@Liverpoolweath 15 mins of fame.

So heading to bed last night I knew Liverpool had dodged any severe weather problems and that down south was gonna get hit by a storm but not with the same strength as anything like the 1987 storm but enough to cause some damage and sadly as it has turned out claim some lives. I had been tracking this potential storm on the weather forum I am on U.K Weatherworld  Much more informed bods on there but I was passing that knowledge on via my Twitter weather account @Liverpoolweath I was already getting a bit bored of some of the OTT coverage on Sky News who I fully understand have to fill their channel 24 hours a day. Catching a bit of news before I started work and as expected the South had been hit by a storm but nothing that out of the ordinary though Sky News can make it seem like a fallen tree is the end of the world. Nothing compares to the Daily Express and their weather headlines though. So it was mid morning and somebody from the Radio City news room contacted me via Twitter on my @Liverpoolweath account to see if I would do a quick interview re the storm or lack of it in Liverpool. I explained I only do the Twitter feed as a hobby but would be prepared to be interviewed. So I duly got the call back and spent five mins on the phone and that was that. So nothing on the first couple of Radio City news reports on the hour and it was then it dawned on me maybe I might be on City Talk so the news headlines came on and there I was just after David Cameron commenting on events (come on I should be before him) my 15 mins of fame, or should that be two mins (Full clip below) Later on in the afternoon two of my mates phoned me asking what the hell is going on with me being the weather expert on the radio and I also got a few tweets on the subject. I answered the calls by saying I was too busy at the moment but if you would like to contact me through my agent I am sure I can get back to you (delusions of  grandeur) I can only imagine the stick I will get off my mates re Fred The Weatherman. Think I would like to think of myself as more John Kettley. So the interview is posted below. First up I hate footy players and managers who say “errr” all the time. I notice a few “errs” in my interview so I will let them off from now on as the “errr” just gives you that extra nano second to think of what you are going to say. Even now as I type this Mrs Fay is getting messages on Facebook about my new-found fame as a weatherman and if they didn’t know about my nerdy hobby they did now although I did go into my daughters school the other week to do a talk on the weather and my weather station BLOG HERE

I had to pick my daughter up from after school club and had to leave by the back door such were the amount of weather groupies and paparazzi outside the front door. Up next will be the expose in the Sunday newspapers though thankfully The News Of The World is no longer about to report on my youthful shenanigans of the 1990’s. So with my 15 mins of fame I am available to open supermarkets, go on celebrity big brother and anything else that offers good cash. Might as well strike whilst the iron is hot though in reality the iron will most probably be cool by the 8 o’clock news if not sooner and my 2 mins as a weatherman will just be radio signals heading out into space. So here is me as Fred the weatherman. Might as well put it up myself before my mates get around to doing it. I think it’s called damage limitation in the showbiz world I am now in !! The scary thing is there isn’t much difference between me and Fred aghhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

Fay/Fred the weatherman


Fay x x x x x


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