£1 million pound woofin hell !

Let me get this on the record first, what happened in Manchester last night at the Manchester Dogs’ Home in Moss Brook Road in Harpurhey should not have happened. It is sad that 60 dogs died and even sadder the little rat who done it will most probably get his arse smacked at most. Having become a new dog owner myself in the last week I have been feeling some love now that I am in the dog owners club. But I just can’t get my head around what is happening. In scenes not unlike when our princess of hearts died the nation is having an outpouring of grief. Or should I say an outpouring from their collective purses and wallets. Only now do we look back on that Diana period as a weird moment in time, slightly embarrassed at what went on and I wonder how many people still play their “Candle In The Wind” CD single ? It was great that people deemed their lives expendable by rescuing dogs from the fire (Not worth it in my opinion) and it is also very commendable that people went around with blankets etc and I say that with true honesty. What I can’t get my head quite around is for a Just Giving page to be set up. What left me more confused was when I looked at the Just Giving page and £250,000 had been donated. Fast forward to this evening and the £1 million pound barrier has been smashed. £1 million pound woofin hell. How can this be when we have people living on the streets of our own country, people relying on food parcels and people on this planet who don’t have access to clean water ? It has seen the death of 60 dogs to prompt this fundraising. Most of those million pounds would have still been in their purse or wallet tonight if there had been no fire but the guilt trip wire has been tripped and the conscience alarm bells doing overtime. Shall we mass murder a few homeless people to kick of some successful fundraising, how about instead of stoning people we can throw the tin cans people were going to collect at the food bank them and then lash up a just giving page. “Text £5 to 80081355” and help the injured and families of the deceased of the tin can disaster.

In one way the actions of todays donators is a little heart-warming but it comes back to the cause. I always have had the motto “Sort the humans out first and we can then box the animals off” Now don’t get me wrong there are many humans that might well not come above animals in your popularity list but I do think creating a better society, country and even world for humans always comes before animals. So with 150 dogs surviving we are on a cool £6666 for each dog. Come on folks lets push it on and get £1.5 million making it £10k a dog. Each dog could set up a new life and a kennel in Spain with unlimited goodies. Let’s just keep on raising money and we could have it off and clear the national debt and get our country and society back on track. How about a charity single rushed out, would have to be “How much is that doggy in the window” we could even throw together a hastily arranged “Dog Aid” concert with a group encore of all the artists involved with a rip roaring version of “Who let the dogs out”

So the latest total is as below.

The MEN's raising funds for Manchester Dog's Home for MANCHESTER & CHESHIRE DOGS HOMES


So a quick look on the pets at home website and we can get

835,955 tins of chicken and rice Chappie

15,158 14kg bags of Royal Canin Vet Diet dry food

2,089,998 bags of chicken and turkey hearts doggie treats.

8,781 Scruffs Regent Faux Leather Sofa’s

208,998 sets of Wag-A-Turde multi stripe leg warmers

Ok you get my drift now, the madness will no doubt continue with another £10,000 being added as I wrote this blog. I await the fierce backlash of the animal lovers but leave you with this heartwarming picture of Benny the Morkie enjoying his new waterbed that moulds into the dogs body shape or more commonly known as my beer belly.

Benny on his waterbed (Beer Belly)


I have seen many a tweet along the lines of “The donations to the Manchester dog fire Just Giving page has restored my faith in humanity” well it is the complete opposite for me and another day of despair. I try not to bother about things but deep deep down I want a better world for everybody. I know I am pissing in the wind but it’s just the way I am.


Fay x x x x x x


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