Mrs Fay’s 40th birthday

So the morning before the party. Mrs Fay wakes up with a slight feeling in her tummy. Nervous about who is or more the case of who isn’t going to her 40th birthday bash that evening. Things were not helped when our youngest Holly asked “Is mini the dog (My sisters dog) coming? “Christ” I added “You really ares struggling for numbers if were are down to inviting family pets !” Such was the occasion I even bought myself a new shirt and donned some pants which reminded me of the effort you had to put into getting into The Rubber Soul in the early days. I was even on the verge of buying some new shoes but they did not have my size in Topman. Yep Topman wow I haven’t bought anything from there since I was about 20 and so that record stays intact. Next time I will just stick with shopping at Jacamo ! So all dolled up and even a designer trim of my now burgeoning Glastonbury beard which I am even admitting now with Glastonbury some 3 months and a bit off this is gonna be one mighty beard by the time the festival comes around. We drove up to Heath Hall and I had the good intentions of driving back but failed miserably as I admitted defeat and needed a few beers to get into “Networking” mode. Heath Hall is a great venue for parties and I know the lad who runs it from many years ago from our “I.M Posse” a gang of us what would now be labelled anti social that used to hang around on the I.M Marsh and then Sudley Field. Mainly sponsored by Mad Dog 20/20 and dodgy music from 1990/1991. The venue came complete with a photographer which all pics from the night were kindly given by the owner of Heath Hall to Claire at the end of the night as a present.


The Fay Family March 2015

So the night went brilliantly and thanks to all those who came and all those who have sent cards and gifts to Mrs Fay and I am sure I will help her consume the 23 bottles of grog she received. Apologies to those I never got around to chatting to. Despite having a few social beers I know there were people I never got around to speaking to. Just like a corrupt politician who sells his time and influence in return for gifts. My time too can be bought at parties with the simple donation of a Desperados. At the end of the night we even managed to get a group picture of past players of Sudley F.C who were managed by  a certain Dave Runacus and what I didn’t know then he would go on to become my father in law. So later on in the teams history did that make me “un-dropable” did it hell and not making it back on Sunday after being pre occupied with a club the night before in Sheffield I was binned to the bench. It would have been nice to have pulled out a trophy for the reunion but the cold facts are we never won a bloody thing so we substituted a balloon in for a trophy in the reunion picture below. I was offered a comeback this morning as a mates team was short at half time due to injuries. I declined to keep my footballing legacy in tact. I did however end up running the line and was a proud linesman to veteran referee William (Billy) Collinson who back in the 1990’s had sent me off when I was in goal once for chopping down a striker down about 35 yards out denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. Referee’s like Mr Collinson are the unsung heroes of Sunday League football.

Sudley F C reunion picture.


So Mrs Fay has been a bit delicate today. I wonder if when she reaches 40 she will realise that after about 8 drinks there is really no need for any more bevies. On Friday I had the absolute horror of a visit to the dentist for a filling, which like a big brave boy I got done. They give stickers out to kids who aren’t even arsed about going the dentist but giant “shandy” men like myself get nothing for closing my eyes and grabbing the arms of the chair very intensely for 15 mins. The least he could do was give me a “I’ve been brave sticker” On the way out after I had paid to be petrified for 15 mins they were selling cup cakes and other sugary delights in aid of Comic Relief. Killing two birds with one stone there in gallantly raising money for charity whilst securing future decay and fillings. If I was my dentist I would have been offering free full fat Coca Cola to swill the cakes down with.

A bittersweet day today as mothers day always is. Happy that Mrs Fay is spoiled by our three daughters but a reminder that my mother is no longer here. I then raise a smile as she got to see one of my three daughters, indicated on this great picture below Mrs Fay got as a present which even includes Benny the Morkie. Then sadness returns as she never got to see two of my three daughters. In true cliche style it is my mum that gets me through the horror of the dentist and when I am shaking like a shitting dog in the dentists chair I think back to the 10 years she bravely fought against her cancer and then think what a big shithouse I am being in the chair at that moment !



Fay x x x x x x

And once again thanks to you all for making last night a special night for Mrs Fay and us.



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