Happy chocolate day

So being of no faith whatsoever may I wish you all a happy chocolate day this year brought to you by Nestle the home of the Toffee Crisp easter egg which incidentally was the egg Mrs Fay got me. Now my little knowledge of easter that was forced upon me as a child as part of a technique which can only be described as brainwashing tells me that an almighty spirit type thing (commonly shown as a geezer with a long white beard) managed to have a son by a virgin. I am sure the child support agency have heard similar yarns over the years. This son has special powers and is said to be due to return one day. If he arose this morning he could walk on water handy for avoiding traffic jams, feed thousands by just five chip barms and two sausages and last but not least turn water into Desperado’s. Aside from this we are also told a fat man in a red suit comes down the chimney, a fairy takes our teeth away and a rabbit delivers chocolate. To think I get stick for reading the David Icke forum !! So OK the last three deliver magic to children so I might just about give you them but with the number of fat kids about it looks like there is far too much chocolate around and I have heard the tooth fairy isn’t too impressed with the quality of teeth she receives these days.

Now I am fond of a Colin the caterpillar cake (both large and the mini ones from M&S food) but it is with great shock that I learn that it is David Cameron’s fave cake. Oh come on can’t I have anything sacred in this world ? On the plus side though he might give massive tax breaks to the makers of Colin the caterpillar cakes and they will escape austerity cuts. To be honest the joy on Cameron and Hague’s face might just put me off them for life but not before we finish the pack of mini ones in our fridge.

David Cameron Colin the caterpillar cake.


On Friday the breaking news was David Cameron was reportedly recovering today after being stung by a jellyfish as he relaxed on a luxury holiday on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. The old wives tale says you should urinate on a jellyfish sting. Not sure it’s true though but I would have helped Cameron in his hour of need with that one though I couldn’t guarantee I might not have followed through on him at the time. Quickly back to god after that mental image if there was a god surely it would have been a bloom of jellyfish to do more damage. Not too much though as we don’t want Clegg in charge !!

So as you might tell faith is not for me but if it is for you whatever your faith then good for you and I hope you get something out of it just not to keen on it being forced upon children as it was me. Right just off to pray that Liverpool beat Norwich.


Fay x x x x x


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