The Jaffa cakes are on me – Eclipse Special

So August 11th 1999 I had most my hair and was a bit slimmer. Not a grey hair in sight and no wife and kids, eclipses were better in them days. The excitement was high as I had been waiting for this day since I was a child. So me and a mate armed with our eclipse glasses headed up to Everton Park for a great vantage point for the great eclipse. So the day light went a funny tint of colour and the sun looked Ok in the eclipse glasses. A bit of a letdown to be honest. I lived with my nan at the time in the same house we live now and got her to have a look from our backyard. She was non plussed by it all and seem more bothered an old Episode of The Bill was about to start on UK Gold in the living room where despite it being August the fire was on its traditional two bars !! So fast forward nearly 16 years now married with three kids, fatter, balder and hints of grey thought the fittest athletically I have been in my life, take that oh body of mine. This time it was just a jarg partial eclipse but I was somewhat more excited this time around. Maybe it’s the fact I know I haven’t got many of these to see in my lifetime with the next decent partial will be in 2026 I will be 42 and the next total eclipse will be on September 23rd 2090 when I will be ashes in a box possibly at the bottom of a drawer full of shite in one of my daughters houses if I am lucky !! So Mrs Fay got knocked for and was going for a dog walking eclipse party on Sudley Field when I had a quick look through somebody’s eclipse glasses and wow. It had only just started but I was amazed by the sight. My eclipse maturity levels must have increased since 1999. I managed to get a few pictures from my backyard and posted them on the Twitter, Instagram and the usual Facebook pages. None of that in 1999 just your memories and my first internet connection was a few months away. Hard to believe eh.

So a certain weather Twitter account @WeatherCast_UK was running a competition for the best eclipse pictures and the prize was a box of Jaffa Cakes due to their Jaffa Cake eclipse advert of years gone by. Anyway I put my two best photo’s together and sent them in. A private message later on in the afternoon confirmed I am now an award winning photographer LINK HERE (FACEBOOK NEEDED)   So OK it’s hardly the Pulitzer prize for photography but it is a double box of Jaffa Cakes. Not bad for 2 mins work in the back yard.

UK partial eclipse photographs

I messed around with the image and came up with a scouse eclipse photo (See below) So this time around I was genuinely more impressed with the partial eclipse and and now determined one day to travel to where there will be a total eclipse to view the event for real. Even if its cloudy I will get the thrill of the darkness and if I can’t see it due to clouds I will immerse myself in the local beer to get over it.

Scouse Eclipse

Now Everton got beat last night and I don’t often dish it out often, indeed very rarely. But today I sent a Tweet to a mates lad of mine was born on the morning of Everton last winning a trophy. He is a keen geographer like myself and an Evertonian unlike myself but I couldn’t help but point out to him that he had now seen more eclipses than Everton trophies. I wonder if Everton can make it 2-2 by 2026 ?

So thats yer lot. Next week will be spent excitedly waiting for the postman to bring me my Jaffa Cakes and the normal eclipse regime resumes with the only eclipse seen in this house is that of when Mrs Fay gets out of the shower and dries herself in our bedroom and her arse eclipses the TV I am watching.

This might be my final blog after that gag !


Fay x x x x x x


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