Glastonbury 2014 day 4.

So day 4 and how times flies by when you are having fun. Saturday was going to be the weakest day of the festival music wise for me. So the rather treacherous walk to my fave breakfast bar for a sausage barm to set me up for another day filled with cider and other delights was negotiated and now on very friendly terms with the staff. First up a walk around the site with Mrs Fay who was trying her best not to end up face flat in the mud (Oh how I would have to laugh) it was a day forecast for more mixed weather and a dull start to the day the previous three nights excesses were catching up with me as I plodded slowly around and not even an early cider giving me any energy so it was a sit off on the hill and it was quite clear that I needed to have a disco nap. The only trouble with that idea was that it was about ten mins of napping and fifty mins of sweating in my tent adding to the aroma I was acquiring and that not even mentioning the smell from my feet. By now the tent was developing it’s own odour with a mounting pile of muddy, wet clothes. Full re-charged, well OK about 50% you just have to get on with it and it was time to wander up to see The Daptone Super Soul Review mainly to see Charles Bradley who I caught for the first time last year at La Pussy Parlour Nouveau in my final act of Glastonbury 2013. As ever Charles did not disappoint with his screaming eagle of soul voice. The man radiates so much love one of the girls who was seeing him for the first time had a Glastonbury moment and was reduced to tears. I must admit the impromptu period of silence for Bobby Womack who had headlined The West Holts stage last year (Why the hell did I go and see Mumford and Sons instead ?? ) nearly had me going.  But back to the music and Charles blew us away and seeing as for only the second time I had come out in a t-shirt only it decided to piss down once again but not many people left the stage and a blue poncho saved the day and the festival from having to suffer my physique in a wet t-shirt !

Glastonbury 2014 other stage Tyskie flag.

A quick dive to the tent to put some night clobber on and pick up some Glastonbury toys the girls were about to put some gold glitter spay on their head. I said gizza a go and promptly shook the can and started spraying on my head much to the girls amusement. I thought they were just laughing at how funny it would look. Eventually covering all my head in gold spray it looked like a vain attempt to hide my receding hairline so I had to rub a bit off at the front. Avoiding that embarrassment I now resembled an overweight C3PO. It was at this point the penny dropped and the girls sprayed a hint of glitter in their hair and not just spraying it full onto their head like an attempt at a poor car repair paint job (Picture of CFAYPO to follow in another blog) So next up were Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott in one of my fave tents The Acoustic tent. We got a good speck and the tent always seems dark so out came the glowsticks and in random acts of kindness passed them to the people around us to join in the fun. The Heaton/Abbott set included suff from their latest album but also old Beautiful South and Housemartins songs. It was after one of the Housemartins songs mid set that I was invoked in the greatest random unexpected reception to a song which went on for over a minute and genuinely blew the band away. It was a great performance from them and we let a busy tent empty to grab another cider and then decided we would hike across the full site and head towards the Crow’s nest. It was a slog in the mud but well worth it as we came across a secret set from a band called Toy. I had spotted John Robb up in The Crows Nest and thought hmmmm this could be a treat. I was blown away by what I listed to. As I was by at the back of the nest I turned around to see the beauty of the site at night with toy blowing my ears away in the background. Another Glastonbury moment. The Crows Nest is easily my fave spot in Glastonbury. – See more at:

So one last effort for the night and a quick boogie in The Beat Hotel on the way home armed with glowsticks it was time to quit and as me and Mrs Fay played Ski Sunday trying to get to our tent in the mud the inevitable happened and she went arse over tit. Laying there one side covered in mud I was polite and said “Just excuse me whilst I laugh and then picked her up” luckily we were only five mins from the tent and another epic Glastonbury day was over and just one to come.

The Crows Nest Glastonbury Toy set/gig


Fay x x x x x



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