One down, one to go. Liverpool half marathon review

So here we were and race day one and the BTR Liverpool half marathon. Having had more training in the bank this year than last despite losing three weeks with a chest infection in January I was in semi confident mood I could nail a personal best in my second half marathon. Of course this was just a stepping stone to the full Liverpool marathon on 25th May. Having done some research in race preparation all advice pointed me to a pasta tea on Saturday. Well those of you who know me and my eating habits would have laughed at that but I did manage some Heinz spaghetti hoops on brown bread ! I also laid off the diet coke as this is said to dehydrate you and I was in bed for 8:30pm and sound asleep by about 9:30. The youngest (nearly 2) decided to be good and I got the best sleep I could have expected and was up for 7am for some Jelly Babies and a Lucozade sport and a PRD (Pre race dump) don’t want no Paula Radcliffe moment. So arriving at the Pier Head with plenty of time to spare it was indeed quite apparent then that the feared wind in your face along the prom for the last 4 miles would indeed pack quite a punch. Talking race tactics with a mate we said we might find a group of runners and then try and draft them. I then said I hope no cheeky bastard gets behind me and drafts off my 6 foot 3, seventeen stone athlete’s physique.

So 9am and the start. I held myself towards the back and let all the fast people and people who think they are fast but then crash and burn around 10 miles get on with it. Brendan Rodgers was the official starter oh how I would like to next see him in the flesh on Queens Drive in May on an open top bus. So the first part of the race seen me running faster than I normally do and I just let my race take it’s natural course. Around the 8 mile mark my “fans” were there to see me and was later told that man dressed as a hotdog was in front of me !! I  picked up some drinks and a change of hat and headed on down through Otterspool Park to the prom. A small downhill run to the prom and Zap, Pow, Boff and Kerfucking Pow a right turn into a bastard of a headwind. Holy smoke Fay this is gonna be a tough slog and it was. My miles times as I expected fell back a bit and unlike last year when I had a “kick” in me for the final mile I only managed a small “kick” this time.

So that was it my second half marathon completed. Had I beat last years 02:15:52 a quick check and I had and the official time for me was 2:09:17 which considering that wind coming home was a good effort. On the official time page I had noticed that last year I was in the open category but this year I debuted in the 40+ category, life’s a bitch eh. I finished 4743 out of about 9000 better than last years 5238 and if there was an over 17st category  pie arse category I reckon I would have done well in that.  Of course this half marathon as mentioned is just a stepping stone and this week was a “rest week” with just a 10k and Half Marathon !! A few days rest before its out on the road again for a 10, 8 and 16 mile set of runs next week.

I am of course doing this for charity and many thanks to all those who have sponsored me so far. It really does mean so much to me and will inspire me over the hell of the next 9 weeks. You can donate by clicking HERE or if I am clever enough I will put something at the bottom of the blog. So in a weird twist of fate I have including the marathon itself 26 more runs to do. The challenge that my late dad set me has been half done but that is the easy half. With some dedication and 9 weeks off the ale I will do this. My dad would have been proud of me today but he would  have been chuffed and proud when I finish the big race. So Desperado’s this evening and unless Liverpool win the league nine weeks dry (yes I know it will be nine weeks dry) which will be just as hard as the marathon. Good news as well no more harassing for sponsorship until May now ha ha.

Liverpool half marathon finish


Fay x x x x x

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  1. I simply reckoned you would run faster thinking Greyfriars Bobby was chasing you! Even being long years dead, Well done big man!

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