Glastonbury 2014 day 2

So after getting in bed after 3:30am it wasn’t bad lie in until 9am. Luckily our fave breakfast bar was in the same place and the goodness of a sausage barm was had which replaced the 5 packs of crisps that was Tuesdays diet !! The weather had clouded over and we went for a stroll around the site picking up more ciders en route. We ended up by the acoustic tent when it started to rain. So with the tent not being open we just sneaked under the tape stretched across the entrance and took cover from the passing shower but alas the head and safety champion of Glastonbury declared this tent not open and a working site so it was back out into the rain and we were only the furthest point away from the tent you could be. So we headed back and ended up doing some group skipping along the way and a quick chill and stocking up on cider and we were back out for the evening.

The evening was meant to start with David Morales doing a DJ set in honour of Frankie Knuckles in NYC Downlow but there was no way of getting in and quite a rave had developed outside and I was transported back into the heyday of my 90’s clubbing even making it onto a podium again next to a fella who was in fancy dress as a Lego security guard.

A quick walk into “Hell” and we ended up at another boss little club ad busted more moves before heading up to the stone circle and lying on the grass looking up at the odd star and the lights projected into the sky as you do.

So more rain overnight and it’s started again but that won’t dampen my spirit but it does dampen the open toilets so your no sure what is piss and what is rain. Top top is just coat the area in baby wipes for safety purposes.

Right the festival is about to start later zzzz.



X x x x x


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