Happy new waistline

Happy new year or should that be happy new waistline and as ever 2015 starts with a health kick. After all the excesses of chrimbo the old work pants must have shrunk in the last wash before chrimbo as they seemed a little snugger as I put them on to go to work last week. So I have decided that I am attempting not to have an alcoholic  beverage  until I go to Hamburg on the 16th February. Not that I am counting like (Ahem, cough, cough) but today is day 11 out of 46. The first weekend of the year was easy as after all the drinking pre chrimbo, chrimbo itself then New Years Eve I was quite happy to give it a miss. The first test of will was on Friday and after a full week back at work and some extra hours to make up for lost time over chrimbo the release of a nice drink to ease into the weekend was a massive temptation. So much that my mind was thinking well maybe a glass of wine or two or three is better that 6 to 8 Desperados. I even whilst walking the dog bought myself a bottle, looks like this was gonna be all over on day 9. Mrs Fay was doing her bit as well sitting there playing on the WiiU with the kids yes sipping on a glass of wine. I mentioned I had bought a bottle and the reply was “See I knew you would never do it” like a red rag to a bull I thought bollocks to you and got my favourite glass and headed to the fridge. With a look of resignation on my face I thought nine days with no grog is pretty good for me and I looked at the top of the fridge. It was like a mirage of beer, on closer inspection it was in fact an oasis of selected beers and Desperados. I blinked and focused into the fridge there it was, the bottle shimmering as the drips of condensation drooled lovingly over the outside of the bottle. I was nearly there, I had only one option. I picked up the bottle and the chill of it sent shockwaves to my mouth. Here we go the bottle sensually went glug, glug and the glass was full. There is no better feeling. A smile crept upon my bearded face. There it was in all it’s glory a full fucking tasteless glass of 17p Tesco everyday value still spring water. I shall not be defeated (Well not this weekend) Mrs Fay, you drink your lovely wine poison wine. Hello my name is Neil Fay and I love water, despite having to look at the top of the fridge on a daily basis.

Beer Mirage/Oasis


So to go with the no ale I am now on day 7 of no sliced white bread and have also only had three cans of Diet Coke since Monday as opposed to the over two litres a day I consume. Diet coke my arse. I must say I have never slept better for years and instead of going to bed after a large glass of Diet Coke which must be nearly the equivalent of trying to get to sleep after a night at Cream/Garlands/051 so when all the other health kicks fail I think I will keep this no Diet Coke one up as I am already reaping the benefits. I have also been for my 6th jog of the year this morning and plan to do a 10k in February and also the Liverpool Half Marathon in March. Then depending on work commitments I might have another stab at a full marathon. Yes I know I said I would never do one again but I need to get under that five hour mark. I know where I went wrong last year and for starters its safe to say Liverpool won’t be mounting a title winning charge leading me to the pub on a Sunday after an 18 mile jog that morning. So I will just have to wait and see on that one. I had come across some old pics of when my dad completed the 1986 Mersey Marathon and the two pics below are from Dovedale Road and Sefton Street. Which was the inspiration behind last years marathon running.

1986 Mersey Marathon Dovedale Road1986 Mesey Marathon Sefton Street


So no doubt by my next blog I will be sitting down with a Desperado whilst scoffing a lovely white bread crisp butty all washed down before bed with a lovely can of diet coke. I mean there is only so much 17p Tesco everyday value still spring water a man can take !


Fay x x x x x x


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