So Thursday morning and our puppy Benny the Morkie was on his way down the vets. Full of the joys of puppyhood little did he know what we had in store for him. He had spent the night before living his last life a full puppy. I let him have his favourite soft football to […]

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A Cultural Review Of Hamburg

So after 46 long days I was on the train at Aigburth for 08:28 along with the rest of the Monday morning commute. Though this time I was heading for the pub. Such was my excitement for a bevy I had to wait a tantalising 15 mins until 9am to have a Desperado but after […]

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50 Shades Of Fay

So after all the fuss about the book this week 50 Shades Of Grey is finally released in the cinema. Mrs Fay asked me if I would like to go and see it with her as it might errrrr you know. To which I replied I can get hold of a copy of The Adventures […]

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