The haunted Otterspool station.

So a drought in the blogging world as all I am doing at the moment is running. It is taking over my life so no mention of the “M” word I promise. So we are looking after my sisters dog for her whilst she is on holiday. It’s a Labradoodle which is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Thankfully it was a cross between a ShihTzu and a poodle !! So we went down to Otterspool Park to walk the mutt lovely little doodle. On the way down on the right somebody had hung a swing off a tree. This is a regular occurrence and has been happening since I was a kid. Elizabeth and her mate had great fun on it and I was just praying her mate held on as I didn’t want to be bringing her home with a broken arm. Thankfully they both came off unscathed and had loads of fun. I was tempted to have a go but had visions of the rope snapping as I was twenty foot in the air as I sensibly remembered it has been about 25 years since I swung from that tree as a child so swerved it (I was gutted really)

So we carried on our adventure down Otterspool Park and by the railway bridge hung a right and walked up the stairs. Up here you can see where the old Otterspool station was. The station opened in 1864 and was absorbed into the Cheshire Lines Committee in 1865. It closed in 1951, due to low passenger numbers. The station was at the end of a long and otherwise empty lane running alongside Otterspool Park. Both the lane (the end of Otterspool Street) and the station building still exist, but the main building is now a private dwelling and a subsidiary building is derelict and mostly obscured by undergrowth. Whatever may remain of the platforms cannot be seen under vegetation. So we spotted a gap in the fence and headed in. We got pretty close to what looked like the old subsidiary (picture below) We could see by the smashed windows and there was flooding by the house that nobody longer lives here though I seem to recall when I was younger it was occupied. As we mooched through a bit more suddenly we heard a female voice say “Yes can I help you” cue screams for the girls and we turned around and headed back to the gap we came through. En route Elizabeth fell over in the brambles which freaked her out even more but we made it through to the safe side. We walked a bit more on the safe side and I said to the girls I was heading back over to the fence to see who it was. Strangely I could see washing on a line so thought maybe some travellers were parked up there which is when I then noticed a woman with a dog. She said that “This was private property that she owned and we were trespassing and the dog could have pinned one of the girls down” Her voice seemed quite panicked. I apologised and said we were just having a nose and the girls had been scared by her voice. In truth I think she was just freaked by hearing rustling and my voice in the bushes and thought she might be about to get attacked. Though on looking at google earth there is another building which might explain the washing and maybe she did own the land ? It’s a Scooby Doo style mystery. So Elizabeth was still a bit freaked out but the voice and on looking into the station a bit more I came across this story Before closing in 1951, a teenager was saved by a man from being hit by a train, although the rescuer was killed in the process. His ghost is said to be wave a red warning flag in the area. I asked her if she wanted to check it out more tomorrow but said she’s never ever going back there again. I could have pre arranged for a mate to pop out a waving red flag from a bush ha ha.

So some interesting old pics of the station on this link

Nothing like taking your daughter and her mate on 20ft Swings and getting a legged from a haunted house. Parenting of the highest order. Kids are so wrapped up in cotton wool these days. At their age I would have been down Otterspool Park on my own with my mates having robbed a few of my dads Woodbines for the trip. Oh well off for a Snickers remember when they used to be called marathons. Ahhhh shit nearly got through without mentioning the “M” word.

Otterspool Station


Fay x x x x x


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  1. Hi,

    Just read your post and I had a very similar experience a couple of years ago, exploring up the lane to the large house and getting spooked by the Lady and her dog. I think she was just as freaked-out as I was!

    But was very intrigued by the small detached derelict building. Just wondering do have any info on who owns it? …I’m slightly apprehensive of walking-up again in invited. But would like to find out more.

    Many thanks

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