Richard Herring “Lord of the dance settee”

So for the second week on the run me and Mrs Fay headed off to town for a night out all be it a bit jaded from our Halloween party the night before which ended up into a Singstar orgy and the mother in law beating me on her speciality “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC ???? So Saturday night and we were heading off to see comedian Richard Herring perform “Lord of the dance settee” We headed up Hardman Street for a few drinks and got to The Unity Theatre about 7.30. Part of Herring’s routine is about how men complain when it is international women’s day bemoaning when is it international men’s day. As pointed out in the routine it is November 19th. Well today was international dickhead day as the gig was not at the Unity Theatre but instead The Epstein Theatre ! A quick dash down Bold Street and we managed to get there after the performance started. Now my initial fear was that (Quite rightly) if you turn up late at a stand up comedy performance that when you get in you are at high risk of getting “ripped” by the comedian. I took a deep breath and we sneaked into the theatre. As it was unreserved seating the dimensions of the theatre shrunk to my eyes and trying to locate two seats together all of a sudden was becoming a nightmare  and increasing the odds of getting spotted and becoming part of the routine. The usher pointed to two spare seats on the front row to the left. Oh fuck, time to brace myself. Thankfully Herring was well into his routine and I embarrassingly sunk into my chair. This was the third time we had seen Richard Herring and the first time for a few years. As ever the routine did not disappoint and was lapped up by the audience though I think a lot of them were long time fans from back in the 90’s when he was part of Lee & Herring and on dat der television. All of that bypassed me at the time and I only know him through his stand up routines over recent years. At times Herring skirts the edge of controversy only to pull the routine back to show the moral goodness in him. So after the show I decided to treat myself to some merchandise and went for a book Herring had first released in 2003 and had recently been re-released to coincide with an updated routine of the same name. So I strode into the melee that is Liverpool city centre on a Saturday night with a book in my hand like some kind of grandiose new king of literature and the arts when I quickly remembered  I was in fact cruising around Liverpool with a book entitled “Talking Cock : A Celebration Of Man And His Manhood” Luckily Mrs Fay had the free programme given out at the show and I hastily inserted the book into this some what recreating a scene from early 1990’s when males all over the land would be grubbily inserting the latest monthly edition of The Razzle into their copy of the Daily Star thus elevating the Daily Star to some kind of moral promotion for the short dash home from the newsagents hoping that non of your mum or dads mates had spotted what you had been up to. I am reliably informed that the double sleeve of old Now Thats What I Call Music albums make a perfect hiding place for your copy of Razzle !! So a few post show beers with our stuffed programme doing it’s concealing job on the pub table and it was another lovely night out filled with laughter and a new lesson learned to always check which venue you are actually meant to be at !!

Richard Herring Talking Cock

Great to be back in The Epstein Theatre again it’s a gem that Liverpool nearly lost.


Fay x x x x x x


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