A sausage roll marathon.

So this time next I will or won’t have completed the Liverpool Rock & Roll marathon. A slight set back this week as one of my daughters passed on a nice cold and so I only managed a light five miles today. One last small run on Wednesday and then it is race day on Sunday. Hoping for the weather to cool down and touch and just a gentle breeze behind on the home stretch along the prom would be nice. As ever any sponsorship is welcome and there is a banner you can click at the bottom of this blog for you to have a look at. Everywhere I look there is temptation being put in from of me. First up Home and Bargains decide to sell giant Deperado’s at 650ml a pop and only £2.35 each. The next temptation was pictured below. It’s something I stumbled across on Twitter and by the powers of the internet The County Arms is a boozer in Wandsworth. Now regular readers of this blog will know that I have been known to eat a sausage roll or two and this is a challenge throw down. Now I reckon a 2ft sausage roll will be a piece of piss and coming in at £10 it will be the most expensive sausage roll I have ever eaten eclipsing the price of a Ginsters at a service station. The only question mark is how wide will the big boy be ? I am seriously tempted to visit some in-laws in London in the summer and venture down to Wandsworth to attack this challenge. Like the marathon I am training for I could start of with just a few cocktail sausage rolls building up over the summer to attack about a one and a half foot sausage roll a few weeks before. Then the last few weeks would be a tapering session just easing back the sausage roll mileage before heading off down to South West London armed with a few litres of Gaviscon for some post marathon indigestion recovery. If I fail at least I could get a blog out of this sausage roll marathon. So it’s a date and coming to you in Summer 2014.

Sausage roll challenge


So the hot weather heralds the start of the BBQ season and more temptation. This summers job is to do our back yard up or as Hyacinth Bucket AKA Mrs Fay would say “The courtyard” having now only having the great misfortune of not having a garden in her life. On her doorstep though is one of the great gardens of urban life and Liverpool’s Sefton Park. Today we strolled down there with our three daughters to check out the artisan fayre at the palm house. Having been tipped off earlier in the day on Twitter via my @Liverpoolweath account I was told there was a Liverpool gin stall and so there was. So we sat in the beautiful sunshine with a Liverpool gin each and if it hadn’t of been for those pesky meddling kids we would have had more than one. I can say it was a belter gin and might get a bottle for next chrimbo. I normally only have a gin after 10 pints to round the night off so on a balmy afternoon in the grounds of the palm house it was a refreshing change.  It’s world gin day on Friday 13th June and there is a gin event in the palm house DETAILS HERE Sadly being so near to Glastonbury we are well and truly out of babysitters for most probably the rest of the year so might have to give that a miss (gutted) 

So as you can tell by the topics of this blog Desperado’s, 2 foot sausage rolls, BBQ’s and Liverpool gin this Liverpool marathon training is sending me crazy. Not long now and hopefully I can bore you senseless just one last time next sunday night with a joyful tale of a heroic struggle that ended in success and 26 six and a bit miles nailed. £528.96 raised so far which is much more than I ever thought I could raise and many thanks to those who have donated. They will spur me on along the prom around 24 miles when I hit the wall and start hallucinating I am running along with 2 foot sausage rolls and my Lucozade sport is a bottle of Liverpool gin.


Fay x x x x x

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