The Ghetto that is Aigburth

So two years ago we lived in the leafy suburb of Garston with a lovely semi detached house with garden on the site of the old Speke Road tenements. September 2012 and we moved to a terraced house and back yard in the hood now more commonly known as Aigburth. First up it was drugs and guns in the road at the bottom of ours and news of a police raid. A revolver, shotgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition were uncovered in a raid on the house in Woodlands Road, Aigburth. Suspected quantities of heroin and cocaine were also recovered. All that swag at the bottom of our road. I could have had my own game of Grand Theft Auto The Aigburth Stories ! I reckon I could suss what house it was as well if the groups of lads smoking weed outside was anything to go by. No I am not the grass before you decide to spray paint it on my crib.

Next up Tuesday night and my sister reported that the roads by hers were chocker. So Juliet Bravo took the dog for a walk and discovered there had been an incident on Aigburth Road by Liverpool Cricket Club. She sent me a few pics which I tweeted on my Liverpool weather account and the Echo live news blog picked up on (below) one and so not only am I Liverpool Weather expert I am now Liverpool crime correspondent. Eventually news about what had happened was revealed and a man was stabbed in the arm on a busy city street following a dispute between the occupants of two black vehicles. Residents said the victim was seen walking on the pavement on the city centre-bound side of the dual carriageway. He then staggered across the wooded area of the central reservation and onto the Speke-bound side of the road, where a passer-by alerted the emergency crews. Things were now getting serious in da hood of Aigburth. An area now known for its crime and lack of degradation. Maybe the Speke-bound road was the one to take for safety.

Aigburth Road Stabbing

Things were getting out of hand. I managed to get myself asleep by purchasing some grade A skunk on the corner of our block and spent the rest of my giro on chocolate and sausage rolls from The Bread Shop in Aigburth Vale. The next day (Wednesday) the crime wave continued. This time just up the road from the stabbing it was time to up the ante and have some armed robbery action. Two robbers disguised as parcel delivery men fled with holdalls of cash after a raid on a Liverpool bank. Shocked onlookers told how raiders, thought to have been wearing bright orange TNT uniforms, struck at the Barclays branch in Booker Avenue. The hood of Aigburth is turning into a brutal war zone and the cheeky bastards were running off in bright orange ! I have only one choice to make now. Do I join the Aigburth Bloods or Da Aiggy Vale Crips ? I think I will join the Aiggy Vale Crips as I will enjoy defending the subway in da Vale.

So off out of the hood tomorrow and the sunny and warm safety of Spain. No I am not on the run seeking the sanctuary of Marbella, or am I ?

Peace, westside and gang hand symbol.

Fay x x x x x x



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