Operation Daddy Bootcamp

So I have promised that I will publish (Sounds grand that) at least one blog a week until the end of the year as amazingly people actually enjoy reading these things. So last weekend was “Operation Daddy bootcamp” otherwise know as Mrs Fay going away on the piss for a weekend. I started the weekends extravaganza by having a movie night with my daughters (Smurfs 2 in 3D for the record) and we had a lazy evening with loads of munchies. No different from a normal Friday night apart from this was to be a booze free weekend. Poor kids having to put up with just their old man all weekend never mind one that was trying to stay dry all weekend. Well all went well on the first night, well apart from being woken up about 1am with some crying. William Hills had Holly installed as evens favourite to interrupt my sleep though this time it was 2/1 outside Benny the puppy or as he might think his name is “Piss off” who woke me up. Saturday brought the challenge of the “ballet run” and with that public transport and not only public transport the bus which to put in booze terms must the “White Diamond cider” of the public transport network not that I was missing having a bevy of course by dropping in a grog reference. How bloody expensive is it to take my small clan on the bus though the only saving grace was the single decker 80 bus was pleasant enough. Oh how I reminisce back to the late 70’s waiting with what seemed like thousands of people outside British Home Stores on Lord Street waiting for an 82c to come. Then proudly sitting at the front of the bus pretending to be the driver before the entire top deck then decided to light up at once and the rest of the trip back to Aigburth Vale was spent in a fog of nicotine and then getting off to get me ma’s Sherry for the weekend,mmmmmm sherry. The final day of operation Daddy bootcamp and it was an 8.30am Sudley field reville call with the puppy. Well if I don’t sleep nobody sleeps (See below) We then after breakfast went to town where middle sprog did not know what St John’s was. Again I drift in a haze of late 70’s reminiscence walking into the actual market proper, baulking as we walked past the numerous butchers on my way to get some cheap jeans and a jarg Muppets top. Anyways my children of the new millennium wanted to go to Liverpool One so we went into the Disney store and like Jim Bowen from Bullseye could well have said “Let’s have a look at what you could of won” to them as they walked past numerous princess and Frozen items they had their eye on, but it’s ok your 50p pocket money you won earlier is safe. Next up was the equivalent of the water boarding interrogation and torture method of the shopping world. Yes build a bastard bear. Having just made it out of there with my sanity next up was a reprieve and the Lego shop. But such was my weakness after the build a bear episode the kids tactics of grinding daddy down from “We are not here to buy anything” in the Disney shop ended up with the kids proudly walking out of the Lego Shop armed with Lego Friends and Little Mermaid Lego and a giant Lego Desperados set for me , mmmmmmmm Desperados. So with Mrs Fay back home late Sunday afternoon the kids and more importantly me had survived time to crack open the ale, just one small problem I was that knackered after looking after the kids I was in bed for 8pm on Sunday night ha ha. The bad news for the kids is Mrs Fay is away on the ale again next weekend and the sequel “Daddy Bootcamp 2 this time it’s business” awaits.



Well this week seen our mighty Lord this is Lord Mayor Mr Joe Anderson find some dollar down the back of his couch and save the libraries which he might well of screwed off BTR from the running of the Santa Dash before he has to scurry into another backdown by giving it to Alder Hey. I am sure he will make a few bob selling off Sefton Park Meadows, Walton Hall Park and now the buildings that are home to The Kazimier and Cream. Hopefully they will survive but if Cream (Nation) does get flattened I wouldn’t mind getting a brick from the wall that supported me for long periods on a Saturday night in the 90’s (On the stage to the left looking from the dance floor) Also this week was Children In Need and the biggest comeback since errrrr dunno was performed by S Club 7. They have come a long way  in 12 years since they split up, no not the band but Jo O’Meara’s boobs. In 12 more years time they will be that big that the European Space Agency will try and attempt to land a probe on them.

That was the week that was, no time to mention full on chrimbo lights and outdoor reindeers in a house on The Kelton estate by ours. Christmas eh, bah fucking humbug.


Fay x x x x x x


Ali Ingle live at The Cavern

First up Tuesday night and the first of two nights on the pop in midweek and in town. The occasion was John Fay’s 50th birthday bevies. As some of you might or might not know my late old man was called John Fay so it was the second coming of John Fay’s 50th. With the rest of the Fay clan Tony, Steven, Steve and Sean to name a few all funny enough no relation to me we settled down for the Liverpool game in The Rose & Crown which coincidentally was one of our boozers when I worked for Liverpool City Council. Well we won’t mention the footy but that didn’t put a downer on the night. We were sensible and got one of the last trains home and of course it was via the Lobster Pot !

Wednesday night and after performing parental firework duties it was night two on the ale and I was heading down to The Cavern for a Dave Monks presents night. It was just before 10 before we managed to get into The Cavern so sadly missed the other artists that were on but we did make it down to see Liverpool’s very own Ali Ingle. I first discovered him by actually not turning up for one of his performances. He was supporting The Christians a few years back at The Royal Court and we had decided to have an extra bevy rather than see the support. I came home the usual a bit worse for wear and decided to have a quick listen to what I had missed. I banged on “Jekyll & Hyde” (Video below) and was blown away by what I had missed. It was to be a fair time later (December 2013) before I finally got to see Ali live in his “Do robot’s dream of christmas” gig. Almost 12 months on and here we were at The Cavern to see him perform. Ali has just returned from a trip to Hamburg which coincidentally is where our lads trip for 2015 is. So I must find out where he performed and have some strange Ali Ingle pilgrimage to Hamburg, well you can’t spend all the time at the Reeperbahn well not unless that’s where Ali played his gig. Before the gig I finally met Ali’s mum and husband (Dave) who had become one of these modern day Facebook acquaintances who you have never actually met ??? Dave described me as a “Unit” ha ha. After all the numerous postings from my marathon training etc from earlier on in the year he must have been expecting a Steve Ovett type figure and not now I am growing my beard again a modern day stunt double of David Bellamy.

So onto the gig itself and this time it was just Ali performing solo and a chance to play some new songs and one very new song which Ali decided might end up on his shite pile after playing it. Well Now That’s What Ali Ingle Calls Shite Volume I could be a decent album. I like an artist who is comfortable with some interaction with the crowd and Ali has a good rapport and natural wit. He even got some crowd interaction going even if my father in law did prematurely sing and “aye” a bit early on a practice run though at 62 years old he can be forgiven for any premature actions ! The aforementioned Jekyll & Hyde was delivered with power and passion and the night was rounded off with what had become his anthem the excellent catchy tune that is “Tornado” So that was that. Hopefully great local acts like Ali Ingle and The Tea Street Band to name a few will get the success and recognition they so deserve and you only have to put ITV on a Saturday or Sunday night to see the absolute shite that is X-Factor.  It would be great to see acts like this get a shot at Glastonbury. So for all things Ali Ingle you can go here www.aliingle.co.uk I deffo recommend you catch Ali Ingle if possible and tonights solo performance seemed to have much maw raw power and emotion than when he had some backing and fingers crossed this guy gets the breaks he so very much deserves. But talent it seems just isn’t enough so perhaps he should “sell out” and do a cover version of “Mr Vain” to get a foot on the ladder.



Fay x x x x x x


Ali Ingle Live At The Cavern Liverpool
Pic by Dave Turley website HERE

Richard Herring “Lord of the dance settee”

So for the second week on the run me and Mrs Fay headed off to town for a night out all be it a bit jaded from our Halloween party the night before which ended up into a Singstar orgy and the mother in law beating me on her speciality “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC ???? So Saturday night and we were heading off to see comedian Richard Herring perform “Lord of the dance settee” We headed up Hardman Street for a few drinks and got to The Unity Theatre about 7.30. Part of Herring’s routine is about how men complain when it is international women’s day bemoaning when is it international men’s day. As pointed out in the routine it is November 19th. Well today was international dickhead day as the gig was not at the Unity Theatre but instead The Epstein Theatre ! A quick dash down Bold Street and we managed to get there after the performance started. Now my initial fear was that (Quite rightly) if you turn up late at a stand up comedy performance that when you get in you are at high risk of getting “ripped” by the comedian. I took a deep breath and we sneaked into the theatre. As it was unreserved seating the dimensions of the theatre shrunk to my eyes and trying to locate two seats together all of a sudden was becoming a nightmare  and increasing the odds of getting spotted and becoming part of the routine. The usher pointed to two spare seats on the front row to the left. Oh fuck, time to brace myself. Thankfully Herring was well into his routine and I embarrassingly sunk into my chair. This was the third time we had seen Richard Herring and the first time for a few years. As ever the routine did not disappoint and was lapped up by the audience though I think a lot of them were long time fans from back in the 90’s when he was part of Lee & Herring and on dat der television. All of that bypassed me at the time and I only know him through his stand up routines over recent years. At times Herring skirts the edge of controversy only to pull the routine back to show the moral goodness in him. So after the show I decided to treat myself to some merchandise and went for a book Herring had first released in 2003 and had recently been re-released to coincide with an updated routine of the same name. So I strode into the melee that is Liverpool city centre on a Saturday night with a book in my hand like some kind of grandiose new king of literature and the arts when I quickly remembered  I was in fact cruising around Liverpool with a book entitled “Talking Cock : A Celebration Of Man And His Manhood” Luckily Mrs Fay had the free programme given out at the show and I hastily inserted the book into this some what recreating a scene from early 1990’s when males all over the land would be grubbily inserting the latest monthly edition of The Razzle into their copy of the Daily Star thus elevating the Daily Star to some kind of moral promotion for the short dash home from the newsagents hoping that non of your mum or dads mates had spotted what you had been up to. I am reliably informed that the double sleeve of old Now Thats What I Call Music albums make a perfect hiding place for your copy of Razzle !! So a few post show beers with our stuffed programme doing it’s concealing job on the pub table and it was another lovely night out filled with laughter and a new lesson learned to always check which venue you are actually meant to be at !!

Richard Herring Talking Cock

Great to be back in The Epstein Theatre again it’s a gem that Liverpool nearly lost.


Fay x x x x x x

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