Final gigs of the year @TeaStreetBand @Aliingle

So the end of another musical year was rounded off with two last gigs. Been a great year for me seeing music with another Glastonbury in the bag and the excellent first Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) along with numerous other gigs . No better way to round the year of than to support two local artists who hopefully will have a great 2014. First up on Thursday night was The Tea Street Band. I first seen these for free at the LIMF back in August and not so long ago at the Zanzibar. Thursdays gig was downstairs at the excellent East Village Arts Club but as mentioned in other blogs the choice of grog isn’t great and the price even worse. But lets not let that get in the way of things. So I got in there in time for the second support act who were By The Sea who we thought had a “Liverpool” sound about them live and had hints of an 80’s influence on them. Anyways I have them lined up to give them a proper listen on Spotify over chrimbo. So onto the main act and The Tea Street Band who were playing their new album. As ever the well known choons “Disco Lights” “Push The Feeling On” and latest single “Lost For Words” (video below) all excellent tracks that will lead to a strong album when released next year. The instrumental “Fiesta” when performed live has the guitars putting you in a trance and “Summer Dreams”  has you floating away. When asked to describe the music of The Tea Street Band the best I could come up with was dance music but played with instruments. A great gig was rounded off with a surprise cover of “You Got The Love” which had all us old “Cheesy Quavers” tapping our feet. Looking forward to seeing the band in 2014 and even had the pleasure of bumping into the lead singer on our way home where I confessed to him I was local weather nerd @Liverpoolweath on Twitter.  Sound fella, boss choons and a great band not to mention the wonderfully insightful tweeting live from the 82 bus most days a week. A journey I have encountered many times myself and see its just as interesting as it was when I was getting the bus to work.

Tea Street Band

So a day off the grog to recover and it was back out for a Saturday night in Liverpool and this time upstairs at the East Village Arts Club for “Do Robots Dream Of Christmas?” featuring a DJ set from  TJS (Thomas J Speight) and performances by Yarbo and Ali Ingle. Yarbo had some lovely laid back choons and once again another act I will look further into. So with the red eyes of the giant on stage robot glowing away it was time for me to encounter Ali Ingle for the first time and shamefully missing his support act of The Christians last year to have an extra bevy or two. So having managed to miss his few performances of the year I finally hunted him down and he did not disappoint. So entering on stage with a robot head on which was tossed into the crowd, sadly not near enough to us to take a robot selfie !! With a full band and Macbook Ali played songs both new and old with stand out tracks “Jekyll & Hyde” and the final song of the night “Tornado” (video below) a song that my two eldest daughters love and know nearly word for word. It gives them a break from 1D and JLS eh !! So with the hastily arranged christmas song ‘ Do Robots Dream Of Christmas” being played and one that I don’t think will be making the Now Thats What I Call Christmas compilation album  Ali Ingle was as good as I expected and another album to look forward to in 2014. I ended up buying an Ali Ingle mug which was originally planned to give to my eldest daughter but then realised middle sprog would be annoyed if she didn’t get one. It was going to be hard enough getting one mug home unscathed after numerous Desperado’s and Stella Cidre so I decided I would have it instead (where is the milk and Oreos)

Ali Ingle "Do Robots Dream Of Christmas"

So a great way to end the musical year and it just shows that on your doorstep there is a wealth of talent who might well not get the breaks their music deserves but this does not put them off and I for one will be looking to watch more local music in the new year and of course it’s a good excuse for a few scoops and a trip to the Botan burger gaff on the way home. I will nail a chrimbo eve blog so will save all well wishes for that. Until then.


Fay x x x x x


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