recreate phoenix from the flames style John Fay’s 40th year marathon attempt and so tonight the plan was set in place. £30 ish pounds spent on The BTR Liverpool half marathon on Sunday March 23rd. Another nearly £50 was spent following up the half marathon with the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon on Sunday 25th May. This would then be finished off with my third running of the Liverpool Tunnel 10k on Sunday 8th June 2014. Then I intend on getting just a little bit pissed at Glastonbury 2014 !!!

So training starts tomorrow  once these Desperado’s and munchies are finished off and the aim will be to get up to 10k by chrimbo. I have a slight advantage on my dad from a starting point as I do regular exercise and also am only 18 stone and not 20 !! I have done a half marathon before and two tunnel 10k’s. When I have a race to prepare for I go out and run whatever the weather as I know I have to. Looking at a training plan I will have to knock footy on the head so as not to pick up a daft injury and most probably after the half marathon is done and the kick onto the big event I will have to give up the grogg as well. The more I am typing this the more I am thinking why. But then we get back to the main inspiration and the challenge thrown down all those years ago. It’s gonna be a long old slog to achieve what I have set out to do but hopefully I can get there and should I reach the line on May 25th I have a feeling it will be rather emotional to.

Back in the day my dad raised quite a few bob for charity from his marathon as people sponsored him thinking this fella cant jog the bar never mind over 26 miles. So I will aim to raise a few bob as well and be one of those pain in the arses asking for sponsorship. So expect a just giving page or the likes to be set up. Just need to pick a charity but having lost both parents to cancer I have a feeling it will be cancer research or the likes.

Liverpool Rock 'n' roll marathon

So there we have it the next 7 months mapped out in front of me. Hopefully work commitments wont be too bad next year so I can have a proper attempt at training. To quote the golfer Sam Torrance on his weight loss then gain his top diet tip was “Always keep your fat clothes”


Fay x x x x x


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