Paint the whole world with a Cliff Rainbow.

So Thursday and no reported serious crime in the hood and The Aiggy Vale Crips have still managed to keep hold of the subway (See previous blog) todays “breaking news” was Cliff Richard. For legal reasons I have to be careful what I say on here just in case Cliff and his lawyers are reading. When the Savile story broke I delved into the murky world of the internet and read some crazy stuff. Weird thing is a lot of this crazy stuff seems to be coming out which is a worry as what do I now make of the crazy crazy shit ! Buy me a bevy and I will bore you senseless for an hour about it. Anyways with many an old age womans last bit of can I say dampness ? now suppressed and the noise of those amazing topless Cliff calendars being torn down from kitchens all across middle England it got me thinking about who if anybody was revealed in operation Yewtree or the likes would crush my childhood. Now forgive me if we have been here before on a blog (Cant be arsed reading back through them) sometimes my social media of Facebook, Twitter and blog all blur into one and I can’t remember what I have done on what.

So who would crush my soul if even the merest hint of an allegation against them surfaced. After falling in love with Glastonbury on my first visit in 2010 that is forever tainted as I rushed around to catch the opening act on the pyramid stage. The one and only Rolf fucking Harris. It’s Ok I can cope with adult good time being crushed but not that of my rose tainted innocent childhood. When kids Tv just meant the odd half hour now and again and having to put up with The Sullivans and Crown Court around the time your fave kids TV show should be on never mind if the BBC had even started broadcasting for the day. Well me, I was a sucker for Rainbow and thus if Geoffrey Hayes ever gets pulled in by the bizzies I will have to re-evaluate my whole childhood. With the recent Cliff allegation it got me looking into Rainbow and the fountain of all knowledge that is Wikipedia possibly the best thing on the internet and something I use several times a day increasing my knowledge in all matter of shite facts. So there I was and typed in Rainbow whilst having a pre holiday Desperado (I am now on holiday saved this blog to post whilst I am away) To my shock it seems Geoffrey was not the first presenter on Rainbow and it was a fella called David Cook. So Ok I was still a fantasy of my dads after a few bevies in the Little House and Travellers Rest in Aigburth Vale in 1972 but I was still amazed Geoffrey never had the gig all the time. So with the power of the internet it was straight onto youtube to see if there was any footage of David Cook (Shakes head in disgust) presenting Rainbow.

You bet your bottom dollar there was. The whole first episode was on there. So 10pm in the evening and I am sat at my imac with a Desperado watching the first episode of Rainbow. I have had some highs (051 and Cream) in my life and some lows but was this rock bottom ? Oh no it was gonna get a whole lot worse. That bad that David Cook gegging in on what I had down as Geoffrey’s crown was soon forgotten. I froze still, then managed to raise an eyebrow, feeling in my body came back. I had to check how many Dezzies I had consumed. It was only three. Next check was had I been spiked ? Negative. What I was seeing was true. Never mind Geoffrey being outed as a nonce thus shattering my childhood. What the fuck was going on with Bungle. Now being a fan of Geoffrey I also have soft spots for Zippy, Cheeky bastard. George ,dying to come out just do it George I have had friends who have waited too long and finally Bungle, big daft cunt.  This Bungle (As below) is neither big, or daft. If Jimmy Savile was inside this 1972 edition of Bungle it couldn’t get any scarier. Am I to assume this was just Bungle in his younger days before he hit puberty and put on a few pounds and his head grew quite a lot ? Maybe giant TV bears are born with toned bodies and two coloured hair ? I didn’t speck George in the clip below but there was a mini Zippy with what is uncannily like a George puppet but is miniature and purple, maybe he grew up to be pink. He has the mannerisms of George. Anyway my head it battered trying to re-evaluate my childhood and indeed Rainbow after tonights revelations and if you dare ever get named Geoffrey Hayes I will be the first in the queue to twat you. I can’t even begin to digest the pre Rod, Jane and Freddy group.

Original Bungle Rainbow

Youtube clip of first episode below.

So if all the recent allegations have not left you with a crushed childhood or re-evaluating anything you have seen I leave you with a picture of Big Daddy.

Big Daddy

Peace and paint the whole world with a Rainbow

Fay x x x x x x


One thought on “Paint the whole world with a Cliff Rainbow.

  1. I always thought Bungle Bear as being ‘odd’. I also heard the guy in Australia who played Humphrey B Bear (in Adelaide) was a ‘pedo’ as well, plus that weird ‘Fat Cat’ character. I also heard on the grapevine that Ernie & Bert (from Sesame Street) were based on a gay NY couple. A lot of these kid’s shows are presented by very nasty deviant people!

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