Come on it can’t be 2015 and a heartfelt thanks.

So final blog for the year as we head into 2015. Now come on it can’t be 2015. It seems like only yesterday it was De La Soul and Mantronix. So OK I will give you 1990 is now a long way away but it was only the other day we were heading into a new millennium and my clubbing days were nearing an end and here we are 2015 and hurtling to 2020 which in my opinion is a date that is from science fiction and yet in reality is just around the corner, wow. No big new years eve for me. Even back in the days of my clubbing excess 1994 I could never be arsed with New Years Eve. Full of once a year twats and impossible to get home from anywhere and if you do manage it there is a taxi driver waiting to have you off big time. One of our best night out was back in the first January of 1995 at the o-five-one. With all the once a year twats spent up on New Years Eve it was the hardcore regulars (Thats not hardcore music may I add) and the club was only half full at that but what a night we had ! In other news going to Tesco’s tonight to stock up on a few essentials for New Years Eve I spotted some iced buns and childhood memories leaped at me. Imagine the shock when I got home and none of my kids would have any. You like Icing I asked , yes was the reply. You like bread I asked, yes was the reply. So whats wrong with iced buns ? We don’t like them was the reply. I have brought up a trio of female snobs. Back in my childhood an iced bun was the height of the treat world and would put a broad smile on my mid 1970’s angelic face. Now kids are expecting some kind of Hershey super deluxe treat as standard.

So 2014 and another year races past a year which most probably seen me go to more gigs than ever and of course I bored you all in June with tales from Glastonbury and expect a repeat performance in 2015. January 2nd 2014 seen me go for a 4.5 miles run and over the coming months a lot of effort was out in and I got up to 20 miles in training before the big race day on 25th May. Still gutted with my time of 5 hours 10 mins 34 seconds. It was a great effort from me but deep down I know I can do better. Depending on work commitments I plan on doing the 2015 race or a different marathon to get under the five hour mark and I promise that is that. May I add here the biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart for the £638.96 from all the people who sponsored me. I got a nice letter off The Christie (Click letter below) thanking me for raising the money a cause close to my heart as The Christie effectively gave my mum a near extra 10 years of life after she had a very poor diagnosis of Ovarian cancer.

The Christie


Early 2014 seen the traditional February cultural review trip to Warsaw and 2015 will see a trip to Hamburg. The dream of having a legal drink to see Liverpool win the league came the closest it ever has but alas the wait goes on. A lovely family holiday away in August makes you realise you don’t have much stress free quality time with your family and on an added note 2014 has seen nobody kick the bucket always an added bonus as the years advance. I somehow became Radio City news go to man for a weather quote doing several interviews. Not sure how I quite managed to blag that one next step TV.

So thats that see you all in 2015 and the all new annual health kick starts that will most probably not even get past the first weekend in January but my heart is in the right place. 2015 will hopefully see the end to this evil coalition though I fear Miliband might not even be able to bring that home. Many thanks to all the regular readers of this blog as we become six years old in July !! I wonder what surprises 2015 has up it’s sleeve after 2014 had a few jokers in the pack mainly involving friends. Musical memories involve Tea Street Band, Ali Ingle, Henry Priestman, Massive Attack and Metronomy and that really is that now.


Fay x x x x x x


EDIT how can I forget the puppy Benny the Morkie. My new bezzie mate !!


The nicest man in punk/pop/folk Henry Priestman

First of all wow, where do we start ? At the beginning is always a good place so off we go. Saturday night and it was off for a debut visit to The Lantern Theatre in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle to see Henry Priestman. Who is Henry Priestman some of you might say. Well Henry was born in Hull in 1955 and was a member of late 70’s band The Yachts who bypassed me at the time as I was just out of nappies. Next up was being a member of It’s Immaterial and playing on their top 20 hit “Driving away from home” Next up was the late 80’s early 90’s success of the band The Christians where I first encountered Henry’s Music and now currently onto his latter day solo career. It was going to be a “moment” for me anyway as I was taking my eldest Daughter Elizabeth to her first gig having decided musical law dictates that the JLS concert she went to does not count ha ha. So we got to The Lantern Theatre my first time here and as we walked up the stairs to the very cosy bar area I thought hmmmm this looks good. The curtain were drawn back to reveal an intimate 100 seat performing area and I new straight away I was onto a winner just the perfect surrounding to listen to music, a million miles away from the soulless Echo Arena over the road.

I wish I was nerdy enough to note down set lists but I am too busy enjoying the music. I think the set was opened with “Old” which contains the killer lyric to me “I am the same age that my father was when I first thought he was old” which exactly what I was when the song was released a few years back. Last time I watched Henry which was on a Mersey Ferry a few years back he was accompanied by a great guitarist Pete Riley (Snr) This time around he has amassed a band containing head of merchandise Loved Up Les who also doubles as Henry’s comedy sidekick oh and plays the odd mean solo on his guitar and some nifty banjo. Also on stage are “The men of a certain age” Peter Robinson and Martin Peirson and he is also joined on occasion for some beautiful backing vocals from his sister in law Micaela Haslam. Henry’s set consists of tracks from his two albums “The Chronicles Of Modern Life” and “The Last Mad Surge Of Youth” also included is the first song he ever wrote whilst with The Yachts “Suffice To Say” and small interlude of “Driving Away From Home” and a few reworking of hits from The Christians.

I had spoken to Henry on Twitter before the gig and he was looking forward to it and I mentioned that I was taking my daughter Elizabeth to the gig. So after a few songs in Elizabeth gets a mention from Henry about it being her first gig agreeing that JLS doesn’t count and giving Loved Up Les a chance to plug the merchandise with a ring of his bell (Kerching) Elizabeth was a bit thrown by this (As any 10 year old would be) as it was out of the blue but she was having great fun at the gig and was made up with the interaction with Henry throughout the set with him even censoring the odd swear word in songs (Did he fight in the punk wars for that?) Elizabeth’s presence was also keeping Loved Up Les on his best behaviour, though by the end of the set he had been docked most of his wages ! During the interval Henry kindly popped over to see us and agreed to dedicate “Grey’s A New Blonde” to Elizabeth which he did. That song (Video below) is my fave songs from Henry’s solo stuff and one I would pick on my Desert Island Discs BLOG HERE

So by the end of the evening we were all on our feet and Elizabeth on a chair and the night reached a climax as it all went a bit Christmas. Loved Up Les had done his job as we bought Elizabeth a Henry Priestman Lanyard (Super fan me had everything else that was on sale) and he autographed it for her and posed for a picture with Elizabeth. As ever with gigs you always come out thinking that was the best gig I have been to (99% of the time) and tonight was no exception. Henry looked so at home with his band and his songs and most of all was thoroughly enjoying it and why not. An adopted scouser who’s vast musical experience is in his 5th decade and goes from supporting The Sex Pistols right through to modern day intimate house gigs. He really should get some of his stories of the decades out in a book or at very least a blog as it would be a waste of a man with such musical musings never got to see the light of day. Luckily enough one tale of Les & Henry in a Travelodge in Tesco hipster underpants and Pot Noodles got an outing last night. If that is what is going on tour now we need to know what was going on int the crazy days of the late 70’s and the days of Eric’s in Liverpool.

So I will have to say it was a bit of a surreal night for me. As a 13 year old rushing down to Woolworths on Allerton Road to buy a 7″ single from a new Liverpool Band “The Christians” and then queuing up a few years later at HMV in Church Street Liverpool to get the groups autographs (Which I still have in my Christians scrapbook in the loft) we fast forward 25 plus years and I am now 41, married with three daughters. As that 13 year old I could never imagine that I would be in a position to (A) have a family !! never mind (B) for my family to meet Henry but also my daughter to be mentioned in a gig is a bit mind-blowing. My late mum who took me to my first Christians gig would have had so much fun last night. I am sure I have missed so much more from last nights gig but we will leave it here. In such a small world Henry ended up living across the road from the house where I grew up in Liverpool and indeed I now live just up the road but never did get the chance to collar my local councillor for Aigburth who was at the gig (Save Sefton Park Meadows) The night was ended by as we were walking out one lovely random member of the audience saying “Good night Elizabeth” on our way out. This will go down not only as one of the best gigs musically I have ever been to but also one that turned into such a personal gig and a night that Elizabeth will never forget for the rest of her life. I really do need to get Sudley School to get Henry to go in for one of his musical workshops.

Henry Priestman is a mighty fine musician, song writer and top bloke. Indeed he is the nicest man in Punk/Pop/Folk thank you so much for last night.


Fay x x x x x x

Below is a short film based on Elizabeth’s favourite song by Henry “Valentines Song” such a beautiful film.

Henry Priestman & Elizabeth Fay


No time to mention Friday’s Tea Street Band gig and after over 20 years my Saturday afternoon ice skating comeback, I see another blog coming. Two gigs down in December and three to go Ali Ingle, The Christians and Deacon Blue, bring it on.

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