Glastonbury round up, happy birthday blog.

Well yesterday was the 5th birthday of this here ickle blog and the new traditional blog redesign is in place. Five years of this shite I hear you say. 3rd July 2009 and I was moaning about banks, well nothing changes there. What a five years life wise. Only a small period but so much has happened. Had it all really with deaths, births, family fall outs, new jobs, house move, friends coming and friends drifting away. Reaching forty, running a marathon, four Glastonbury’s, numerous trips abroad on the ale and the Tories back in power all be it slightly reigned in by lap dog Clegg. Amazing what life throws at you. I dread to look forward five years and think were I will be in twenty n-n-n-n-nineteen. So many thanks to all who have taken time out to read my ramblings and for the nice comments I receive re the blog. The aim is generally to raise a chuckle and I might go off on one now and again. I really should make more time to blog as it has slipped over the last year. Maybe now I have cured my Facebook addiction I can spend more time on here. Anyway here is to another 5 years and I promise this will be the last mention of Glastonbury until the great ticket hunt for 2015.

Seems Glastonbury was a bit more hazy than first thought as I reviewed Toy as being on Saturday night when in fact it was Connan Mockasin performing in The Crows Nest. The review still stands and it indeed could cover Toy. Still haven’t managed to work out when I watched Toy in The Crows Nest. It was Wed/Thur/Fri. I think Friday. I am sure somebody will fill in that gap. So the gold head has been getting a bit of coverage. With at one point a friend of ours was trying to locate me by asking “You haven’t seen a six foot tall plus scouser with a gold head have you” not many of them knocking about and the evidence is below along with more proof that my hair might not be here after another five years of blogging.

Scouse C3PO


Little gaps I have missed is seeing a band called The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. Stand out track here was “Jesus Was A Cockney” and the outstanding lyric “Jesus was a fucking cockney oh though he didn’t exist” Wednesday night I now have recollections of sitting in a Shisha bar smoking. Fancy being a non smoker and deciding to smoke that when other herbs are on the market !! Wednesday also provided me with the most congested DJ Booth I had ever seen and the random shout from the DJ “Don’t forget your Yeo Valley yoghurts” which was met with a chant back of “Yeoohh Yeohhh” So much more I have forgot that now slips into the void that is the post Glastonbury blues. Remembering artists I wanted to see that I had forgotten also not visiting the cabaret  tent and also believe it or not spending any time in the dance village. I am also fond of a Purple Aki flag as seen below. So the three highlights in no particular order.

Thursday night in Block 9 and not getting in to see David Morales pay tribute to Frankie Knuckles though as you can see from the panorama pic below outside was just as fun (Click on the panorama pic below)

Any time spent in The Crows Nest which is easily my fave part of Glastonbury and being in another zone when Connan Mockasin played.

Musically Massive Attack, Metronomy and Public Service Broadcasting are the three to remember.

So thats it no more Glastonbury. Great memories, some lost memories and Glastonbury 2014 was brought to you in association with Magners Cider, The Butty bar by “The Blues”, Biscuit Boost, The Tyskie Flag , The rain, The Mud and everyone on site. Until 2015 goodbye Glastonbury. (Click on any images below for a larger image)

Block 9 Glastonbury panorama

Mr and Mrs Fay Glastonbury 2014

Purple Aki flag Glastonbury

Tyskie flag Glastonbury

Glastonbury evil babies

Glastonbury mural

Glastonbury panorama



Could not let the viral video of the day go without a mention and the girl who lets just say wanted a free drink. I am glad there was no social media in 1994 when in Falaraki I put 24 hot dogs into my mouth and not even for a bevvy. No instant upload of images and film for the whole world to see then. I have watched the video and the only thing that shocked me is that she had a proper go on one or two of them ?? All joking aside one (24/25) moments of madness and this poor girls life is forever tainted if not ruined and it will be something that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Whilst this gets pushed into the news agenda (Did we really need to know and I am sure there are 50 year old swingers beating that this weekend but not making the news) we celebrate spunking £6.2 billion on a fucking boat yet how dare anybody have a spare bedroom and another celeb perv gets caught as the net closes in on the true level of abuse that has and still goes on.


Fay x x x x x x


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