A life full of updates and a Desperados revelation.

So after all that fuss and excitement we ended up with about 2mm of graupel and not snow. I have been on a campaign on my @Liverpoolweath  Twitter account to make graupel the word of the week. So many people posting pictures of snow in Liverpool when in fact it was graupel. Funny how people myself included get a bit giddy at the mere mention of the word snow. So for all you snow lovers here is what most of you seen. Graupel, also called soft hail or snow pellets) is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on a falling snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm (0.079–0.197 in) ball of rime. So there it is you might have made a mini graupel ball or a mini graupel man. I declined an offer to call back Radio City over the impending white out and what they said were -7c conditions as I had a feeling that wasn’t gonna happen and I was right. I think they were just after Daily Express “Snowmageddon” type soundbites which I was not prepared to do. I am indeed a cowboy weather man but not that bad a one. This could however of seen my peak in the world of media !

So Saturday morning Charlotte wanted a book for the Kindle and for some reason the wifi wasn’t working on it. So I went downstairs to try and see what was wrong by going on my iMac and there was an update for that. 15 bloody mins later and that was sorted and onto the job of fixing the Kindle. To keep me busy during the wait I thought I would put the Kindle app on iPad. That wasn’t playing ball and also not updating her apps because she needed a bloody software update which then let me do another 10 software updates aghhhhhhh. This got me thinking I wonder how much time we will wait in our lives for bloody updates. Even the TV prompted me for an update the other week. It will be the washing machine next !! Oh for simpler days when the only update you had were to decide if you were gonna update your Tv to Swapshop or Tiswas on a Saturday morning instead of getting worked up over gadgets not working and updates taking place

Whilst sorting out gadget gate I decided I would be a nice father and bring the kids breakfast in bed. It got me thinking that I hope the brats remember all this when I need my arse wiping in 40 years time. I am gonna sell all my gadgets when I get older as I have so many of them, otherwise the kids will just flog them and bang me in a care home. Maybe one day for my 79th birthday the might bring me breakfast in bed whilst I am playing FIFA 2052 on the Playstation 9 and remember the good man I was when I wasn’t telling them off for fighting.

So day 31 of no booze and the health kick is going well having dropped some much needed weight (Still need more, Piearse) and also reached 8 miles jogging in the quest for another half marathon at the end of March. I did however buy 8 cans tonight of my fave bevy Desperados. Never seen cans before and with a quick check at the use by date which was Ok I decided to squirrel away some booze for Glastonbury in June. Only problem is one Hamburg is out of the way in about 2 weeks time I might get back to my old ways and drink my Glastonbury stash ! Having never seen cans before I has a quick search on the inter web (No updates needed thence god) and spotted this gem. A five litre keg of Desperados. Bang that in a rucksack on my back with a long straw and thats my ale sorted for the day !

Keg of Desperados


Fay x x x x x x


A trip down the leagues and a visit to Tranmere Rovers.

So me and Elizabeth my eldest (10) decided we wanted to go and see a footy match. So checking local fixtures I could see Tranmere Rovers were playing Hartlepool United. Now I have been lucky enough to see many a top of the table clash with Liverpool but here we were rock bottom of the football league with Tranmere 23rd and Hartlepool 24th both staring the dreaded drop to the conference right in the face. Tranmere only went and picked up some form meaning the clash of the non Titans was off and I might never get another chance to see a game live from the bottom two places in the football league meet head to head. So first up the tickets and we decided to it in the family enclosure at a stunning price of £16 for me and £4 for Elizabeth. We got to the ground after a decent walk up from Birkenhead Central railway station picked our tickets up and went into the club shop were I splashed the cash and bought a £1 Tranmere Rovers pen. The Tranmere away kit actually looks quite nice that is until you see the sponsor smashed across the front. That being a large Home Bargains banner. These lower league clubs need every penny they can get so who am I to mock their sponsor but it did make the kit look shite !! It must have been season 89/90 when I was last taken to Tranmere by my late dad to watch them play Bristol City on a then traditional Friday night game. Tranmere won about 6-1 but Bristol City were the better team ! City went on to get promoted that season.

Pre match Tranmere V Hartlepool

So we headed into the ground and picked up a programme and some chips. Great having no queues and no scrums in the ground. We took our seats in the family enclosure and it must be said it was very family like as when Elizabeth went to her first Liverpool game she commented on the amount of swearing, and that was just me. I am fucking joke there of course. Today we did not hear one swear word all match. So the match kicked off and I was enjoying just watching a footy match for the game rather than total bias towards one side, though I did want Tranmere to win. Whilst the standard of level is obviously not Premier league standard I did notice the game flowed a lot more with the referee letting a lot more go compared to the Premier League were on several occasions the referee would have blown for a foul and on a few more occasions you could guarantee a player would go down to make sure the referee gave a foul or was conned into giving a foul. Very refreshing indeed. Well 12 mins in and Kayode Odejayi put Tranmere one nil up with a nicely finished volley and the fella next to me said you can come again mate. The lead did not last long and despite a good save by the Tranmere goalie Owain Fon Williams Hartlepool equalised through Scott Fenwick. We got to half time all square and Elizabeth’s interest was still in the game and not on Instagram ! First choon up at Half time was “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C&C Music Factory. My god I haven’t head that for years. Seems like the Tranmere Rovers jukebox has not moved on since I was last there. Maybe they just have one copy of Now Thats What I Call Music 19 they use. Sadly they did not drop a KLF choon.

Kick off Tranmere V Hartlepool

Into the second half and the first action was a broken arm for a Hartlepool goal scorer Scott Fenwick who walked off the park after having some laughing gas most probably seeing pink unicorns dancing on top of the Johnny King stand. As the game progressed the home crowd were becoming a bit more inpatient and as a neutral I could see that if anybody was gonna nick a winner it would be Hartlepool. They had a few chances but the match finished 1-1 and both teams could be doing without draws at the moment. Elizabeth still has not completed her ambition of catching a match ball during a game and we kept ourselves amused when Tranmere player Max Power got the ball and he seemed to be a bit of a boo boy for the locals. His mum and dad must have been having laugh calling him Max eh to join his brothers Half and Super.

Elizabeth at Tranmere

So we enjoyed our day out to the lower league and have decided we want to take in a Division One and Championship game before the season ends and might even venture out for a conference game and we have covered all league grounds in a season. Love the idea if doing the full 92 grounds of the football league but that is one mighty effort to do. So 5,488 turned up today for a tense one all draw for the relegation haunted teams a result that suited nobody. A fair result and Tranmere will hope to continue their push up the table to safety. Neil Fay Radio City Sport, Prenton Park.



Fay x x x x x x

Happy new waistline

Happy new year or should that be happy new waistline and as ever 2015 starts with a health kick. After all the excesses of chrimbo the old work pants must have shrunk in the last wash before chrimbo as they seemed a little snugger as I put them on to go to work last week. So I have decided that I am attempting not to have an alcoholic  beverage  until I go to Hamburg on the 16th February. Not that I am counting like (Ahem, cough, cough) but today is day 11 out of 46. The first weekend of the year was easy as after all the drinking pre chrimbo, chrimbo itself then New Years Eve I was quite happy to give it a miss. The first test of will was on Friday and after a full week back at work and some extra hours to make up for lost time over chrimbo the release of a nice drink to ease into the weekend was a massive temptation. So much that my mind was thinking well maybe a glass of wine or two or three is better that 6 to 8 Desperados. I even whilst walking the dog bought myself a bottle, looks like this was gonna be all over on day 9. Mrs Fay was doing her bit as well sitting there playing on the WiiU with the kids yes sipping on a glass of wine. I mentioned I had bought a bottle and the reply was “See I knew you would never do it” like a red rag to a bull I thought bollocks to you and got my favourite glass and headed to the fridge. With a look of resignation on my face I thought nine days with no grog is pretty good for me and I looked at the top of the fridge. It was like a mirage of beer, on closer inspection it was in fact an oasis of selected beers and Desperados. I blinked and focused into the fridge there it was, the bottle shimmering as the drips of condensation drooled lovingly over the outside of the bottle. I was nearly there, I had only one option. I picked up the bottle and the chill of it sent shockwaves to my mouth. Here we go the bottle sensually went glug, glug and the glass was full. There is no better feeling. A smile crept upon my bearded face. There it was in all it’s glory a full fucking tasteless glass of 17p Tesco everyday value still spring water. I shall not be defeated (Well not this weekend) Mrs Fay, you drink your lovely wine poison wine. Hello my name is Neil Fay and I love water, despite having to look at the top of the fridge on a daily basis.

Beer Mirage/Oasis


So to go with the no ale I am now on day 7 of no sliced white bread and have also only had three cans of Diet Coke since Monday as opposed to the over two litres a day I consume. Diet coke my arse. I must say I have never slept better for years and instead of going to bed after a large glass of Diet Coke which must be nearly the equivalent of trying to get to sleep after a night at Cream/Garlands/051 so when all the other health kicks fail I think I will keep this no Diet Coke one up as I am already reaping the benefits. I have also been for my 6th jog of the year this morning and plan to do a 10k in February and also the Liverpool Half Marathon in March. Then depending on work commitments I might have another stab at a full marathon. Yes I know I said I would never do one again but I need to get under that five hour mark. I know where I went wrong last year and for starters its safe to say Liverpool won’t be mounting a title winning charge leading me to the pub on a Sunday after an 18 mile jog that morning. So I will just have to wait and see on that one. I had come across some old pics of when my dad completed the 1986 Mersey Marathon and the two pics below are from Dovedale Road and Sefton Street. Which was the inspiration behind last years marathon running.

1986 Mersey Marathon Dovedale Road1986 Mesey Marathon Sefton Street


So no doubt by my next blog I will be sitting down with a Desperado whilst scoffing a lovely white bread crisp butty all washed down before bed with a lovely can of diet coke. I mean there is only so much 17p Tesco everyday value still spring water a man can take !


Fay x x x x x x

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