Glastonbury 2014 day 4.

So day 4 and how times flies by when you are having fun. Saturday was going to be the weakest day of the festival music wise for me. So the rather treacherous walk to my fave breakfast bar for a sausage barm to set me up for another day filled with cider and other delights […]

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Glastonbury 2014 day 3

So after two days of too much drinking the festival starts ! First up was the TBA (To be announced) act. Rumours were rife but it was The Kaiser Chiefs who were on later on I predict not a riot but disappointment. Mrs Fay then turns up on site and we headed off to watch […]

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Glastonbury 2014 day 2

So after getting in bed after 3:30am it wasn’t bad lie in until 9am. Luckily our fave breakfast bar was in the same place and the goodness of a sausage barm was had which replaced the 5 packs of crisps that was Tuesdays diet !! The weather had clouded over and we went for a […]

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Glastonbury 2014 day 1

So the trip down was some what better this year as I didn’t have to drive and with just the one stop we landed at Glasto about 1:30. Then it’s the bastard journey to set up camp. Playing the Russian roulette that is car parking we lost and were miles away. The trip carrying the […]

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Tea Street Band album review.

OK so when did I become fucking Q magazine and start reviewing albums ! Well today is the answer. So here it goes and the band involved is The Tea Street band and their eponymously (Big word alert hope I used it correctly ha ha) named album “The Tea Street Band” released on Baltic records. I […]

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