Birthday referendum. Och Aye jib us Scotland.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to……….. you got the message. 41 years ago in Mill Road hospital I was delivered by caesarian section and 41 years later I am in the house were my mum spent some of her childhood. Only seemed like yesterday I had what hair I had left dyed bleach blonde in tribute to my early 1990’s hair style. Last September ended up being a month long celebration starting in Benidorm and ending in Edinburgh. Another year has quite literally raced by and the eyes of Great Britain are on Edinburgh today as the Scottish referendum takes place on of all days my birthday. Now my birthday is a two day public bank holiday in the republic of Faymondo.

Edinburgh bagpipes

Day one (18th) is the birthday bank holiday and I love nothing better than an election night staying up seeing what happens. A referendum is as near to an election as you can get and I will be staying up tonight to see what occurs north of the border. I originally wanted Scotland to stay part of the union as the block vote of labour MP’s would help our cause down here. But it was pointed out to me that this rarely has an effect on the overall result of UK general elections. I then started to look at things and thought if Scotland bails could this be the card that brings the house of cards down ? The “system” isn’t working for many of us. Could this be the kick up the arse needed. Voter turnout looks to be very high, could this have a knock on effect and turn voter apathy into a reinvigorated mass protest vote in our general election of 2015? Will this kick our arses south of the border and short of a revolution start the process of change down here. Regional government, the fall of David Cameron, a fairer state ? Even if there is a “No’ vote and the cynic in me says it can be nothing but that and the non provision in the law for a national recount makes me think it would be a narrow win for the “No” vote, ahem cough cough. Funny how the three party leaders seen their collective arses as it dawned on them the vote might actually end up a “Yes” Why are they so interested in Scotland ? So it should all be over by tomorrow unless we get into “hanging chad” territory and will my birthday celebrations carry on for 50.1% of people north of the  border  ? I for one have the fridge stocked with Irn Bru the biscuit tin with Tunnock’s tea cakes and caramel biscuits at the ready. I will be putting on my tartan hat with ginger wig attached and listening to my entire Deacon Blue collection and having a wee dram as well as any more Scottish stereotypes you can cram into one evening. Go on Scotland do it, I dare you what an interesting second day of the Faymondo bank holiday it would be sat watching the TV as the changes started. In this case “The revolution would be televised”

Day two (19th) is the memorial bank holiday. It will be two years since my dad died (blog here) something I will never get over. Losing a second parent changes you, I look at things in a different light now and strangely instead of looking back at times I now look forward and think right lets have this last half of my life. No messing about, no wasting time, no putting up with things or people, no more pretending. Live in the moment I suppose. Christ quite deep that for a Thursday afternoon and not a bevy in site (yet) Seems my dad has missed so much already. The truth about Hillsborough becoming public, Thatcher Dying, A Scottish referendum and Liverpool almost winning the bloody league (Doubt if I will ever see us go that close again) It would have been fascinating listening to his views on just that lot on the car journeys when I would pick him up from Clitheroe. Opinionated and quite annoying at times would sum him up. Sound familiar ? But a man who loved his wife and family so much. Hopefully that sounds familiar as well !! I miss you yer daft auld get.

So my new best friend Benny the Morkie is settling in well and it’s nice having another male in the house and I think he likes me. I have been teaching him to bark today (Yes I am barking mad) and having finally got Holly toilet trained without so much as one days gap the cleaning up of shit now continues in the form of dog shit. Nice a squashy like a little Mr Whippy ice cream ones as Benny has a mixture of wet and dry food and is quite a fussy eater, again sounds very familiar. Thats the food habit not little Mr Whippy ice cream ones. Mine are more like a double cone 99’ers !

Union Jack flag and Saltire flying in Edinburgh

Peace and Och Aye jib us Scotland. I knew taking pictures of flags would come in handy one day !

Fay x x x x x x


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