The Villagers and The Tea Street band reviews.

So last Sunday and having had the whole weekend in charge of my three daughters Mrs Fay was back from her weekend away and we were going out to see The Villagers. First up a bit about “Operation Daddy” as the weekend was called. We all survived the weekend after a healthy sausage and chips all around for tea on Friday the kids were well behaved and all of Saturday morning was taken up with various ballet runs (not me the kids, my dancing days have been left in Cream) and a trip to pick up my dead Playstation 3 and the horror that my 52% completion of Grand Theft Auto V was lost ! Thanks to the shitty weather the rest of the day was spent in onesies, thats the kids not me as I would feel and look like The Michelin man in one. An early night for me in case Holly played up (she didn’t) and by Sunday morning I was starting to get cabin fever and braved a walk to Sevvy park. Most of the walk was pent dodging the heavy showers and we had to abort our walk and got back to the house soaked through. Not my best idea but at least we got some fresh air. Mrs Fay was home by late afternoon and “Operation Daddy”  had been a success. May I pass on my thanks to Apple for their iPad’s the Peppa Pig channel and finally Quavers for helping the operation run smoothly.

So Sunday night and me and the missus went out to see The Villagers at East Arts Village in Liverpool. We had a few scoops before we went to the venue. I had been in there before and have some hazy memories from being in there for a club night when I was in my prime in the mid to late 90’s but as I have said before the mid to late 90’s is a blur mannnnnn. Great little venue and a world apart from The John Peel tent where I seen The Villagers at Glastonbury in the summer. The only moan I would have is £4.60 for a Stella Cidre is a bit much when opposite I was getting a Desperado and Corona for the same price. I accept being had off a bit in certain venues but don’t like the piss being taken, especially when the piss turns out to be Stella Cidre. First up were the support act We Were Evergreen. Wikipedia has them as a Parisian alternative indie-electro-pop trio. Pleasant enough on the ear with a hint of folk at times delivered with a hint of electric music. Next up the main act The Villagers playing tracks from their to albums “Becoming A Jackal” and “{Awayland}” I can tell I am getting on a bit now as the lead singer Conor O’Brien is a young kid. A great set and great voice from Conor and the highlight for me was “The Waves” (video below) I was amazed that The Villagers were playing in such a small venue though the lead singer said there were more people than their last gig in Liverpool. They really do deserve to be playing bigger venues but that said I love a boss small intimate gig and this was one of them. Hopefully they will be on at Glastonbury next year.

So the next weekend and the musical end to the year continues and a debut visit to The Zanzibar in Liverpool to see Liverpool band The Tea Street Band. Heading out into town early taking in some traditional pubs such as The Old Post Office, The Caernarvon Castle and The Globe before heading up for a pre gig pint in The Swan Inn.  So we got to The Zanzibar early and having Desperado’s served in plazzy glasses certainly makes you drink them faster !! First up on support were We Are Fiasco ( I think) who were decent.  Next up were Liverpool band Raw City who I was impressed with. A definite edge to their music and some heavy guitar based tracks with the stand out track for me “Regret The Debt”  A third support act up next. This was turning into a Live Aid gig !! The band were called Tokolosh who were decent but I did think the vocals were not coming through as good as the could have due to the sound. The 4th a final support act was Peter Wilkinson AKA Aviator who was in the bands Cast and Shack. In his own words this was the calm before the storm and the accomplished Liverpudlian musician played a good set. So onto the main act of the night and The Tea Street Band and by know the sell out Zanzibar was packed. The only other time I caught The Tea Street Band were at this summers Liverpool International Music Festival at Sevvy park were they played a free gig. The venue was buzzing and the Tea Street lads did not disappoint and the gig was rocking with well knows tracks “Disco Lights” and “Push The Feeling On” going down well along with latest single “Lost or Words” (Video below) which has been picking up some well earned airplay over the BBC radio stations.  A great set which has the crowd bouncing and it must be said another great venue and the night was sadly over and all that was left was to head to The Botana for a scran and a cab home. It would be great to see the Tea Street Lads at Glastonbury next year and another band who deserve more but more importantly seem to be heading in the right direction. So refreshing to see bands in venues like East Arts Village and Zanzibar and last nights ticket was just £7 !

So a great musical week added to a recent Charles Bradley gig and still have The Lumineers, Deacon Blue and Ali Ingle to round the year off.


Fay x x x x x


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