First day at school (New job) & Kazimier funk and soul.

So a nice week off after Glastonbury which was an enforced as my contract working for Wakefield council had come to an end. I must admit this cured me of any post Glastonbury blues and life on the dole was good, although I did not claim any dole. My overdraft however did not feel the same way so it was a case of sorting a new contract out before Faymondo Benefits Limited went bankrupt ! Luckily I managed to sort something out and a start on Monday working for Southend-On-Sea council via Meritec. So Monday morning came around and a trip to my new office in Warrington. Decided to chill and get the train there from Mossley Hill. Always a bit nervous starting a new job, meeting new people and getting used to new working practices despite it being the same job. These nerves soon went away as I landed in Warrington with plenty of time to spare and whilst walking around the town centre I walked past the Warrington bomb memorial dedicated to Johnathan Ball (Age 3) and Tim Parry (Age 12) Such a tragic waste of life and made me think my new job start was jack shit compared to what had happened on the spot I was walking past. So the first week in work went well and it is a three month contract so should keep me in booze and luxury sausage rolls until October at least.

Thursday night and a night out on a school night to The Kazimier. The Kazimier is one of my fave music venues in Liverpool. A lovely intimate place, well designed for viewing the stage and what seems to be a typical concert beer for some reason Red Stripe was stocked and very chilled, the only way you can neck a can of Red Stripe. It was the first of The Kazimier’s funk and soul club. So with some great tracks being dropped by the DJ it was time for the first band Motofocus. I had met the guitar player on a few occasions and knew he was in a band and had been trying to get around to seeing Motofocus but for whatever reason had not managed to see them. I was expecting a run of the mill guitar band doing a few covers if I am honest. When I seen it was a funk and soul night I thought hmmmmm they are not going to as I expected and indeed they weren’t. Motofocus are a five piece band playing funk and soul of their own creating. The female lead singer has a cracking voice and is interspersed with rapping from the eccentric keyboard player who we had a chat to afterwards and was a top bloke. The band are in the process of recoding a few tracks and their sound cloud page is HERE It was an excellent set kicking the night off in style and I would deffo be catching them again in the future. Sadly for some reason we ended up outside when the second band played as we were chatting to Sean the guitarist from Motofocus and boring him with our tales from Glastonbury so never did get to see The Soulrays.

Next up the headline act Myron & E. Determined not to miss another band I dragged the lads in from outside to see what was going to be served up and I was not disappointed. Myron & E are a vocal duo backed by a great band and a brass section always impresses me and the two fellas on trumpet did the business. Promoting their debut LP “Broadway” The Kazimier was dancing away to the choons of Myron & E. Now I am partial to a bit of funk and soul and Myron & E put on a top notch performance and thanks to the joys of Spotify I listened to “Broadway” on Spotify the next day in work. Stand out track for me was “Do It Do It Disco” (Video below) Giving themselves a slight rest on stage they played some great slower soulful tracks. Always great to stumble across new music you like and Myron & E will be on the Faymondo playlist and might even be tempted to treat myself to the vinyl. So the first Kazimier funk and soul night was a great night and I will be keeping an eye out for anymore and it’s a good excuse to go out on a school night.

Myron & E live at The Kazimier Liverpool


So Friday and I yes into town for a second night on the run to meet some old workmates from Liverpool City Council for a bevy this is turning into the mid 90’s when I was in my prime, The Buzz Thursday, 051 Friday & Saturday. In bed Sunday to Tuesday surfacing Wednesday ready to do it all over again. One of my old team members Gill from when I turned to the dark side for six months and went into management was there and we remember old times about the team I had. Sadly unable to tell any stories as they all still work for the council and I would not want to reveal we spent time playing Blankety Blank ! In the end we ended up heading back out of town and a bit more local, Rose Lane/Allerton Road. In one of the bars (The Other Place Bistro) there was some kind of charity night but they let is in and two of the lads ended up buying a selection of cheese and red wine, the pair of beauts although I did have off one of their plain crackers. All the old work stories were coming out and I was catching up on members of staff I had not seen for what is nearly five years now. Whilst at the back of the Rose Of Mossley pub we were talking about one member of staff who shall we say was a bit plump and laughing at the time his/her (no more clues) office chair broke and he was doing a dying fly impression on the floor. Sadly I was off this day but to be honest if I had seen that I might of died having a heart attack laughing. At the precise time we were talking about it was as if a bolt was shot down from the god of pie arses the bench one of the lads was sitting on broke. The comedy timing could not have been better but he managed to save himself just in time and did not replicate the dying fly impression in the packed beer garden of The Rose which would have beaten the original incident but it was fucking funny all the same. So a decent pub crawl ended in the Penny Lane wine bar and it was time to call it a night and it was great catching up with old mates.

So a busy week and week two of the new job approaches as the weekend goes past far too quick. A world cup BBQ to attend tomorrow and more booze. I have decided I want the Argies to win and I slightly hate them less than The Germans !!!!


Fay x x x x x x (six kisses now for the 6th year of the blog)


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