Tea Street Band album review.

OK so when did I become fucking Q magazine and start reviewing albums ! Well today is the answer. So here it goes and the band involved is The Tea Street band and their eponymously (Big word alert hope I used it correctly ha ha) named album “The Tea Street Band” released on Baltic records. I first stumbled across The Tea Street Band at last summers Liverpool International Music Festival at Sefton Park which incidentally they are playing again this August. I was impressed with them on the day and a quick listen on Spotify proved my first instinct was correct these lads have some belter choons and not only that they comfortably bang them out live as well. At the time they were doing a pledge campaign to raise funds for an album. I wasn’t up to date with the pledge way of creating music at that time but now fully know the score with that model of music and have recently pledged towards one of my fave bands ever album campaign The Christians. So after what seemed a long wait yesterday the debut Tea Street album was released. Now having just got back into vinyl I was hanging on to purchase the LP when that was released later on this month ORDER LINK HERE or 23rd June to be more precise. Being so impressed with the output of the band so far I could not wait and my finger hovered over the I-tunes purchase button I thought sod it and pressed buy.

So the album kicks off with “Lost for words” and a strong start to the album and the infectious beats and guitar riffs get you before the lead singer Timo Tierney’s excellent vocals kick in. Not quite as high as Jimmy Somerville but a voice suited to the music. My nan’s maiden name was Tierney but I will refrain from calling him our kid !!  This is dance music with instruments opposed to some faceless DJ making a choon up on his ZX Spectrum. Next up is “Summer dreaming” again the same formula and this track with it’s dreamy vocals has you drifting away indeed dreaming it was summer and not a dull day in June with a beautiful breakdown at the end of the track. Time for some “Disco Lights” and one of the stand out tracks of the album and a live favourite. So now a new track “Look on your face” and the guitar and beats continue. I say a new track I might have heard it at the pre chrimbo gig last year but I will be honest the booze was kicking in by the time The Tea Street band headlined and having seen them in November at The Zanzibar then a few weeks later at East Village Arts Club the hazy memories of the gigs blend into one. Back on topic and “Dance with me” track five and the album continues with the album making me think more and more of Ibiza. Having been a bit of a cheesy quaver back in the day it would be interesting to travel back to my heyday of 1994 and see how some of these choons sounded in a club or even better a live PA instead of a singer belting out over a backing track as were the PA’s back in the day. I reckon my finger would be pointed in the air and there would be a lot of gurning.

So give us a second to turn the LP over and side B alas not quite yet but track 6 of a digital download (no romance in that) its time to Push The Feeling On or “PTFO” a slightly harder sound to this track but still tapping the toe and a different sound to the version I have heard on Spotify and the vinyl nerd in me can’t wait to listen to this. Another newer track “Tonight” this starts with a different vocalist and its the turn of James (Albo) the keyboard player. This has a hint of New Order about it which lets face it can’t be a bad thing. “Santa Monica” brings a hint of a more mellow sound as the album winds down to an end. Last but one and “Sunny Day” and after the peaks of the early tracks it’s another notch down and the album drifts into the final track “Fiesta” now this could have me back at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza waiting for the sun to go down trying to muster up some energy that the night before has had off you big time.

So its five out of five for me. Purchase this album, turn it up loud and enjoy the sunshine. If it’s not sunny fuck it anyway close your eyes and do some summer dreaming. Cant wait to see the band live again. It will be interesting to see where the band go from here. Will they take the sound on further and in a different direction or will we see Tea Street Band II? Thats for another day though. I wish the lads every success with this album and hope they get what they want to achieve out of this. In this day of x-factor pushed shite it is so refreshing that in your local music venues there are bands and artists with so much musical talent. The secret is out there it just takes a bit of time and effort to find these gems.

For musical nerds check out the Kooky Remix of “Push the feeling on” and “Disco Lights” and the boss Gredge remix of “Dance with me” available to download from the singles.

The album cover is of the Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft on the Wirral though I thought it was down the dock road by Costco but I am reliably informed there is one on each side of the river so if I want to get a sad nerdy fan pic I would have to go over the Wirral for true authenticity. I think I will blag the one by Costco and grab a hot dog from there whilst I am at it ! Follow the band on Twitter @TEASTREETBAND if only for the tales from the 82 bus. The bus of my choice for my 40 years on the planet, though I do like to lord it up on the train a bit now !!


"Tea Street Band" by Tea Street Band

Peace and PTFO

Fay x x x x x


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