You know your getting old when………………..

Well you know your getting old when this morning I was taking our lovable rogue of a dog “Benny” for a nice stroll down Otterspool Park. I decided to go into the wilds and not stick to the pathway. Hanging aright at the gates just down from Otterspool Road/Jericho Lane it was into the trees and Benny was having the time of his life. I remember riding my BMX bike along the same paths some 30 years ago. Some great little hills still remain there and then you come to the train track with the old station house on the right  See link here Next up after going down some steps the railway bridge which when I were a lad you could see the year it was constructed. Sadly now overgrown with ivy and I am a sucker for things with old dates on ! This time hanging a left to stray away from the path into the woodland and onto a hill which now backs onto the Otterspool adventure area which for the record the cafe bit does a lovely sausage on thick toast. So we eventually claimed a small hill and that is when it dawned on me you know your getting old when…………….. Well as children there was a small hill which had a small circular path going right to the top of the hill. This hill is only small but as a kid on your BMX it was the equivalent to Everest but the plus side was you got to go down it very fast. No helmets needed in them days ! So at the top of the hill there was a small monument of some kind. It was still there today but had bits missing. it was then I turned around to look at where we used to ride down to and bloody hell you know your getting old when there is full on trees where you used to have childhood fun (Pic below) I wonder when the path to the top went and what was the thing in the picture below. Maybe I might find out one day. The view in the picture is looking down to the hollow in the park with the disused cafe being just out of shot in the distance on the right and the new skate thing being built bottom left out of shot.

Otterspool Park Hill



So cutting through the trees that now defined my age (41 1/2 for the record) I met some fellow dog owners who said good morning and we got chatting and I explained about the thing at the top of the hill and how I felt old because of the trees. They were unaware of the thing at the top. I then went on to explain on how this area was an inlet from the River Mersey known as the Otterspool and also about the old mansion at the top of the steps by the cafe and how there used to be a dock around here. All info I have got from this very interesting link on Otterspool They thanked me for my local history lesson and said it was very interesting. You know your getting old when you give random strangers local history lessons. Take note Mrs Fay what might be boring bastardness to you is knowledge to others ha ha. I must blog about my collection of Liverpool bus tickets from 1968 to date. Thats a joke by the way I’m not that much of a stiff, my collection only starts in 1975 but if you have any pre 1975 tickets I would love to see them ;0) I forgot to mention the old Otterspool Road Lodge which after some discussion on a sadly now gone Facebook group we agreed was located at the gates of Otterspool Park and the picture below is looking back up towards Otterspool Road/Jericho Lane.

otterspool Park Lodge

So this bank holiday weekend was taken by a family wedding, congratulations to Mike & Lucy and in true scouse style at a quite expensive wedding bar it was tonics all around. Had to take it easy though as it was my youngest Holly’s third birthday the day after.But her buggy came in handy to stash the “Vera Lynn” in.

Scouse buggy and Gin

So the birthday celebrations went well. The youngest of my three daughters is now age 3, the baby gone forever now replaced with a tantrum throwing diva ! It was not only a birthday but an Easter Sunday birthday so chocolate for breakfast and she ended up in my bed watching kids TV and having sausage roll in bed. Which is something I haven’t ever achieved in my sausage roll consuming years. Like father like daughter eh. You know your getting old when you can’t have sausage rolls in bed for breakfast.

Sausage rolls in bed !



Fay x x x x x x

On second thoughts your never too old for sausage rolls in bed. I will let you know when I have cracked that one !


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