Birthday madness and musical grooming

So the end of August signals birthday madness in the Fay household and this year was no different. How the years race by as Elizabeth turned 10 on the 27th and Charlotte turned 7 on the 31st. Charlotte having the unfortunate title of youngest in the year all because she was a planned ceasearian and by sneaking her in the school year we could save on nursery fees. Always thinking ahead here or as some might say “you proper mingebag” So for my 10th birthday I reckon my mum bought me off with an extra tenner to avoid any parties and it would have been an artic roll as a treat with one manky candle found in the bottom of the kitchen drawer. Things have moved on since 1983 and now my daughter and a few friends were going out for a meal in Est Est in Aigburth with a few of her friends and family. Wow just wow even on my birthday I only get a treat of Damon’s in Speke because it’s free for me if you take my passport and you get a free cake as well. Post meal it was a sleepover in ours for Elizabeth and her mates and needless to say the noise lasted past midnight and things finally settled down in her loft room. It’s been 10 years that has raced past and it seems a long time ago that she was born five weeks early and weighing in at just over 3 pounds she was such a tiny ickle thing into the 10 year old (going on 13) young girl she is today (pic below)

Lizzie Fay 0-9 years

So onto birthday number two and what can be only described as a one direction birthday with a 1D cake, 1D bouncy castle and the Pièce de résistance a life size cut out of Niall from 1D. Now this takes some getting used to and as I walked into Charlotte’s room to say good night to her on her birthday Niall was on the floor nice and comfy with a pillow and a blanket. Next day he was just left in her bedroom doorway and as I come up the stairs I genuinely shit myself and thought somebody was in the house. Anyway with all this 1D madness it’s good to school your kids in good musical taste. One thing I will remember though is Danny Baker saying don’t hog the music in your car and let the kids have their music even if it is 1D and we all start our musical journey with some dodgy music, Boney M, Jive Bunny and Technotronic are a few of my musical skeletons in the closet but then flourish into more weird and wonderful tastes. If you hammer your kids with your music from an early age it might put them off music for life and how much would they miss out on. That said though our kids pick up on my music and are currently into The Tea Street Band. We were walking at the bottom of Lark Lane on Thursday and the lead singer from The Tea Street Band walked past. I mentioned it to the girls and they were made up they has seen a pop star ha ha. This morning on the ballet run Charlotte requested “Monica” (Correct title Santa Monica) by The Tea Street band and repeated it and with the power of Twitter the band liked both tales. I had to break it to them though that Niall was the one and tweeted them a picture of our life size Niall but on the positive side he is holding the latest Tea Street Band vinyl album.

Niall 1D life size cardboard with Tea Street Band vinyl

The good music vibes continue as as I was writing this blog I was playing “Proud Mary” by Solomon Burke which Elizabeth came up to me and said I love this song. So the kids can have their JLS, 1D and other such what I can only describe as rubbish but from listening to that rubbish they can go onto discover a whole world of music either listening in the house, watching live or as Elizabeth is learning the guitar. How I regret giving up guitar in school as it wasn’t cool to play an instrument in the 80’s and I packed in to avoid any more stick from the kids at school aghhhhhhh. I am going to my first gig with Elizabeth later on this year. She likes, again from listening to me play it the Henry Priestman album so we are going to see him play in Liverpool. So Ok it won’t be up there with her mum taking her to see JLS at The Echo Arena but hopefully planting the seeds for when I am an old man and she says “hey pops I have got a treat for you I am taking you to a special one off reunion of The Tea Street Band 25 years from their first LP release” Cant wait until I am 65, be a boss little gig that !

One final thought I got a taxi home slightly the worse for wear last weekend (I blame the caramel vodka) and I noticed that the cab was just full of camera’s and the driver had a panel on the front dash with 6 views on. Gone of the days of a cheeky fondle in the back of a cab then. Though the only thing I normally fondle in the back of a cab is a burger and chips these days.


Fay x x x x x x



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